Monday, July 9, 2012

Entertaining grape...a new dress.

I have pushed my fashion envelope and I purchased a dress in something other than black.
Are you shocked?
The LGD has arrived on the scene...
little grape dress by Gilmour, a line made in Vancouver, BC.
The fabric is a dreamy sensuous bamboo and it drapes and skims and twirls as I spin.
Honestly it feels like I am wearing yoga gear.

I am pairing this with some black Hue capri length tights
and will wear it with sandals and perhaps the Swarovski encrusted flip flops.

Lucy Bleu
 I need to find a new OPI to wear on my toes 
maybe there's a shade of purple 
now that does sound like fun!


It has no hanger appeal
I very nearly passed it up.
A little voice in my head said why not be adventurous and try it on?

I'm going to be wearing this in Seattle.

I gave myself a manicure and tried a faux French nail...

OPI Hearts and Tarts
 I ran a white nail pencil by Sally Hansen under the nails
bright ~ shiny

~ I think I am going to take Pondside's advice and try something new ~

Have you tried anything new lately?


  1. That's such a pretty and wearable color! I'll bet it looks lovely on you.

  2. Great, purple dress and toenails. Maybe something similar on the lips..
    Your nails are so pretty. In shame I´m hiding my crooked right hand fingers ( small accidents with the horses ).
    I prefer not to wear nail polish on my fingers, instead - a big ring, when I feel like it.
    My new is having nothing new, heh ;).

  3. Such a rich purple! Do take a photo for us of you wearing it!

  4. I'm glad you pushed yourself to try it on! It's such a beautiful, saturated color. I'm sure you will find lots of ways to wear it.

  5. Such a precious post - your perfect little finger nails. That is a gutsy color - passionate - utterly feminine. With your sweet, pretty face I know you'll be a knock out!

  6. That dress looks cute AND practical -- my favourite combo! Also loved the outfit you wore out on date night. And I have to agree with you, enthusiastically, on the importance of dressing up and getting out on the town with our partners. Of course, more casual dates are good too, but once in a while it's fun to put in that extra effort -- and sounds as if your guy appreciates it as much as mine does. I look forward to hearing about the fun you'll get up to in Seattle.

  7. Awesome shade of purple - it will look fabulous on you, I'm sure! I love the simple cut and drape of it. Your nails look great.

  8. I hope we'll get to see a photo of you wearing the outfit. It sounds so lovely in the planning stages.

  9. I can just imagine that the LGD will be a summer favourite! I'm wondering if you've found your new OPI colour in Seattle....I'll bet you're having a grand time!

  10. Love everything about the dress...the color, style and the comfort factor. You are going to look marvelous!

  11. Cute dress...I would call it aubergine :O)
    I don't think I've tried anything new lately...I'm in my same old trad rut lol I should try adding some spice to my life and shake things up a bit.

    Hope you are having a great summer....I've lost the blogger buzz and am trying to get it back!

  12. That outfit looks great. It made me pleased I had taken the plunge and bought a Masai loose tunic to wear with neat black capri-type pants or straight legged neat fitting off-white jeans. As I usually wear more classic style clothes it is a more relaxed style of dressing for me. I hope your summer is warmer and drier than ours here in the North of England.

  13. Like the design of the dress,comfortable and elegant.Ida

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with purple, however I think it's a beautiful shade and will look great on you. Isn't bamboo fabric heavenly to put on? I've knit with bamboo yarn also and love it, great drape.