Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shower snaps...

The baby shower was last weekend and I have been so busy with out of town family visiting that I've had very little time to sit down at the computer and blog.

Darling daughter and I blew up some dotty balloons 
then she tied them to the railing out front of the Humble Bungalow.
Maps had been given to all those invited but this was a quick clue as to which house they were coming to.

I raided Miss Isla's toy basket and spelled Baby in blue and green blocks.

I bought some paper plates for the appetizers
(diaper pins for the table!)
I rarely use paper but this wee pram pattern caught my eye.
I love prams, especially vintage ones.

We had mimosa's in champagne flutes to start.
Equal amounts of fresh orange juice and bubbly.
I used Cooks for economy
when mixing these cocktails it's more about the fizz and bubbles 
 the juice is the big pop of flavour here.

Tea and coffee served on the built in buffet.
(I pushed the family photos to the back to make room!)

(photo by J)

I love all white china
it makes mixing patterns a breeze.

(photo by J)

Assorted cheeses, dried apricots and dates.
3 kinds of crackers
sundried tomato basil dip from The Best of Best of Bridge cookbook
vegetables and dilly dip
deviled eggs

(photo by J)

I like to use cheeses that are different and label them accordingly.

home made chocolate torte with strawberries

(photo by J)

(photo by J)

(photo by J)

Lovely daughter has a friend Emily who is a talented graphic designer 
 the two of them made a banner for the shower.
You can see more of Em's work here.
Emmett's Mom will be able to keep this for his room or it may come out for future birthday celebrations.

I wish I had had one of these for my children when they were young.
I love the idea.

We did play a few shower games...
a Baby word scramble 
a necklace game
each guest upon arrival was given a gaudy plastic dollar store string of beads
whenever you said the word baby you have to give up your necklace to who ever heard you say it.
There were two winners in the end and fortunately I had wrapped three gifts.

It's been years since I've hosted a shower
 I don't think I could have pulled it off without help from my clever daughter.
Thanks darling!
~ ~ ~
Some of the photos used here are the property of darling daughter 
I have indicated those by adding her initial "J".


  1. A shower is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a milestone, a birth, a marriage - all so worth the celebration. Your party looks like it was perfect! I'm going to check out the link to your daughter's friend.

  2. How lovely, I have never been to one before.

  3. Congratulations! I have some blog post catching up to do I guess :)

  4. It all looks so festive! I would love the recipe for the sundried tomato basil dip. It sounds terrific. Have a lovely Sunday.

    1. I'll post a picture of the recipe and ingredients soon.

  5. Looks like great fun -- my sister's hosting a shower next weekend for my daughter's not-yet-arrived babe. They do seem to have improved, as an event, from those early-70s affairs we attended, don't they?!

    1. I think showers have really been revamped and in a good way!

  6. Simple yet elegant and so inviting. Lovely combination of food, drink and fun. Great job.

    I think we all wish we had been invited. (G)

  7. The shower sounds like fun, and I like all the foods you served, and mimosas too. Well done, hostess.

  8. What a lovely shower! Everything looks divine.

  9. It all looks wonderful! You did a great job.

  10. Showers are a great time to pull out the stops. I love all the white china you have, as you say, it makes combining easy. What a great idea to have a banner that can be used later for parties or decorating the baby's room. Everything looks so great, I'm sure you had a simply wonderful time.

  11. It all looks wonderful. Not sure why, but in the US, it seems everyone excepts a full meal at showers. Makes it a bit more daunting to host, and very long to attend one. The next time I host one, I'm going to do something like this - a tea.

    1. Interesting difference. I've been to many, many showers over the year, bridal and baby, but I can't remember a single one that included a full meal. Always nibbles, dips, crudités, and squares of some gooey goodness or other . . .

    2. Serving a meal to a large group of ladies might be daunting when added to a shower. One or the other is much more hostess friendly!

  12. Showers of any kind, have long been non-existant in Finland.
    But these days, they have landed here too. I have never attended one, guessing I never will have the chance.
    It sounds like fun, and you really made the one held at your house special.

    1. Ooh never say never Mette.Ida

    2. Like ida mentioned you may experience a shower sometime!
      You have two daughters and there may be a wedding or baby at some point.

  13. Great selection of cheeses yummie with pickles.

    Yep, most things that start in the USA appear on our shores,very popular with young mums I hear.

    Is it the tradition for the mother to hold it for the daughter? Ida

    1. No mothers are really not the usual hosts for their daughters. This shower was for one of my co workers who is on maternity leave.

  14. Your shower looks lovely , I havent been to one in a while but have one to look forward to next month for a little boy too. What kind of unique gifts were there ? I would love to come up with aN ORIGINAL IDEA . Poor little guy being called Emmett though lol . I love how you serve with white dishes coordinates so well with everything too. Donna

  15. The gifts were mostly clothing, some hand made and others ready to wear.
    A few toys, books and some receiving blankets rounded out the list of items that were given.
    Good luck with your shopping there are so many wonderful things out there these days.