Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detox and a fresh start....

New Years brings with it a fresh start,
a clean slate and anything feels possible.

Holiday chocolates, cheeses and cocktails are over for awhile...

I embrace change at this time of year when a healthy optimism prevails.
It seems like a good time to get serious about ridding one of those bad habits...
a detox is one of the first things I like to do at this time.

I am going green
with Green Apple Greens+

1 1/2 cups water and a scoop of this powder
shake and sip
a healthy detox in a jar
what could be easier?

I am eating lighter 
making and sipping Miso soup
 drinking lots of water 
 a wedge of fresh lemon squeezed into each glass
and I am resting up
going to bed early with my latest novel
"The Distant Hours"
by Kate Morton

for the face
a gentle pick-me-up in a jar

dishes get cleaned the green way too
I am wishing now that my yellow gloves were green.

Hand cream goes on before the gloves
for a mini spa treatment
who says domestics can't be fun?

I picked this magazine up at the market
it looks like I am not the only one thinking about detoxing and refreshing one's life.

Perusing the pages I noticed that there are great ideas for getting healthy by employing common sense ideas...
eating better
 reducing stress
kicking the caffeine habit
going to bed early enough to get a full 8 hours of sleep
spending quality time with people that you love and admire
those you hold dear, those who inspire
letting go of guilt

all great thoughts

I have a few things on my to do list...

make an appointment with my optometrist and have my eyes examined
book a hair appointment for some layers to slightly alter my current style
get my teeth cleaned
schedule a time for a massage
buy some new foundation garments
(translation = lacy lingerie!)
go through my junk drawer and toss what's not necessary and tidy up the mess
add all the birthdays that I need to remember and put them in my daybook
toss out and recycle anything in my wardrobe that makes me feel fat or frumpy
polish shoes 
and give handbags a wax and a polish
tend to any garments with loose buttons 
wash wool sweaters
take the non washables to the cleaners

 and I make sure to schedule in some "down time"
I do love to cross off these tasks after I complete them
and there is a satisfaction watching the list shrinking as the days go by...

What's on your do list?


  1. Well, not giving up caffeine, that's for sure! But have cut WAY back on processed foods and sugar. I'm going to start sipping broth or bouillon in the afternoon to combat the 4pm hungries rather than snacking. Drinking lots of water, and getting on the exercise bike each night(mainly to build up stamina for high altitude skiing in a few weeks). Trying to eat breakfast each morning. Nothing drastic, baby steps mostly...

  2. I used to drink hot water and lemon every morning but had to give up after it stripped most of the enamel off my teeth, my dentist says lemon is lethal.
    So, I've been slurping down coffee with double cream for years but I think that might not be the healthiest thing, I go through cartons each week so I'm trying to ditch the cream habit but I feel miserable.
    I can't bear milk in coffee or almond milk /soy milk though I do enjoy them just as they are, but yes, whine whine breakfast is not worth getting up for anymore!

  3. I love the detox tea from David's tea. Shipping is 5.00 within North America so even if you dont have one near's easy to have it delivered to your door :O) I also drink the one called The Skinny. Both are perfect for taking in my thermos for running errands :O)

  4. Almost everything you have mentioned is on my list for January, especially the body detox! My body has been giving me the signals that it is in dire need of a flush!
    I have been looking for a new detox system that doesn't taste horrid, I will have to scout out the Greens+ you mentioned above.

  5. The Distant Hours is a wonderful book--enjoy! I've added a chopped broccoli, cauliflower, and currant salad to my lunch every day. Caffeine, alas, will still be part of my routine!

  6. I love a 'To Do' list! There is no better satisfaction than crossing the jobs off as they are successfully complete. My list is similar to yours - lots of little jobs to do around the place. Happy 'To Doing'! Ange

  7. Funny -- A teeth cleaning and haircut are on my agenda this month too. And of course the ongoing goal of eating better, eating less, and moving more.

  8. I think I could just copy your to-do list and it would be what I need. I do not need a new haircut - done 10 days ago! Teeth cleaned a month ago, but could book an optometrist's visit.
    I went shopping at VV's on Tuesday, so need to pare down some of my clothes. Had a bra fitting before Christmas!
    We think alike. Enjoy your clearing out!
    Peg, Up-Island

  9. Hostess,
    You've inspired me to detox my eating too.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  10. I learned quite a bit from this post and the comments. I'll have to pick up a Chatelaine magazine and some of that special tea from David's - I love David's!
    You are an industrious hostess, Hostess! I'll try to take a page from your book.

  11. Miso soup always feels so nourishing yet good for you. I am "lightening" by buying several cashmere sweaters. Well, they are light, no?

  12. Happy New Year, Leslie! I like your "green" theme.
    Everything goes with green!

    I'm still working with my pattern maker, and manufacturer; designing a line of eco friendly, non animal, made in North America bags.
    It's been an exciting,albeit challenging process; and I think 2012 will be an amazing year!

    All The Best,


  13. My you have a very busy agenda....but it all sounds quite satisfying. I've never tried a detox but after a rather horrible bout of diverticulitis I have added a fiber supplement to my diet.

  14. Well done on all fronts, Hostess!!! Good luck with the detox and getting through your list. You’ve inspired me to write my to do/chore list and get cracking with the tasks this weekend!!! It’s a shame neither of us won the recent lottos!!! Personal nutritionist, trainer, chef and a little help around the house would be divine. Oh, well! Back to writing my lists…

  15. I don´t have a " do " list, as I do things right away, or at least asap.
    But, I can understand the thrill of keeping one, and drawing a line over, when a job is done.

  16. Duchesse- A gal after my own heart! Cashmere really should be on my list!

    Donna -Happy New Year to you...keep us posted on those bags!

    La Vie Quotidienne- Sorry to hear about your diverticulitis, hope you never have another episode.

  17. The things you have listed is maintenance,and done on a regularly basis...the older I get more maintenance is needed (sigh)!!

    I have had a nasty rash on my chin for sometime,and am on a mission to rid myself of all skin items with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) dangerous stuff urrrgh....think this is the cause of the rash....I have never had face rashes/spots in my only natural products for me now.

    I know you use natural products,Dr H is on my list to try + Neal's Yard.

    It is a mine field with skin/makeup products when you start to investigate them. So hopefully you will be sharing more thoughts on skin/makeup with us. Ida

  18. All those "maintenance" things are on my list or need t be...but can I just tell you that if I could only pick would be the massage...that's one appointment I would not dread. You are so organized in every way! Very impressive!

  19. Dear Hostess, I am still here reading and enjoying your photos and words, usually after the fact as I struggle to keep up with blogs, especially commenting. (I have to monitor keyboarding -- history of tendonitis in both hands -- and tend to prioritize commenting for bloggers who visit back as there is only so much time and I value friendship above all.)

    You always look good to me even when you say you are not looking your best. I love your style and your kitty is a delight.

    I love the detoxing and refreshing suggestions, am working on several, most importantly eating better, which for me means switching to a low carb diet in 2012.

    We're also sorting out experiences/people we want more or less of, a kind of spiritual de-cluttering.

  20. Very thought-provoking list. I am going to make a better effort to have facials done more often (just went for one the other day). This month, I am decluttering the closets, doing another round of treating my leather purses and shoes, clean makeup brushes, do all those little things that I tend to leave for awhile.