Sunday, January 8, 2012

From France, gifts that I will cherish...

Our dear friends John and Cheryl have been in France for a few months and they have returned home.
(Cheryl is the hostess for the VCCA in Auvillar, France)
We were able to spend New Years Eve and New Years Day together.

Usually we have them stay here but the guest room is currently out of commission due to dust and mayhem with the renovations on the lower level so they stayed in a nearby hotel.

Cheryl who is a talented artist, has a keen eye for colour and a heart of gold.
 (her paintings from France are here.)

They never come empty handed...
John and Mr. HB enjoy their scotch and red wines
Cheryl and I prefer bubbly and chocolates.

John is a talented photographer and we were delighted to view some of the images that he took of their life and travels abroad. I think that he would do well to publish these in a book format, they are some of the most beautiful and evocative images I have seen anywhere.

Look at what they brought us.

The colours in this tea towel are so cheerful

It goes so well with the chartreuse Le Creuset 
Osso Bucco is simmering within

Cheryl saw the horse drawn wagon pull into Auvillar 
and set up shop 
she hastened to see what was being sold.

The locals were mumbling and shaking their heads
the "gypsies" have arrived!

Look what they were selling...

the family grows and harvests lavender
and presses it into oil
then travel village to village in a horse drawn caravan
setting up on market days and selling their wares

I hope you can read all these wonderful tips on what the oil can be used for...
I like to sprinkle some on my pillow for a sleep aid
it is so conducive to slumber
if I wake in the night I breathe deeply and am lulled back to sleep.
Sleep is so precious
and I need at least 8 hours or I am force to be reckoned with!

a hand bound note book

they picked this up on one of their trips to Rome

I've yet to put pen to paper
I am considering using this for a gratitude journal.
It's so beautiful
that it should be kept for special thoughts...

I am certainly blessed with wonderful friends
thank you John and Cheryl.

Hugs to you both in love and gratitude.

I'd like to welcome new followers of The Humble Bungalow blog
It's wonderful knowing that I have an audience and that I am not here alone!

Please feel free to leave me comments.


  1. Oh you have such a lovely kitchen, my oven is still kaput, that's been a week now but I have an electrician coming futon Tuesday to look at it. Your kettle and Le Creuset dish are also beautiful, as well as the lovely wood on your units, my kitchen needs to be scrapped and rebuilt.

  2. futon? Oh I hate predictive keyboards.

  3. So I gather all this happened before you became ill.
    You are lucky to have friends all over! And I am not surprised.
    You are a good hostess, kind and generous.
    Take good care of yourself!

  4. I love all your new things from France . . . And time to share with friends . . .
    I have no doubt, from reading your blog, you ARE the HOSTESS with the MOSTUS!

  5. Your friends are so kind and I love the gifts they brought you from France. The dish towel looks fabulous with your Le Creuset pot. Osso Bucco simmering on the stove top. What a cozy day you are having!

  6. I want your friends! Care to share?

  7. what thoughful friends you have. i sure hope you are feeling better leslie! xo janet

  8. I have a small collection of Garnier kitchen towels. They are works of art for the kitchen to be sure. I treasure mine. The journals are so pretty. I would also save them for my special thoughts and plans. Happy New Year Hostess. Hope you are feeling better, too!

  9. Tabitha- Oh gosh you have had to wait a long time for that repair man. Mr. HB redid our kitchen and it took us about 8 years to complete it...well worth the wait though :)

    metscan- Yes they were here for New Years Eve and I fell ill after they left. I am much better now, in fact I went shopping for some new clothes!

    Lynne- I don't really feel that I am doing anything out of the ordinary...but thank you!

  10. What lovely gifts! The lavender oil sounds marvelous.

  11. I love dishtowels--so glad I'm not alone!

  12. That dishtowel is gorgeous. It must really make your kitchen feel cheerful.

    So thoughtful and generous of your kind friends.

  13. Dear Hostess ok I am lurker! Like you, I am a firm believer in the power of lavender on the pillow to aid slumber.
    I love your blog it is full of the joy of living. I also love BC (the first time some one said BC to me in Canada, I had no idea what they meant) although it is long time since I went skiing there.
    PS what a lovely kitchen.

  14. Dearest Hostess, Like Claire above I have long been one of your "lurkers". So selfish I know since you give me so much pleasure by sharing of yourself so freely. The plea you made this time touched me however so here I am. I want to thank you for taking the time and trouble to post such insightful posts. Please continue to give us all a taste of your beautiful cottage, boat and wardrobe (why can I never find such treasures when I stop by charity shops as they are called in the UK.) Glad you are feeling better

  15. Thank you and Mr HB for a wonderful few days! You really are the host and hostess with the mostess! Love the gifts, lit the candle tonight for a romantic dinner; magret de canard with honey balsamic drizzle, oven roasted potatoes and Burrowing Owl 2008 Merlot, yumm! Hugs to both of you, can't wait until our next visit.