Thursday, July 19, 2012

Loot shoot in the limelight...

It's been awhile since Mother had her spell of illness and she is slowly improving.
Thank goodness for our medical system and our wonderful family doctor.
Her energy is not quite back where she feels like driving so either my sister or I chauffeur her around town.
Today we had a wonderful call from her saying she'd love to go out for lunch and do some shopping.
We are understanding and devoted daughters, and so jumped at the chance to enjoy some girl time.
Sis drove her vintage BMW convertible...
I must confess that I am the only one in my entire family that does not drive a Beamer...
our son and his wife each have their own...maybe it's time I trade in my old Volvo!

We had a delicious "ladies who lunch" spinach salad and a pot of Earl Grey tea at Adrienne's Tea Garden.
Totally refreshed, we hit the shops.
Sunday's Snowflakes was having a sale and my sister bought 3 things, all tops.
I bought a black BOHO vibe skirt.
Then Mother and I got our pearl fix on with locally designed sterling and freshwater baroque pearl earrings.

I picked up the dress from the tailor's, the one I am wearing to the wedding.
Remember I bought 2 because they were 50% off.

Dress for the garden wedding.
Slimming V neck with ample coverage for the "girls"
contoured for my hourglass figure 
fully lined and it's jersey fabric skims the body beautifully
in a cool tropical print
feels very feminine
I forget that I need to pay more on occasion for a great fit that flatters.

Casual dress for daytime
navy and white
slimming forgiving and so easy to put on.
I've worn this with my jean jacket.

classic navy and white
so crisp for summer

long twisted silver drops with vast baroque pearls at the bottom
from the Gallery at Mattick's

funky BOHO skirt
can be worn with capri tights, boots or sandals
a fun piece of clothing to wear.

behold the magnificence of The Humble Bungalow Garden limelight hydrangeas

these are thriving and fill in a large space
they just sing happy to me

Lovely limelight hydrangeas and Lady's Mantle
and beautiful marriage of green.

It's a sunny morning
 I'm feeling there's a lightness of spirit 
filtering through the windows
and it's making me smile with gratitude.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


  1. Fabulous, all of it! I especially like the skirt and those earrings. You are the Hydrangea Queen!

  2. The dress is terrific for you with your dramatic coloring!!
    The print just looks so "happy" and the pearls...can't ever go wrong with those.
    Have a great day!

  3. I'd much rather drive my old Volvo than my husband's BMW.

  4. So good to hear your mother is up and feeling well enough to go out and about with her daughters. Love the earrings.

  5. Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely day with your mum and sister!
    I adore the print of the dress you have chosen for the wedding, you are going to look just smashing!
    Don't forget to take a few pics for us, can't wait to see you in it!!

  6. I am totally appropriating "loot shoot" for my shopping expedition posts! I love it!

    What gorgeous dresses - that first one is just magnificent and will look lovely on you.

    What a nice day you all had! So glad to see the sun again today!

  7. What fun your mother ringing to go out shopping with her daughters,she sounds much better.

    Like your choice of dress for the wedding,what accessories have you decided on? I am going to a friend's daughter's wedding 1st September...better get cracking on what I intend to wear! Ida

  8. It is very apparent that you are feeling much relieved at your mother's recovery. Your distress came through loud and clear when she was ill. I'm so glad that you had a lovely girl's day. And how nice for your mother to have two caring and devoted daughters. Best wishes.

  9. Limelight hydrangeas - have my eye out for one, along with the bread box!! I must admit that I found the little macaroons at Murchie's - a perfect little sample of sweetness with a pot of tea!
    Glad to hear that your Mom is feeling better.
    I am moving along the highway of better health. PegXO

  10. Those are the kind of dresses I can scarcely resist -- feel dressy yet are so practical.
    Envious of your hydrangeas as the deer have completely destroyed ours. . . yours are glorious!

  11. So good to hear you Mum is much better and you had a great girly day out. All looks fabulous, the dresses are perfect and the earrings just lovely. I would love your black skirt too. So that is the name of those hydrangeas: Limelight! I never knew that, and they are so attractive and interesting. Thank you for sharing it all!

  12. So glad your Mom is well, and that you took the occasion to have some fun ornamenting yourself.

  13. Good to hear that your mother is well enough to shop. We've had such warm, warm weather here and my own mother is under doctor's orders to stay in. Your wedding party dress has such delightful color in it.

  14. Wasn't it just a glorious day? A top-down sort of day, and I enjoyed every km of driving I had to do!
    I'm so glad to read that your mother is feeling well enough for a lunch out and a little shopping - you are a good daughter! :)

  15. So glad your mom is doing better. She sounds like loads of fun, wanting to lunch and shop! Love your purchases too.

  16. Good news! Glad you enjoyed shopping together- tonic for the soul :)

  17. Glad to hear that things have improved with your mother. The new dress is lovely, what great colors.

  18. Good to hear that your mother is feeling well. It is exhausting to go shopping for even a healthy person.
    I guess this shopping tour made up for the unfortunate trip to Seattle!

  19. I'm so happy your mother is doing better. It sounds like you had a good shopping day. I am lusting after your flowers...