Saturday, September 29, 2012

Humble Bungalow Tour Day!

All the cleaning and gardening has been done and we are ready for the arts and crafts tour from Seattle.
I grabbed my camera and snapped a few images of how we look before the tour bus arrives.

Thankfully there are still some blooms in the garden.

I found some cheery mums at the garden center.
Yellow looks good against almost any backdrop.

Yellow on the front porch
Welcome to our Humble Bungalow!

Hey Jude!
Jude the Obscure has a few flushes of flowers.

wilting autumn crocus and drooping limelight hydrangeas
still they add a bit of interest and some colour

a dear sweet rose whose name I have long forgotten
soft blush pink that fades to white in the sunshine

lime coneflower sits atop the French garden table

not yet completely finished laundry renovation

laundry room clock

cyclamen in a matte green arts and crafts vessel
in the powder room

dining room

close up on the roses
more cheery yellow

This is how our wee Humble Bungalow looked when we first purchased it!

She's come a long way baby...

I think she looks pretty good for 100 years old!

I'll be taking a wee blogging break 
 I think Mr. HB and I deserve to have the rest of the weekend to relax!

Thanks for stopping by...
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  1. I'm sure your place was a very popular stop on the tour! Your photos are lovely. I hope you're able to put your feet up and relax for the rest of the weekend - it looks like it will be a beautiful day!

  2. The bungalow is looking spectacular! It's obvious how much love and care you give her.

  3. Thanks for giving us a look at your beautiful bungalow too, even though we're not on the Tour. It's a cozy place.

    I've been enjoying your blog for awhile, but this is the first time I've commented.

    Half Moon Bay, CA

  4. I enjoyed seeing the photos of the transformation of your impeccably restored beach bungalow. Hope the tour was great success and that you are kicking back with a nice glass of wine by now.

  5. Everything looks amazing! You have certainly transformed you cottage. Enjoy your respite.

  6. It all looks so lovely Hostess, thanks for letting us have a peek!

    1. Lovely! Thanks for a glimpse of your darling abode.

  7. Very nice flower arrangements for your lovely home. Enjoy your break!

  8. Charming bungalow . . . I hope the tour goes well. Enjoy a relaxing, lovely weekend!

  9. The humble bungalow looks fabulous Hostess. Well done!

  10. Wow, you really did a big job fixing everything ready for the tour. Ten golden stars for you.
    The downstairs looks great!

  11. Glorious! Triumphant! Enjoy your rest:).

  12. What a lovely, nosey peep around your home, just what I enjoy. The former owners didn't know much about kerb appeal but you have certainly shown them - it looks so attractive now. And TIDY. Hostess, you shame me, sometime soon I must de-clutter! :-)

  13. I meant to add that your David Austin 'Jude' is looking lovely but I could never bring myself to buy that particular rose because the book after which it was named is so terribly depressing!

  14. Please,Leslie, do take a break. I have had only my garden open for a tour and I know how tiring that was, but the house too - PHEW, I am tired just writing about it. Peg - UI

  15. Hope you both have had a restful weekend.The house looked won't need an Autumn clean now.Did it look as immaculate after your 'guests' left,and did they sign your guest book? Ida

  16. Your house and garden look wonderful -- you definitely deserve a blog break!

  17. Well done! Lovely and inspiring :)

  18. What a beautiful and cozy home you have. I think if I lived there, I would never want to leave. It has such a comforting feeling about it - even through photos.

  19. Every corner looks delightful, with something to enchant the eye no matter where it rests. That tour will be charmed.

  20. Many people don't know what it takes to maintain an older've a lot to be proud of...congratulations!

  21. I love your home, how beautiful! And your garden looks amazing for this time of the year. I hope the tour went well. Enjoy your time off!

  22. The old girl looks fabulous for 100 years. Love all the abundance and colour in your front yard. I feel so chuffed to have had a personal wonderful tour of your home!

  23. I think I am most envious of your laundry looks absolutely perfect! Mine is now is the basement of our 112 year old you can imagine!

    Your cottage looks wonderful inside and out!


  24. Love your beautiful home. Lovingly restored and it's so charming and cozy. Hope the tour went well.

  25. Hello Hostess of the humble bungalow,
    I admire your charming home. I would love to sketch it for you to hang on your wall.
    I came here this morning via Lisa,
    lovely things abound and I am thinking of your Mother-in-law and hope she is finding peace. Sorry to hear about her fall. I know you must be busy caring for her.