Saturday, July 14, 2012

Something new...

These are handmade locally by a clever young woman and her partner.
Loving Labradorite the way I do I could not resist these simple earrings.

longer than my usual styles

a team of two young women
created these lovelies

they are more visible with my messy bob

Grey, black and white are "my colours"
the wardrobe basics
easy peasy
plus they work with all my pearls.

I bought 2 new dresses
both are patterned and are not black white or grey!
One is for the garden wedding
it's at the tailor's getting shortened
the other is a navy and white number
I haven't had navy in years.
I'll show you both of them in a future post.

The brand is Precise Petite
both were on sale for 50% off...
so it made them more affordable and I was able to buy two!
How's that for rationalizing a purchase?

Good news on the renovation front...
our tile person is returning this week to work on the ceramic tile in the bathroom!
That means when the tile is finished the plumber can return and then I'll be adding a few touches
and then we'll be able to flush and shower downstairs!

We had quite the thunder and lightning storm and it was date night so I'll pull up my sox and get working on that post soon.

Hope that your weekend will be grand
perhaps you'll find time to steal a few moments of bliss.

~ ~ ~


  1. I love your rationalizing : 50% = buy 2 ! That's my kind of reasoning !

  2. Wasn't last night wild?! I filled up a couple of large pots, sure that we'd lose power out here, but we were fine.
    My wedding outfit was from Jacques Vert, and I've been haunting that corner of The Bay, checking out the Precis Petit sale - easy, as my office is dangerously close to the Bay Centre!

  3. Love the earrings and the way you display them!

  4. I love those earrings!!! Are they heavy though? The stones look substantial.

  5. Love the earrings . . . Gorgeous! Best kind of purchases . . . 50% less than the inflated usual is good news . . . I hope your mom continues to do well!

  6. Love the earrings! And now I know what to do with my odd champagne glasses.

  7. Lovely earrings.

    I adore the "secret area" of the Bay downtown - I've bought many Precis Petites and Planet items there at substantial discounts. Great quality.

  8. The earrings are georgous! Waiting to see the dresses I am sure they will be fabulous.

  9. Leslie:

    So nice to hear that your Mom is on the mend, and also nice to hear that you are looking out for me for a storage unit for my bread.
    I left the rolling thunder of Victoria area on Friday morning to come home to sunshine.
    I am back for two days and one night in Victoria, and then it is a break for me to rest and build up my body for surgery. The days were long and yet they went by so quickly. - This was all helped along by gentle folk like you, Leslie. Thank you! Continued good health for your Mom. Peg

  10. Most junk shops have those bread bins over here....sadly tad too heavy to send over!

    Pleased to hear Mum is feeling better....smiled at the thought of her in the BMW...go girl go!!

    Looking forward to seeing your new utility room,bet you are to.Ida

  11. Love Labradorite too. It has a great "flash" when the sun hits it. Looking forward to seeing your two new dresses.

  12. I like the curved wire with your wavy hair! Flattering combo.
    And the dresses? Almost free...great rationalizing and nice to step outside your colour zone.

  13. Your new earrings have the most perfect hue of gray! You must love the way they sway on you.
    Waiting anxiously to see your new dresses too: ).

  14. Glad to hear that life's getting back to normal for you and your mom.