Friday, July 27, 2012

Slow Mo days....

Summer time means time to read, shop, relax, socialize, dabble in acrylics, and garden.
I have had my nose firmly planted in The American Heiress and am completely wrapped up in the plot.
Life is pretty much in the slow lane here right now and there's not a lot happening.

I have been getting up and sipping a mug of good coffee while reading my favourite blogs.

I've noticed how the light changes the colours emanating from the garden as the sun moves slowly overhead.
Time to relax and restore.
Time to ponder all that gifts that daily life can bring.
Time for gratitude.
Simple life,
with a pace that brings with it peace and freedom to choose what to do each day.

Time to stop and smell the flowers.

It's funny really when I think about it, 
I don't really need to go away to have a great holiday.
I am ever so happy in our wee Humble Bungalow Home and Garden.
With ample time to tend to the domestics without the crazy schedule of working
working seems to complicate my life...
stress just ebbs away when summer holidays arrive.

As I age I feel more like listening to my inner voice 
which seems happiest here at home
going about my daily round slowly
methodically with measured breaks
time just to sit and be still
and ponder....

Gosh this post rather got away from me 
it's not quite what i had intended but them sometimes that happens...

I'll close for now
find some calm place to sit and reflect on all that is good today.
Be Well.


  1. I'm so happy at home too, we had plans to go abroad again in September, but we've had two holidays this year and I am such a home bird.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Leslie, I love this piece. Probably because it reflects my own pleasures in quotidian life. Retirement has been wonderful to me, although I loved my years of work in a university setting. But it's the pace of life, the reflective times, the complete unwinding of stresses and strains that mean so much. Of course, things get hectic sometimes, but I never let them overtake me. I'm not vegetating at all, reading, working with my artist husband on a book, gardening, cooking, hiking, musical events. But time has slowed down and that's the beauty part.

  3. Aaah, I can smell those flowers. We too believe there's no place like home. From my deck, I hear through the trees, rain coming. Loudly! :)

  4. I love my summer vacation as well. I know it is quickly coming to an end, but I will eek every moment I can. Your bouquets are always so lovely. Bonnie

  5. Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sunshine and your beautiful garden.

  6. Just reading this post relaxes me. Thanks!

  7. What a lovely relaxing weekend you are having ~enjoy!

  8. What a peaceful time you're having. It's nice to read that you are embracing it - so restorative.

  9. I often feel the same way, happiest to be home and enjoying the peace and quiet. Glad to know you're having a good summer!

  10. Well, one of the reasons I like your blog is the calm spirit I almost invariably find here. I have taught online for the past eight weeks and can just now begin to think about having some slow, lazy days. And, like you, I relish staying home this year.

  11. I love my new home as we moved into the Barn in Winter am enjoying each new season,seeing where the light flows through the open spaces,before deciding on new furnishings......

    Beautiful white hydrangeas,white is so calming.You deserve your long, slow relaxing days.Ida

  12. In this part of the Northeast, mid-summer is a lush time. Everything is in full bloom, the greens are deep and warm days force New Yorkers' pace to slow. Autumn, with its brilliant hues, is usually the favorite season of upstaters. But I love July and August. I drink it all in and try to save the essence for the long winters.