Sunday, July 29, 2012

Roses on canvas...

I dabble in acrylics and enjoy the freedom of expression at the easel.
By no means do I consider myself an artist, I feel it's rather like making mud pies.
The mud pies that I made when I was a young girl imagining that I was really cooking.
Here now I feel like I am "an artist in training."
Art is so subjective and personal
really it's all over the map when it comes to form, style and expression.

I let the brush flow and keep it loose trying not to control or analyze it too much.
As you can see the forms are representations of roses...
Mr. HB says that roses are my muse.

I've been on a bit of a painting jag.
Staying up late at night painting at the easel in The Humble Bungalow kitchen.
The light is so much better in the kitchen than in my hobby room downstairs
 and with aging eyes I can see the details better.

I like these shades as they work in The Humble Bungalow interior with the dark wood walls and beams.

inspired by Jude the Obscure roses

I rarely use blues but a friend asked me to try some and see if they would work for her.

I have sold a few paintings
and had one commission to do a poppy painting for a friend.

if you squint your eyes you might "see" the poppies

I gave this to a lovely woman Lynn who runs a clothing consignment shop in the plaza
I think it's still hanging in her store.

This one is perched on the plate rail in The Humble Bungalow kitchen.

This one is in The Humble Bungalow living room.

I have a dozen or so more kicking around
gathering dust 
waiting to be overpainted if they fail to amuse.

this canvas has been over painted many times and has a build up of old acrylics 
which give it texture
I'm happy with the way this one turned out.
The petals feel frilly and frothy just the way I like my roses to be in a bouquet.

~ ~ ~

 A friend of mine has asked for one to donate to their annual island fundraiser
I'm very happy to oblige.
I'll be meeting her for lunch next week
and she has chosen a painting for her home and one for the event.

Jude The Obscure

“There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, 
because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted.”
~ ~ ~
 Henri Matisse 

Thank you for stopping by
I hope that you will come by again...
I do appreciate your comments so please feel free to share your thoughts.
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  1. Leslie: A beautiful hidden talent. I love roses, too. The little vase you gave me is perfect just now for the few small blooms that are appearing after the large flush of roses. Thanks for the viewing of your art work. It is wonderful to have a talent that brings pleasure. Peg

  2. I love the third one from the end for its texture, I don't know much about acrylics, I tend to ooh and ahh over anything in oils.My best friend owns a gallery and all of my friends' mums are artists, alas I have no artistic ability whatsoever.
    The roses in my garden are so paltry in comparison to yours and Janet's.

  3. Do you sketch? I have always wished I could sketch my way through my travels. Photos are wonderful, but wouldn't it be nice to have sketchbooks of the places you've visited?!

    1. No I do not sketch, my skills are lacking in that area!

  4. I like your work. How pleasant it must be to have this pasttime.

  5. Really nice work. I've never worked in acrylics, only in oils. Not sure why. But these roses are wonderful and full of personality. Love that Matisse quote too.

  6. I like the 6th one the warmth of the colours it would look great in a garden room. Ida

  7. Be still my heart! I think the poppy one is MAYBE my favorite - AND I also like the one hanging in your living room - AND the second blue one...

  8. You're making good use of your summer time - flowers, painting, seeing friends - all such restorative activities. We walked on the beach today - something else to restore the spirit.

  9. O I love a flower painting, and roses are the best. Yours are wonderful; the one in your living room is my favourite, but love ém all! Painting is such a great relaxation and form of expression.

  10. I didn't have to squint to see the Poppy's which is my favorite!
    Wonderful paintings!

  11. your paintings are just beautiful!
    you are quite talented leslie.


  12. Absolutely beautiful, Leslie. I particularly like the poppies. Becky

  13. You seem to master the roses; in the garden, vase and on the canvas!

  14. I love these, Hostess! I'm a fan of impressionist painting, and you have a lovely approach. When will we see a painting of the cats?

    1. Cats are too difficult for me to even consider painting.
      They do photograph well when they are sleeping though :-)

  15. You are so talented! I would love to paint as well as you, but sadly I have absolutely no talent in that department! But isn't it wonderful to get lost in a creative activity like that? Sounds like you're having a great summer!