Sunday, July 8, 2012

OOTD or what I wore on date night.

It's date night here in The Humble Bungalow and this is my OOTD.

I took a beading course at a local shop and this necklace was the first thing I made.
Pearls and Labradorite.
I have made a few things since but I'd need a refresher course if I were to take it up again.

Land's End layering tank
Aerie wisp of a cardigan

metallic crinkle skirt in pewter by Spanner
Sofft shoes

I gave myself a home spa treatment ~ a manicure. pedicure and facial.
I surprised myself by actioning the pedicure
less mid section to get in the way
I was able to bend over without huffing and puffing!

Look at those eyebrows people.
There are no longer a flimsy excuse.
Gosh little things really do excite me!

~  ~  ~

We ate some delicious high calorie Thai food and then went for a walk
before going to see Bill Maher at the Royal Theatre.
Mr.HB and our friend Julie, of catering fame, are fans.
I was a tag~a~long.

I love the ornate details of this heritage theatre.

The event was SOLD OUT and the audience a mix of the elderly, boomers and the younger generation.
Bill's focus is on American politics and religion and he's irreverent and rude.
Any excuse for a date with my mate.
Gotta keep the love alive and dating is such a great way to focus on a relationship.

If you haven't taken your spouse out in awhile start planning a date...
you'll be surprised how it rekindles long lost feelings especially if you have neglected this part of your marriage.

I think a picnic on a beach or in a park is a great place to start...

What would be your dream date?


  1. Beautiful necklace!
    I've tried jewelry making's fun but not as easy as it looks.
    The eyebrows are fab!

  2. What a lovely picture ( 4 ) of you. The eyebrows look great, and IMO the perfect amount of jewelry; no more, no less required.
    The home spa is open 24/7, heh..
    A dream date? Oh, with so many things going on right now, having to decide big stuff pronto, I don´t even have the energy in me, to think of one right now.
    Maybe I´d need some time just for myself, and tackle the question afterwards.

  3. You look lovely. I actually think we need time with others, we have no social life and we are both feeling it at the moment.

    1. This problem is tops on our list at the moment, Tabs. Would be an interesting post.

  4. The Royal is so gorgeous! L and I are going to see Lyle Lovett this week - you are so right, we need to make time for dates with our spouses/mates.

    Looking lovely - that necklace is fab.

  5. You look lovely. I love the classic styling of your outfit.

  6. You look great! We try to get out on our own for at least a dinner for two every couple of weeks or so. It's important to build in some couple time!

  7. You look beautiful, your skin is radiant! And Bill Maher is an acquired taste ;)

  8. You look lovely Leslie, and your skin looks fantastic. I must get my eyebrows tinted. I went to a brow bar a couple of years ago, and was amazed at how good my brows looked afterwards.

    As for date nights, I would have to find a date first, and at the moment I'm too busy with work and my 5 grandchildren to be bothered. LOL. I do think that date nights are a great idea.
    Jan x

  9. You are looking great! It is always good to have a fun night out....good food and conversation. Enjoy your week. Bonnie p.s. love the necklace

  10. We have a lot of date nights. Like Tabitha, we need to do more to enlarge our social life in LA. In NY, it never stopped, but it's been hard to reconnect back here, and we're both feeling it too. Now that we moved, I must start entertaining more or something. Your eyebrows looks great, as do you - they make such a difference to one's face. They've been called an instant facelift and I sort of think it's true.

  11. You look so pretty! Happy you had such a good time.

  12. Date nights are V. Important. When we can't do anything big, we try to go out for a coffee, or even visit the garden centre. It does help to reconnect. This week, off to see pianist Piers Lane at our local Concert Hall. The theatre you attended looks just wonderful.
    Your eyebrows look great, reminds me to give my own some attention, and I love the necklace!

  13. You look so nice. I admire your classic yet pretty style do much. I just turned 50 and it is inspiring to me to see women my age looking good and enjoying life. My last date night with my husband was burgers and a movie. Just time together without the kids seems special.


  14. Hm, it's been so long since I've been on a real "date" with my fella. In former times, we were in the habit of comedy shows, and then for a time a blues club. I need to find a restaurant we want to try...and then perhaps a stroll through the sculpture garden at the Nelson Gallery.

  15. you are looking lovely leslie! xo janet

  16. I love the whole ensemble!
    The review of the show was in the paper and it made me wish I'd gone.

  17. You are getting so skinny! Whoo-hoo!


  18. I can see the weight loss in your face!

    My husband and I like to eat Texas barbecue for "date matinee". If we're staying in, it has to be Masterpiece Theater, cuddling on the sofa, and most likely a tub of homemade ice cream made from coconut milk and dark chocolate.

  19. You look happy and beautiful - the two go together, don't they? Dating is so important. We like walking together - strolling along the Inner Harbour or hiking East Sooke Park. In a couple of weeks we're going to the Chemainus Theatre and I'm looking forward to that.

  20. You look so beautiful! Love the outfit (and the eyebrows!)