Sunday, July 15, 2012

A stormy Date Night

Mr. HB and I left our Humble Bungalow under sunny skies with plans to eat outdoors on the Inner Harbour.
Red Fish, Blue Fish serves up fresh seafood,
it's a local food kiosk that is so popular that people stand in line to be served
and often the wait will be 45 minutes.

I had the tempura cod tacone
it was a little bit of heaven on earth
I ordered two, thinking for $9 they'd be small
but they were very filling so next time I'll be wiser and order one.

this is where we sat


and then the clouds rolled in...

Thunder and Lightning and Torrential Rain
we had to run for cover
along with all the other diners!

We walked along the harbour after the rain let up.

Did some window shopping in The Empress Hotel

Souvenirs anyone?

The lobby was full of people enjoying High Tea Empress style
3 cruise ships were in town and the town was hopping.

Drinks were ordered in The Bengal Lounge

we watched outside the window
thunderous booms and flashes of white
the storm had become electric

look at that rain!

After sipping our drinks we made a run for it...
fortunately we timed it right and dodged the heavy rain and made it to the car just before it started up again.

The storm continued well into the night 
long after we were safely tucked into bed.

Thanks for another adventure honey!


  1. What a wonderful adventure! I have never eaten at Red Fish Blue Fish, but my friends rave about it. I'm glad you sought sanctuary in the Empress - I love window-shopping in that jewelry store. And *sigh* love the Bengal Lounge.

  2. Oh it looks wonderful, I love casual dining and cocktails so much more than fancy schmancy dinners.
    Hope mum is feeling well.

    1. She is still not 100% but we are keeping a close eye on her health and wellness. I have been over there every day and took her back to the doctor for a follow up. Keeps me out of mischief watching her like a hawk.

  3. Lovely photos, lovely post. I am glad you had a nice little moment in time right now.

  4. A most memorable evening. Your meal looks delicious and I bet it was fun when everyone had to run for shelter.
    The Empress is a beautiful hotel. It has been many years since I had high tea there.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  5. It was a wild, stormy evening, wasn't it? We were eating dinner on the deck and moved inside for the dessert course, and to watch the lightning show.
    A fun evening you had - will have to try the Red Fish Blue Fish.

  6. Sounds like the weather is similar to ours..sudden thunder storms out of nowhere.
    Your town looks so interesting Hostess.

  7. Wasn't it wild? We had quite a light show out here, but I enjoyed staying warm and cosy (after filling some pots with water in case of a power loss!)

  8. Sounds like a lovely evening despite the storm. My family once stayed at the Empress in the 1960's. I thought it was the most elegant thing ever, and loved walking through the lobby during High Tea, seeing all of the fancy people. I'd love to go back.

    1. If you do come back please let me know I'd love to meet you!

  9. A few sparks and flashes is good for us on any night, date night too. Happy you arrived safe at home. How many baubles did you purchase?

    1. Oh I just browsed these gems they are so very expensive!

  10. What a lovely date night, and great pictures. The Empress hotel sounds interesting - I would love to visit there. The storm sounds really tropical, more than I would imagine in Canada. Glad you had a special day after the recent worry of your Mum. Hope she is better now, Hostess.

  11. I am glad you were able to find a safe spot to watch the lightening display....and enjoy a bit of the spirits. You captured it beautifully.

  12. What a fun date night - getting caught in a big storm is quite romantic. I want to come stay at the Empress, looks amazing.

  13. Love your little adventure! And what a fun date night! It is so nice to be cozy at home during a storm like that.

  14. I have some fond memories of a martini in the Bengal Lounge. I love Victoria...

  15. Excitement, free lightning show! How great!
    Odd, that everyone is reporting of heavy rain all of a sudden. Our part of the world too had thunder and lots of rain, only our region just the rain.
    Feeling relieved, that our hay is in the barn.This is not the case in many places over here (;

  16. We did something quite similar yesterday but I had fish and chips and white wine. We sat outside at our harbor and had the clouds but not the storm. It was really very pleasant.

    Last time I was in Victoria alone I sat outside at Sam's Deli. Red Fish, Blue Fish looks fantastic. My husband and I ate somewhere nearby at a big pub with outdoor seating. We like the little tea houses scattered around your city.

    I love storms, too. I went to To Rome With Love in a little art film theater and we couldn't tell if the thunder was in the movie or outside. It was definitely outside when the movie was over.


  17. This post makes me miss Victoria and all of B.C. something awful. I really love your neck of the woods. And the fact that it can rain and thunder out of nowhere makes me love it all the more.
    xo A

  18. What a perfect date night! Thunder and lightening to add an extra dash of romance!

  19. While I was out at the cottage last week, one day there was a thunderstorm that just started up with no notice whatsoever. All of a sudden the clouds rolled in and that was that. I actually like thunderstorms sometimes, they are a bit spooky but definitely provide atmosphere!