Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fundraising for the TLC an indulgent post...

Please indulge me
I am passionate about the TLC.
The Land Conservancy here in town is having some serious financial woes.
Mr. HB and I are keen and loyal members of this organization and we both applaud their acquisitions of land and preservation of heritage sites. There is no longer government funding to help support this agency so funds are tight.
The Abkhazi Gardens was saved and is run by the TLC and it's one of my favourite spots for a stroll, a cup of tea, or a bite of lunch. Wandering about in the garden provides me with inspiration for my hobbies of gardening and painting. It's a place of peace where one can sit, be quiet, and meditate, soaking in all the surrounding natural beauty.

It seems fitting that I donate to the cause and hope that others will as well.
They desperately need our help.
I decided to part with one of my paintings and the director thought that this was a good idea.
He chose the painting of the Abkhazi gardens.

It will be hung for sale in the tearoom and I must say I hope that someone loves it enough to purchase it and help the cause.

I hope that this post might inspire you to send a cheque to the TLC and if you have not yet visited the Abkhazi Gardens please run don't walk and come back and tell me all about your experience! Tell them I sent you!        
                                                                      ~  ~  ~


  1. I'm passionate about heritage and conservation too, what a lovely gesture, I hope the local area chips in to give them the support they need.

  2. My reply is the same as Tabitha's....bet your picture sells.Ida

  3. What a joyous painting!
    The colors are uplifting...I'm sure it will sell to help the cause.
    Have a great day!

  4. Lovely picture - I didn't know you painted!

  5. What a great cause and that picture is so colourful and intriguing!

  6. It seems that money for just about anything is scarce all over.
    It is time for gathering up and start doing something about it - just like folk over your place.
    I support this kind of action!
    Wishing you success!

  7. Beautiful picture. I have not commented for a few days, as I lost all my entries to Google Reader- don't know how - and now I am slowly restoring them. Peg