Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Snowman...

We have snow and ice, and the roads are treacherous.
Walking is safer than driving but it limits how far one can travel.

Our students had so much fun at recess making snowmen, snow angels and forts.
When I was a child I got so excited when the snow fell.
I have lost some of that enthusiasm...

It is lovely if you do not need to go out or drive anywhere and can stay warm and cozy by the fire, occasionally stirring the soup as it simmers on the stove.

This fellow greeted me today.
He is a handsome specimen if I do say so myself and I can take no credit other than snapping this image.

The temperatures are dipping again and more snow is on the way...
I may pull out my vintage fur coat as the down puffer coat is not quite as warm.

I wish that I had purchased some serious gloves or mitts as my fingers were frosted and chilled to the bone.
I wore my old boots today as I did not want to risk getting road salt stains on my new leather babies.

Have you met Tabitha at Bourbon and Pearls?
I am swooning over her boots
and whose boots is she wearing ?
you may well ask...

I'll give you a hint
the maker's name starts with the letter 
she's got the best taste....

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....


  1. Oooh Hostess wrap up nice and warm ! And it's so strange that we are completely boiling here - yesterday temperatures got up to 37 degrees (not sure in Farenheit... probably well over 90 I think)... Lovely snowman ! X

  2. Your snow friend is indeed a stylish fellow. I can only imagine how cold it must be there!

  3. What a dapper fellow!
    I braved the Malahat today and it was messy. If things aren't better tomorrow I'll just sit tight in Nanaimo until Thursday and then creep over the summit.
    A vintage fur coat sounds perfect for a day like today!

  4. Brr! I wonder if you'll be getting as much snow as is expected in Seattle. I bet you will, being so close.

    I am excited because we are finally getting some rain this week....we haven't had any in months! It's been very, very unusual.

    Have fun and stay cozy and warm.
    Hugs, A

  5. I'm swooning over Mr Snowman!
    My boots aren't new they are just rarely worn, they only come out when there's no chance of rain - so rarely.

  6. Brrr Hostess snow always looks lovely.....yesterday -8c today +10 weirrrrd.

    No boots on my feet today French sole pumps are getting an airing.

    Would love to see you in your vintage fur.

    Keep warm have fun in the snow. Ida

  7. Hard to believe we live on the same Island. We have only had a few 'dustings' of snow, although we are cool here in the Valley. The mountain could use some more snow.
    I always lived in the east of our country, and gore tex boots were the thing, as leather turned into a mess from the road salt. When it is cold, fashion has to take a back seat to warmth. Keep warm and safe. Peg

    1. We've had a snow emergency, streets full of plows and people in fur. I love full winter, and at -15 the sun is mostly a sure thing.

  8. That is one really terrific snowman - very handsome. And yes, still swooning of Tabitha's boots.

  9. I heard that you had gotten lots of snow. That is a seriously great snowman. Be extra careful walking.

  10. It's amazing the different weather we're having in this part of the country. Yesterday, it reached 60 degrees and we had a tornado touch down. Yes, that's what happens in an area it should be in the 30s in January. Hope the roads improve in your area soon. I do like the snow man!

  11. You know the olympic mittens are very warm!

  12. It is nice to read that someone else has snow too, heh!
    I like riding boots - but only for riding.
    If you remember, I had a pair of Chanel boots - impossible to move about, as they are not meant for walking, if they are styled the right way.
    Great show pieces, but as I won´t gather clutter, I sold my Chanel´s, and now I only have a pair of r e a l riding boots, boots I wear when riding.