Friday, July 20, 2012

Statement pieces

On occasion, when I am going out to something rather arty I like to wear unusual jewelry.
Jewelry that makes a statement.
If it could talk it might say I am not "pedestrian."
I really am...
but by choosing jewelry that may convey a little daring and a shout out
 "look at me" I feel like I have risen to the occasion.

Here are a few of my fun pieces to illustrate my point...

all pieces are vintage and found locally

The necklace is by Guy Vidal a Canadian designer
it has two faces
very modernist in pewter.

The strange ET characters are from Denmark by Tennesmed.

The antique brooch with the natural pearl is unmarked
a gift from my lovely daughter.

All these pieces have been worn to events where they have garnered interest from complete strangers.
I think of them as conversation starters.

They come in handy when I am standing in the lobby waiting for the second act to start and Mr. HB has gone in search of refreshments...
smiles, remarks and queries break the ice and offer an easy opening for a casual chit chat.

I notice the other women who are wearing large colourful ethnic beads and baubles too.
There are usually stories behind these gems
souvenirs from trips abroad
or found in
antique shops and galleries from around the world
or perhaps thrifted from a local shop.

I am drawn to 
lapis lazuli
cherry red garnets
nuggets of jade
twisted strands of mixed metals and stones
the meshing of unlikely partners 
that go together to create something of lasting beauty.

I am always on the lookout for a knock out piece to add to my small collection.

sterling designed bangle
presenting many personalities

Is there something in your jewelry drawer that makes a statement?
How do you feel when you wear it?
Do you feel more creative just putting it on?

What statements do your accessories make?


  1. Leslie, first: Happy 38th Anniversary!, second: I could not imagine you without your jewelry. I like the brooch with the pearl and the silver bracelet a lot.
    I have downshifted my jewelry to only a few pieces.
    The pearl necklace, you so well know, is something I would not easily part with. I now have a matching size pearl on a ring set.
    When I wear them, the statement they make, is: I´m neither poor or sick.
    This is a clumsy straight translation from a Finnish saying.
    But, by no means do I feel proud about my pearls. I have really deserved them. They were the 30th anniversary gift for me, paid by both my hb and me.
    Our marriage has had it´s ups and downs, just like all marriages do.
    Haa, just wondering, what / if we reach our 40th anniversary, what on earth could beat the pearl necklace..

    1. Mette ~ I hope you show us your new ring soon!

    2. Thank you mette!
      I'll post about our anniversary date later in the weekend when I have more time.
      I love your anniversary pearls. You've got 2 years to come up with a way to celebrate your 40th, that might be fun to explore and dream about!

    3. Kathy, like you, I have turned embarrassed and feel uneasy showing my jewelry in the blog, especially the more expensive ones.

    4. I do not know the artist who made the bracelet but he sells his designs on Salt Spring Island BC at the Summer Saturday markets and I believe he also sells them in one of the galleries in Ganges, SSI, BC
      Guy Vidal made some fabulous designs, so very edgy and organic in nature.

  2. Hmm, I'm not really a jewellery wearer, it makes me feel uncomfortable and false, I only wear it if I'm going to a big do and then it's whipped off the minute I come home. My rings make me feel like a spoiled showy high maintenance rich woman, I prefer to be more "natural."
    That said, I do admire other people's pieces and always comment on them, yours are very geometric and unusual, nothing run of the mill about you.

    1. It's interesting to me that you feel uncomfortable and overdone wearing jewels which just illustrates how we are all so different and yet have so much in common.

  3. A jewel . . . jewelry, tells us something about the person.
    Exceptional . . .
    Individual . . .
    Dramatic . . .
    Simple . . .
    are just a few words that come to mind.

    When I think of Hostess I see a white blouse/shirt . . . and pearls. A statement I felt one of the first times I read your blog. I sometimes emulate your look. If I were in a group where you might be, I would also look at your wrist . . .

    1. Jewels are really just adornments aren't they?
      It's a form of personal expression too.
      Lynne white pearls and a shirt are classic and I am sure they look amazing on you with your blonde hair and dewy complexion.

  4. I've always chosen the same, rather quiet pieces - pearls in my ears, at my throat, a gold bangle on my wrist. In truth, it's because I'm too rushed/lazy to spend more time thinking about what to wear. Since reading your blog, however, I've started to pay more attention - haunting the Side Street Studio for something a little more colourful - something to make a very small statement....

    1. Pearls are classics and I wore the same pair for almost a decade before Mr. HB gave me diamond studs for an anniversary. I think we instinctively know what suits us and your pearls must be your trademark.
      My daughter wears gum ball sized pearl studs every day and they are lovely on her.

      Side Street Studio has some great does the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market!

  5. Replies
    1. It's rather quirky but fun...
      if you'd like it I will send it to you.
      Email me with your mailing address!

  6. The statement I make is probably, "I wear these because it's how my mother wore jewelery." Or, "Boy I love gold!" So I'm on the opposite end of the chunky, artisanal jewelery spectrum. But I appreciate any coherent aesthetic, even if it is not mine, and your pieces clearly have that.

    1. You have inherited some fabulous pieces and they are gorgeous examples of estate gems. I'd wear them if they were mine and I am sure I'd feel a sense of pride knowing that an ancestor once wore them.
      "Boy I love Gold" is a great line!

  7. Very interesting pieces indeed and the pin is very Jackie O. I agree, unique jewelry are great conversation starters, I never hesitate to compliment someone on what great jewelry they happen to be wearing.

    I remember once in NYC, I was walking down the street from Macy's and one lady passing me pointed at my necklace and exclaimed "Hey! That's pretty!!" lol That made my day.

    1. I love those random compliments and I think it's a great idea to remember to mention it when we think about it. Good comment.

  8. Other end of the spectrum too. I feel embarrassed if anyone comments on my jewelry, and although I have a reasonable amount, I rarely wear it. I do admire it on others though. Happy 38th Anniversary to you and Mr. HB!

    1. Thank you Kathy.
      I know that you have some pieces from a designer who works in semi precious stones and I once went to her website. Her work is so lovely and the pieces look well crafted I cannot for the life of me remember her name but if I saw you wearing one of hers I'd do my best not to embarrass you but I am sure that I would comment on it.

    2. You're right ~ Pippa Small. I have a few of her pieces and wear them some, but not as often as I should.

  9. I think birthdays and anniversaries are even more special than holidays...such meaningful events that deserve extra celebration! I used to be far more adventurous in my jewelry, and find I reach for the same pieces again and again. The rather boring stuff-pearls, gold bangles, jade bangles. I do have this outrageously heavy rhinestone bracelet, about 2in across, that when I wear infrequently garners all kinds of comments. Bracelets are so much fun, and this one you've shown should be added to your regular repertoire!

    1. Gretchen your bracelet sounds like one my Mother gave to my sister...aurora borealis Sherman and it is a serious stunner. If I had one like that I'd wear it with jeans and a simple white Tee shirt!
      I think that Pearls are never boring, admire gold bangles, have none, and jade well let's just say green is my favourite colour.
      I tried the bigger bangle with the stackable ones and it looks awkward, I did try!

  10. I love pins and I have a collection of lovely vintage ones Rhinestones , animal figures and lots of different ones. I find bracelets annoy me and I havent worn earrings in years but I do love pearls and I have some different strings of those of many colours.Donna

  11. When I think of you,pearls and Hermes come to mind you wear them with elegance plus a dash of quirky which adds to the mix.

    My favourite is your pearl brooch,I have inherited many pieces of jewellery,some of which I passed on to my daughter. Some I have had reset,others, pearls especially my studs/gold knot ear rings I wear daily.

    I never wear silver,my colour is gold....but admire those that wear it.

    Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary with many more happy years together. Ida

    1. Ida, neither do I have any jewelry pieces in silver, white gold or platinum for me ; ).