Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday meet up found me wearing black!

I met up with Sheila who writes the blog Ephemera and Peg from Comox for dinner.
Sheila will be posting a picture of the three of us on her blog sometime soon.
We enjoyed a glass of wine and a salad.
Three women three different wines, all chose the Tuna Tataki spinach salad!
Conversation was brisk between bites.

Peg is going through treatment for cancer and has a very positive attitude.
Wearing a pixie cut and looking radiant in her soft mauve she looked beautiful.

She's taking time to see the sights in our fair city while she stays at the local lodge,
then she goes home to her husband, home and garden on the weekends.

Sheila is a fun fashion blogger and if you have never visited her over and pay her a visit.
She has a flair for fashion and an eye for quality and shops regularly at consignment and thrift shops.

I wore a black and white patterned dress and a black unconstructed sweater...

vintage bakelite clamper bracelet

heavily carved

necklace worn as a bracelet
in place of my usual stack of sterling bangles

red velvet made the date

Earlier in the day I went with a friend to the floral wholesale market
the prices are lower than retail and the selection was impressive.

We were looking for the wedding flowers for my BFF's niece
the wedding will be held in the fabulous garden of my BFF.

There will be 5 of us arranging flowers the day before the big event.
I've done this several times over the past few years and it's so much fun.

While there I decided to treat myself to a new orchid...

Weller jardinere 

Price for this 2 stemmed orchid 
a mere $25
I'd be paying almost double for this at the Avenue flower shop.

The sun is shining and the garden is abuzz with bees as they flitter about from bloom to bloom.
It's a great day to be outside in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Take some time to pause and reflect 
and consider all that you have to be grateful for in your life.


  1. I'm grateful for dear blog-friends like you and Peg! Here's the link to the post with our picture (you're welcome to steal the picture). Thank you for the sweet shout-out - it was great to see you again!

    We will definitely have to hit VV again soon! Maybe early August?

    1. It was great seeing you and I love your positive energy and verve for life!
      Will email you Sheila!

  2. Your day sounds delightful! It's fun meeting up with fellow bloggers. I wish I could meet all my blogger friends someday.

    So sorry to hear about Peg and her battle with cancer. Glad to hear she has such a positive outlook.

    Your bakelite bracelet its so beautiful. It's very "you", Hostess.

    Yesterday, while at a July 4th barbecue, the subject of blogging came up. Two of my girlfriends told me separately that they love your blog in particular - one of them has a nickname for it: "The Humbalow". Isn't that cute? Just thought you would like to know in case your ears were burning last night :)

    1. Wow that's exciting! I am happy to hear that they enjoy reading my blog, do either of the gals have a blog themselves?
      I think that "Humbalow" is quite catchy sounding...
      Thank you for sharing this with me Adrienne, you are kind, considerate and very special.

    2. I replied early but it disappeared!

      My friends do not have blogs. They read mine and they read most of the blogs on my roll (and I am sure other blogs, too).

      One friend was seated on my right. She said, "I love that Hostess of the Bungalow blog". And seconds later, the friend on my left, who had not heard the other, said, "I really like the Hostess. I call her blog the Humbalow". I think that is a very cute nickname for your blog.

      Keep up the good work - you're making your fan base here in California very happy!

    3. Oh I love Humbalow!
      Thank you for mentioning it it's made my morning!

  3. How nice that you were able to meet up with fellow bloggers for lunch. Love your accessories. The orchid was just beautiful.


    1. I read The Orchid Thief a few years ago and know that orchids grow in Florida. Do you have any growing in your garden?

    2. I have been reading up to find the best ones for the heat/sun. I never even thought about orchids, but it will be something for me to check into. We have beautiful bromeliads that grow wild here in Florida. Unfortunately, it's against the law to move them (if you get caught. .lol).

  4. I really took to heart your last sentence. I have been doing that very thing. So happy you got to meet some fellow bloggers. Have a great day!

    1. The attitude of gratitude is what keeps me centered and sane.
      Hope that you are enjoying your absolutely stunning garden on this very fine day!
      I am so impressed with your plantings and the way that you have everything arranged...
      I really might swoon if I ever saw it in person.

  5. I've just come from Sheila's blog and enjoyed the post. and your bakelite bracelet!!

    1. I just popped by your blog and I love how you channeled the 4th of JUuy in your outfit especially that scarf.

  6. I hope you had a really fun meet up.

    1. It was fun and it felt like we'd been friends for a long time.
      I hope that we'll get together again.

  7. What a fun day! I wish I could meet some fellow would be great! Love your bracelet.

    1. There are so many bloggers I 'd be surprised if there were not some nearby. I wonder if there is a directory of local bloggers that you might find by googling?
      Good luck!

  8. You look so sweet and young in the photo,how lovely to meet up with blogger /follower friends.

    Ouch £16 for an orchid ours are £8 from our excellent florist....still they last for months so worth it, I always have them about the house.Ida

  9. My goodness we must be at the mercy of the local growers...I cannot imagine getting a bargain like you do in the UK. I find that orchids are economical nevertheless, because they bloom for months and then bloom again and again. If one considers the cost of a floral bouquet which can be upwards to $50 then orchids are the frugal option!
    Happy weekend to you ida!

  10. I recently enjoyed a meeting with a reader of my blog who moved to Austin. We were both so nervous, like a first date, but we relaxed after about 3 minutes and realized that we already "knew" each other from the sharing of our thoughts. I think blogging is like the letter-writing of old: technology has not completely eclipsed the art of personally connecting with others in a real, meaningful way.

    1. I agree with you Rebekah and so nice for you to meet up with a like minded reader.

  11. What a fun lunch that must have been! I had a quick look at Sheila's blog and saw the great photo - you all look great!

    1. Thank you...
      I hope you are enjoying the weather this weekend.
      How are the newlyweds doing? Are they still on their honeymoon?

  12. Great bakelite bracelet. I really like the black and white mug under Simple Pleasures. Do I get any luck knowing where it came from? I'd love a set.

  13. Hi Kate,
    The mug came as a gift from the Hallmark shop.
    You may find one like it on ebay.
    Good luck and happy hunting.