Friday, January 13, 2012

Hostess meets Bumble and Bumble for a razor bob

The tresses have been lopped and chopped...
there were a LOT of curly locks on the floor beneath my chair!

Diane worked her magic
she used her recent New York trek to Bumble and Bumble headquarters
and fashioned the Bumble and Bumble razor bob.

the cut has perked up my curls

it's not too short
and I can straighten it with my flat iron of I want a different look

I could also put in some styling gel and let it air dry for a curlier look

I am pleased with the results.

I am feeling rather like I am a high maintenance woman these days
which leads me right into the recent discussion that 
a bunch of us were having
 discussing age related things like eyes and complexions and pedicures
we have decided that it costs more to keep up our appearances as we age.

How does one factor in these costs into pension planning I wonder...

I went to the eye doctor and found out that I need new lenses
I don't know why they are so very expensive
($900 just for the lenses!)
 I opted for some new frames too
they are rather masculine looking
someone referred to them "geek chic"

we'll see
well that's the whole point
(ha ha)

Gosh that sounds silly but I am not hitting the delete key.
I am not a funny person but I do love a good laugh
I rarely "get "jokes
and am hopeless when it comes to telling them.

I plan to do some entertaining this weekend...
try out some new recipes.

What are you planning to do?


  1. I think your new 'do looks lovely!! Sometimes a little chop is all you need to feel refreshed!

    The weekends are busy here with the little ones but if I get lucky, I will try to carve out a little me time. I have a book I have been trying to finish for ages, maybe I will take it along with me to the arena while Jr. learns to glide! :)

  2. Yes, it's costing me a fortune to look like me now! And I too was quoted £450, so about $900 just for lenses this week, ugh. I do love your new hairstyle, bob's are so classic, I'm too long and narrow faced for them, alas.

  3. Your new haircut is perfect for you! I like your curls. Curls are feminine, and so are you.
    I too have to see the eye doctor, but the expenses are terrible over here too, so I have delayed it..
    More extra expenses? Not much, but I´d love to have a massage every now and then.
    Nothing extra planned for the weekend, I like quiet weekends.

  4. Love your new hair style! It must feel so healthy and bouncy.

    It does cost much more to look your best these hair usually runs about $200 for a cut, color and a few highlights. Ugh! What lovely things I could add to my wardrobe with that money.

    Yesterday, a friend and I went to a beauty college for some pampering. It was an interesting experience and not one bit costly - a 90 minute facial, manicure and pedicure all for under $50 - but I don't know that I'll go back. It's just not the same has having a seasoned professional work on you. However, it is one way of saving money on beauty services.

    My weekend may be spent in bed. I woke up feeling poorly and think I may be coming down with a bug. So I guess it's a good thing that I have no plans.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get a chance to show off your new 'do to all your friends. xoxo, A

  5. Your haircut looks great. I love your curls. I don't like to think about the cost of my maintenance these days.
    Scary. No big plans for the weekend.

  6. What a great cut! I know what you mean about the expense of keeping up appearances as we age -- and the time, as well! I'm so glad that I enjoy my time at the hairdresser so much -- she'd be the last expense to go . . .
    My lenses have always been more expensive than most, but the addition of progressives a few years ago made that even worse -- I've paid less for cars than I paid for the last pair of glasses (frames included -- and secondhand cars, decades ago . . . )
    Enjoy that new bounce in your hair!

  7. Your bob looks fabulous! Do I see some reddish color in your hair, or is that just the lighting? Whichever, looks great! Glasses: I know, what do they PUT in those flakes? Mine are "progressive" and cost about the same. The insurance picks up only a fraction. I'm all about the geeky frames these days, flying my geek flag, as it were.

  8. I love, love your new do,it is very cute and flattering!

    It seems it does take more and more, time, effort and $ to keep ourselves up at this stage in life. As women we all (in my opinion) are looking great! It is a real challenge!

    As I am still in recovery after the 2nd surgery I have a couple of friends coming by tomorrow with snacks and a movie!


    Art by Karena

  9. That was truly the right decision! I'll bet you'll have two thumbs up from the young women in your life and lots of appreciation from your husband....and best of all, I'm sure you feel fabulous.
    Hair, pedicure, creams and unguents - I may have to stop eating when I retire!

  10. Your new "do" looks smashing . . . great to have some curl/body so you can change it up when you want to. I am wishing I had some of the curly of you to mix with the straight of me . . .

    I agree totally with "more expense" as we grow older. Pedicure, manicure, facials, hair, cut, color . . . and then we have these ever changing bodies . . . eyes, teeth, shape, diet . . . you name it.

    So trying out some new recipes, entertaining, friends . . . how fortunate we are . . .

    We hope to see Meyrl Streep in Iron Lady Sometime this weekend . . .

    Enjoy showing off your "new do!"

  11. I like your cut! Enjoy!
    I plan to get lots of knitting time in and will have a couple in for salmon burgers and buns (make them both from scratch, with the help of my bread machine and food processor). Will make an apple/blackberry cobbler too and find a nice glass of wine!
    Let us know what you cook, please. Peg

  12. Your new "do" is cute! And versatile. I love the flexibility of curly or straight.
    Have you tried looking at any of the online prescription lens distributors? My husband got his progressives on line and saved a bundle.

    This weekend I'm planning on making soup from a chicken carcass, granola, and who knows what else. Bon weekend, Hostess.

  13. Great cut Hostess!

    My glasses/contacts are expensive too, thank goodness most of it is covered under Hubs' health plan, otherwise I would have to pay $$$$$$$$ out of pocket.

    Just planning to relax this weekend! Oh and of course watch Downton Abbey on Sunday night!

  14. Your hair looks great -- luxuriously full.

    My glasses are very expensive, too. My lenses are high index/progressive/coated/you name it. Insurance covers about a third of the cost. My new frames are a departure for my usual subtle style. They're the colour of my now undyed hair, light brown, with wide arms. It took me literally months to get used to the look of them. I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

    No plans this weekend. The weather is nasty, so I'll likely cocoon!

  15. I love your new haircut! I know what you mean about new glasses, they are so expensive! I just got a new prescription also and I need to get both regular glasses and sunglasses.
    This weekend I am seeing a play on Saturday night and watching the Golden Globes on Sunday. Of course Downton Abbey will be recorded! I will make something cozy for dinner that night, maybe a stew. Hope you have a good one!

  16. Great haircut. Snowshoeing, attending a swim meet, reading and knitting are all on the agenda this weekend. Pretty low key.

  17. Love, love, love your new cut. It is adorable and very youthful. You look marvelous!

  18. Your new 'do' looks wonderful Hostess - and it will be great to be able to play around with different styles with it too. Agree not only does it cost more to look after ourselves as we get older it takes so much more time - for example doing a "no make up, make up" look in the mornings! Exhausting... Have a good weekend.. I am working for half of it. On Sunday we may go for a drive to the countryside. x

  19. Oh how I long for curly hair like yours. Mine is board straight and always has been. I love Bumble and bumble products. They are the best I have ever found. My eyeglass lenses are also very expensive, unfortunately and it seems that every year my prescription changes just enough to necessitate new lenses. ARGH!
    This weekend we are going to brunch with some friends. We never go out with anyone so I am looking forward to this brunch.

  20. love it leslie. it really suits you. it still looks soft and casual but now it also looks stylish. i never really feel like i'm put together when my hair is not in a bob. the way my hair grows it just looks messy when it gets long. so i think you made a great decision!

  21. I think your hair is great too, I cant wait to show my little man who thought that is how your hair should be! I have those progressive lenses in my glasses too and I must say that I have been putting off wearing them to make my eyes work harder, but not so bad for a headache. It's making laser surgery looking cheap! I'm not sure that they can do anything for a stigmatism.

    1. Ps I must have the cheapest hairdresser around, ipay only around the $100 mark for my hair to be cut coloured and dried. They only charge very little for the kids hair too. It went up to $120- 140 when I was having foils in, but there were heaps of them, trying to lighten my hair all over. I think here in our town they reward your loyalty with made up rates. I have been going to this hairdresser for 12 years as she is the cousin of a our children's nanny. Nanny is gone but hairdresser remains!

  22. What I wouldn't do for curly hair like yours...mine is stick straight and looks like a straggly mess if not washed and styled daily (another annoyance-some folks look good with bed hair, I look like a grease pit. Ick). My vision's so poor my lenses always cost a fortune, and now with progressives it's just that much more of an insult. Funny you mention the geeky frames, as mine are a modernized version of horn rims. Still looking for the perfect frames but know they'll be exorbitant once I find them! Isn't it funny how our skin care and other loveliness costs as much these days as my entire food budget did in our 20s? Yikes. Funny that, to look low maintenance, one needs to work a bit at it. Best to enjoy it. I want to be one of those Nannas who the grandchildren use as the benchmark for a life well lived!

  23. I love the new do and I agree wholeheartedly about maintenance costs as we age. I also have the old version of geek-chic frames and I love them so much that I didn't get new ones when I could have--guess I saved some for my maintenance cost budget. Going to a wine tasting tonight and and bridal shower tomorrow, then to look at my daughter's new place. A good weekend, I'd say. Hope yours feeds your soul.

  24. Tres chic, Hostess! I love it - so very Euro looking.

    I actually help people plan for retirement and always remind the women folk that you need to include a budget for self-maintenance if you are in the habit of spending on these things while you are working.

  25. Aargh, this is a look I've been stalking in image searches online. To achieve it on me, I'd have to have some sort of perm too. I know it preparing for my youngest daughter's wedding, I suddenly came to realize all I could potentially spend my money on in a salon! I was shocked. Think I shall continue to age as gracefully as possible without all the pricey helps. In my mind, glasses fall into the "health" category.

  26. Lovely haircut/style! I've noticed gray hair multiplying lately and I am afraid these occasional hairdresser visits of mine are about to get more frequent and pricier! And I am going to stay in my pajamas as long as possible tomorrow :)

  27. Love your new are so lucky to have all those natural curls. Mine is straight...but not in a good way...unless I dry the heck out of it with a brush it just has a bend. Anyway...I would agree that there's a lot more maintenance going on here as well in regards to personal grooming. And I have not even started coloring my hair...that will be another expense and appointment to keep once that starts...Enjoy the weekend!

  28. Hostess that was just adorable!

  29. Lovin your new do! I totally agree how much more expensive it is just to maintain!

  30. Love your cut! And it looks so easy to care for. Well done and thank you for showing us. (BTW I really like Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious.)

  31. You look simply maaahvelous, Leslie! The new cut is just perfect! And, YES.....
    maintenance at this stage of life does increase, both in time and money....
    Enjoy the weekend.

  32. As a matter of survival...have you looked into having your glasses made in the US?

    Love your new bob! Much lighter and more modern!

  33. Leslie your hair looks wonderful!!! And it does make you look younger. Now book your next appointment in 8 weeks! You are worth every penny.

    You have been on my mind alot recently. I love your white dishes! Your pearls! Your classic style! And I really appreciate the heads-up on sea buckthorn. My mom and I have rosacea and it is really helping. I've passed the info on to several friends.

    Our french friends are all over this aging thing. I'm trying to take a leaf from their book and not apologize or grumble about the maintenance or the cost. I love their confidence, but we can add to it our North American friendliness and openness. Which really just means--smile and be happy!

  34. Hello everyone!
    Looks like the cut has passed muster.

    Suburban Princess- No...I shop local and always have done.

    dannie- I am smiling! You flatter me you have a blog?

  35. You look lovely with your shorter haircut HH!! You have good hair. Mine is so straight and fine. I only ever use my straightening iron to put waves and curls in my hair. Your new cut makes you look fresh and chic. Well done! Justine from Brisbane, Australia

  36. Dear Hostess, Yes, I am finding that age is turning me into a high-maintenance woman! Glasses are so expensive and it's difficult to know whether or not I am choosing the right style. Anti-wrinkle creams are a must, eyebrows seem to have disappeared and have to be dyed back in. My haircut, which cheers me up no end and makes me feel slightly funky, comes at a very high price! I used to be very low-maintenance, so this expenditure is a bit of a shock.
    Now you with your bouncy, wavy, brown hair, how lovely, and a fresh, bright look for a new year!

  37. Witty,chic bob great colour. Ida

  38. Your cut looks wonderful! What a difference a new style can make. Enjoy the new you and that first hair wash when your fingers discover the new style!