Monday, January 2, 2012

I was recognized and identified....

Minding my own business
as I stood at the counter of the local shop,
consigning the lime green Franciscan ware set of dishes that I was so tired and bored with....

I was approached by a smiling woman whose face I did not recognize...
she introduced herself
when I heard her name I knew immediately that she was none other than the author of the blog Pondside!

I was busy at the counter so she continued shopping while the clerk finished up the paperwork.
She paid for her merchandise; a lamp and a cheery pillow for her sunny bedroom...
we decided that coffee was in order.

A short drive later, we found ourselves perched upon high stools seated across from each other
sipping steaming lattes.

Pondside has a very interesting job,
she comes from a creative and talented family who are very much in the public eye.

We both have long time marriages, are family oriented, are happy grand mothers,
we both love to read, and are keen walkers.
The topic of conversation ran all over the map...and an hour passed swiftly.

She is lovely...
a genuinely warm and gracious woman.

 She spent her morning walking with her friend along the blustery ocean seafront
and had already enjoyed a coffee with her friend
so I felt honored that she take the time to sit and share a cuppa with me.

Humble Hostess
 not looking my best..
but I am my own worst critic
if you follow me you'll know that I am much more comfortable behind the lens...

We both love to blog
   a "secret hobby" 
only a few of our friends and family know about.

We'll probably bump into each other again sometime soon
and we will be on a first name basis.

We do like walking the same route so it is just a matter of time before our paths cross again.

Thank you Pondside
until we meet again....


  1. How lovely! I've never been spotted, and I think it would be really fun, in the right way of course. I hope you two sat and chatted and made a connection. My blogger friends are some of my favorites.

  2. I love this . . . real and honest . . . I can't wait until I am out and about and someone taps me on the arm, saying . . . "aren't you . . . " and we too off to share a cup together. . .

    I like behind the lens too . . . reading . . . walking . . . . and being a granny . . .

  3. How delightful to meet a fellow blogger in person - I do enjoy both your blogs (although I don't think I have commented on yours before - I only found it recently).
    A wonderful way to start the new year - I hope you will have many more such pleasant encounters in the coming months.

  4. It was a lovely interlude on an ordinary day at the end of the year. What a treat it was to meet you!

  5. That is very lovely! Although unless it was another blogger, I would hit delete if anyone ever came up to me in my home town - I'm a lifelong introvert.

  6. What fun! I always wonder if I will bump into a blogger out in the real world.

  7. I've popped over from Pondside. How nice that you two got to meet and enjoyed some time together.

  8. Serendipity! You see? It has already started. May you have many more lovely, unexpected, happy instants in 2012.


  9. What a happy way to meet and enjoy an hour over coffee! I would probably have bought the green dishes, if I were there. I always said I was not that fond of green, but I have green on a lot of my dishes, knit with green and love the foliage in my garden more than the flowers.
    Happy New Year - now off to visit Pondside's blog!!
    Peg on Vanc. Island

  10. What a happy meeting that was! I've shared coffee with Pondside, and think that getting together with bloggers is a wonderful thing!

  11. Through Pondside, I found you. Isn't the blogging world amazing? I will visit often. Susan

  12. How cool! You're famous now, Leslie; you must get used to being recognized! ;-)

    Hope you had a fab New Year's!

  13. This is a lovely story Hostess. I have become friendly with several other blog people in my town and I can verify this has enriched my life. Blogging unites people in the most delicious way.

  14. What a fun afternoon - getting recognized as a local, secret celebrity and having an impromptu cafe date.

  15. I was in a restaurant last year, and in walked a woman who looked very familiar. It took me a few moments, but then I realized it was Sunday, from Ciao Domenica, a blog I follow. We did say hello and have seen each other numerous times in bookstores, etc. as we live in the same neighborhood. Bloggers are the new celebrities. Be careful Hostess - the paparazzi come next!

  16. What a lovely chance meeting. I have never met a fellow blogger. Consider yourself lucky. Coming to you through Pondside.

  17. I've been following Honora for quite a while. What a lovely surprise you both had, meeting like that. I've been reading some of your earlier posts, and I would like to become a follower and I will be adding your blog to my Google Reader.

  18. How fun! I feel connected to both of you because I read both of your blogs. How nice that two lovely, warm and gracious, ladies got to meet in person.

  19. How cool and what fun. It is wonderful to have a cuppa with someone who shares your interests. It is sure a small world, isn't it?

  20. I'm visiting from Pondside and am happy that you two bumped in to each other. Sounds like you have a good time over lattes.

  21. How nice for you both, not many people in my local town know I blog, so I dont think I'll be tapped on the arm anytime soon!

  22. Stopping over from Pondside. Sounds like you had a fun day. The perfect way to spend an afternoon. Thank you for sharing the picture of Pondy. She looks rather like I thought she would. Lovely.

  23. How wonderful! Isn't that something? Such a small world, really. This is the perfect story to start my new year!

  24. I have dreams in which all my blogger friends are in attendance at a party, but I have yet to have a face to face encounter with a fellow blogger. You make it sound so wonderful, I hope it happens soon.

  25. What a nice real life story.
    Over here, I am definitely safe and not going to " bump " into anyone, who has read my blog ( other than my family members ).
    Would I flee, or come out courageously, is left to see.

  26. What a lovely story! I have only just discovered your blog through the lovely Faux Fuchsia, and will now pop over to visit Pondside and say hi as well.

    I am new to blogging, and just expanding my blogroll too, but I love how a circle of "friends" can grow online. And to meet a fellow blogger in real life like this - how wonderful!

    All the best to your and your loved ones for 2012!

    Milo xxx

  27. happy new year leslie. you look beautiful! how fun to meet a fellow blogger by accident. xo janet

  28. How fun! I love that you gals seized the moment and sat face to face. I think there will be more of these times for the two of you!

  29. That is a wonderful story...bumping into a fellow blogger. One can only hope it can happen. Thanks for sharing this...I am visiting from Pondside.

  30. That is so neat! How nice that she recognized you and you had a chance to visit. Through blogging I've found there is a fellow blogger in the same town I live in and another a few miles away. What a small world to meet someone through blogging even though your paths probably have crossed but you would never have met.

  31. How wonderful that you could meet such a wonderful lady. I have been reading her blog for several months now. I live in Winnipeg, so I am not likely to ever meet either one of you. How fun to find that you have so much in common.
    Hugs, cindy

  32. Hello sweet Hostess! I am a Victoria area blogger as well (same with the secret hobby..) and follow Pondside too! How nice to meet you here in blogland, take care!

  33. Such an uplifting post! This is such a positive story, and the spirit that I imagined would be the essence of the blogging world. How wonderful for both you, and Pondside!

    I envisioned blogging would open my door, to welcome people from anywhere; but it didn't turn out that way for me.

    I received kindness from strangers, and death threats, from stranger, strangers.
    My poor husband was emailed (how they ever found out his email?) horrible accusations directed towards me, and he advised me to shut down my blogs.
    I now understand the French saying the owner of the Hermes boutique I shop at, told me;( loosely translated ) "the best life, is a life lived unknown."

    She may be right. Life is often happier, when nobody knows, or cares, who you are.

    If you even find yourself Ontario side, please let me know.
    My door is open to you Leslie.



  34. Duchess of H- Thank you for the invite. Your French friend sounds very wise in many ways....I believe the French do like to maintain that aura of mystery so it makes sense that they would like to remain on the periphery.