Monday, January 16, 2012

What a difference a day makes...

My IPhone is with me on my walks and I am finding that it is so handy when it comes time to taking photos.
I rarely get a call while I'm out walking, I take it just in case I might need to make a call.
Hopefully there will never be a need to make an emergency call,
but if one was required I'd be prepared.

I never was a Girl Guide.
I was an Explorer, a Discoverer, and was in C.G.I.T.
(Canadian Girls in Training)

Mother always made me take some money in my pocket for the pay phone just in case...
and she impressed upon me to be aware and alert at all times.
(that and her clean underwear rule!)

I can still hear her voice with her reminders as she zipped up my coat
and then wrapped her arms around me in a warm hug.
I know she loved me so much
and still does...

(it's that maternal feeling of protection that never leaves us moms even after our children are grown and fly the nest)

But I digress...

this is not broken glass...

it's a sheet of ice

the air is crisp and cool
the sun is shining
there's a quickness in my step
I can see my breath as I exhale
too chilly to linger
I keep moving forward
generating heat
and keeping my hands in my pockets
my leather gloves are lovely but sadly they are not warm enough
I need to go mitt shopping!

that was yesterday....

                                             we awoke today to find a dusting of snow on the ground

sprinkled snow
looking like icing sugar

it's not too deep

everything looks so pretty in white...

the forecast is saying there's a lot more snow on the way!

I'll be looking out for snowmen and snow angels
stay tuned...
and keep those home fires burning
'cuz baby it's cold outside....


  1. I take my phone everywhere too- in preference to my wallet! WOW that is cold, you are brave walking in that sort of cold.

  2. Such lovely pictures. I wish I was there enjoying the snow. Ange

  3. We haven't had any snow, we never used to get much, if any until the last few years.
    The broken ice sheet is beautiful. After two years of having an iPhone, I finally hooked it up to a phone number last week!

  4. I am back in the dark ages just a basic mobile here!!

    Minus 8c here in the countryside so far no snow.

    Enjoyed the walk,snow + ice make splendid photos.

    Sheepskin gloves/mitts keep the paws warm. Ida

  5. I need to listen to you . . . I walk each day and my phone isn't walking with me . . . beginning today I will be walking in a foggy, snowy, mist. . . with my dog, phone and "warm mitts" . . .

  6. For sure I thought the ice was in fact broken glass. This is a scene I never see in my town Hostess. We are experiencing a wet summer but humidity is around requiring cool clothing. So so different to Canada!

  7. About -6°C over here right now, slowly snowing, more of it promised later in the evening. I´m not liking this at all!
    Once again, having spent a couple of hours at the stable, I´m done.
    I always have my phone with me, just in case.
    The ice sheet fooled me totally ; )!

  8. My parents, who live on Whidbey Island, are still suffering last weekend's storm. They are thinking about moving their Arizona trip early to get out of the cold.

  9. I've just been out with the dog - lots of snow up here. I need to work in Nanaimo for the next couple of days so it's time to head out to the drive with a shovel or I'll never get down to the road! Stay cosy!

  10. No snow here but it's FREEZING!

  11. My mother still reaches for my hand when we cross the street. And reaches her arm out when she stops a little short (from the days before seat belts).

    Love long walks. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  12. Dear Hostess,
    these are beautiful 'dusts of snow-pictures'! My cousin in Canada wrote me she has about minus 40° - but I think, from a certain degree on it makes not much difference. I wish you further beautiful walks!

  13. I love my pretty leather gloves and they are great for being in the city...but out here I need something more substantial. I found double layer fleece mittens...maybe in Wallies or Zellies...they keep my hands very warm! I also use those click & heat things in them sometimes!

  14. Are those photos taken with your iphone? They are beautiful! it LOOKS cold...I've forgotten that it gets so cold, a pair of leather gloves are not warm enough to keep the cold quickly one forgets living in CA for not quite three years.

  15. we had a beautiful day here in southern california. blue skies and cooler temps. lucky you to live where there is snow on the ground.

  16. Suburban princess-I regret not buying better gloves. As soon as I get the chance they will be my next purchase.

    Annie- Yes they are IPhone pictures.