Thursday, July 12, 2012

Keep calm and carry on and The Humble Bungalow roses

Mother's illness has brought stress into the forefront and try as I might I cannot shake this feeling.
With no time for Yoga I am trying to concentrate on my breathing.
Short shallow breaths have made me feel anxious...
closing my eyes and focusing on my breath offers some relief.

Fortunately we live close to each other so I can be at Mom's in minutes
it's a pleasant walk and one that allows me to clear my head a bit.
I've been waking earlier than usual and feeling like I haven't really had a restorative sleep.
Spending more time talking on the phone with my sister keeping her in the loop.

I'll be spending most of my day with Mother keeping watch.
She has colour in her face and has been able to keep food down
so I am guardedly optimistic that she is on the mend.

 I made lunch at 2 o'clock after I had tended to Mother and walked back home.

Part of me wanted to have something comforting like a grilled cheese sandwich
but my inner voice said don't go down that road...
bread has not passed these lips in many weeks.

The little fry pan is one of the newer additions to The Humble Bungalow kitchen.
Chartreuse green in sturdy cast iron.

I think of this dish as a hot salad...
I think it was Lisa from a mid life of privilege who suggested hot salads
thanks Lisa.

Add a free range egg for the protein portion of the meal.
Protein has been instrumental in my improved eating regime.
Colourful vegetables elevate my mood and excite my taste buds.

Aren't these cheery cherry tomatoes?

Roses can take me to a happy place...
I am nothing if not passionate about growing roses.

the glorious fragrant climbing Royal Sunset

Joseph's Coat

Abraham Darby
heavily scented

the name of this rose escapes me at the moment

Constance Spry
a hardy climber and a reliable repeat bloomer

Graham Thomas

 There are many more roses growing in our soil
tended lovingly by The Hostess.

"Hostess Rose Tips"

If you want to grow roses you must be willing to put in the time.
Dead head spent blooms
when you cut a rose make certain that you cut above the 5 leaves on the stem
feed them a handful of epsom salts once a month during flowering and water well
water during the day to avoid getting black spot
prune hard in March
buy roses that are fragrant and preferably from a reputable grower like David Austin 
opt for repeat bloomers
choose an array of colours
don't be afraid of cutting some and bringing them indoors to enjoy
and always bring a bouquet with you when visiting friends
sharing your passion with others just feels right.

Kenneth Cole Reaction
cheap sandals from Macy's
superior comfort
for easy walking
and I will close and be off to see Mother.

Hope you enjoyed the brief foray on The Humble Bungalow roses...

Thank you wonderful readers for your kind, thoughtful and supportive comments 
they have really been helping me put on my brave face and go forward with what I need to do.
~ ~ ~ 
Keep Calm and Carry On
is the mantra of the moment.


  1. I'm really thinking of you in this time. I wish your Mom a return to health, and you a return to peace and happy days.

  2. You are doing wonderfully - such a lot going on in your life and you are managing to stay on an even keel.
    Thinking of you....

  3. You're doing well, coping with the stress by walking, eating well, and spending time in your garden. Thanks for the Epsom salt advice - I'm going to try it. Hope your mom continues to improve.

  4. So good to hear from you. Sound like "all is calm" right now, let that be a good omen.

    Love your Roses.. Never heard the Epsom Salt tip. I will try it!

    Be tender to yourself . . .

  5. I'm very happy to hear you Mum is on the mend Hostess.

  6. Happy to hear your Mother is gaining color in her face and able to eat. Bless her. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself as well. I am inspired by your staying faithful to you own health. I always love seeing your beautiful roses. Thinking about you.

  7. Your rose photos are outstanding! Thank you. My Mum is also 85 and health is always an ongoing issue. Prayers for your Mum's complete recovery.
    love wendy

  8. I love the idea of hot salads! So great.

    Your roses are beautiful and remind me so much of my grandfather, a wonderful gardener who loved roses. Thinking of you and your Mom on this stormy day.

  9. Perhaps you could call your family together and discuss the mother issue thoroughly.
    Having read your post, I fear, that you are wearing yourself down in no time. You indeed sound panicky and without any help, it might increase.
    If possible, share the " watching over " with your family.
    I do understand that you are very close to your mother, but let others help too : ).
    Warm thoughts your way!

    1. I appreciate your comments mette and you are right about me needing to share the load. I am the eldest and live the closest and am on my summer vacation from work so it is not too much of a hardship other than the emotional part.
      I spent some of the day getting my hair coloured and have booked myself in for a spa day next week so I am trying to take care of myself.
      Thank you for being such a caring friend.

  10. That is a good sign that your Mum is eating,and has a nice colour.
    Beautiful roses,mine have been destroyed by heavy rain/wind.Ida

  11. I'm glad to hear that your mother is doing better. Hot salads are new to me. I must investigate further.