Sunday, January 15, 2012

The weekend of an entertaining hostess...

It's been a busy weekend here in The Humble Bungalow....
I have been wearing my apron again and acting as a Hostess.


skinny jeans
V neck black jersey knit top
regulation black and white striped apron

I cannot cook without wearing an apron as I am a messy cook.
I have ruined many tops in the past before reconciling the fact that I need to have protection from splatters!

a rather blurry image of the table set for our dinner party

Mr. HB's bar set up 
Bowmore single malt scotch for the men
lemon drop martini's for the women

tray of nibbles
Welsh cheddar cheese
eggplant spread
rice crackers
smoked salmon candy
dried apricots

spinach salad
sunflower shoots
slivered almonds
dried cranberries
maple syrup balsamic vinaigrette
(Dressing recipe Whitewater Cooks)

Thai coconut chicken
before cooking
recipe from Whitewater Cooks

served with coconut rice
sauteed green beans 

chocolate cake
(recipe from Whitewater Cooks)

served with raspberry coulis 
fresh raspberries
vanilla soy dream ice cream

Our guests were consulted regarding food preferences and allergies
the meal was lactose and gluten free.

Our friends came bearing gifts!

yellow tulips
single malt scotch for Mr. HB 
Prosecco for dinner
and this lovely

chartreuse green baker 
to heat up the black olives

if you have never warmed olives 
run don't walk 
pop some in the oven
you are in for a delicious surprise!

Hope that your weekend has offered up some memorable moments.
The weekend is not quite done...
 The Golden Globes are on TV 
as well as Downton Abbey
 so we'll be glued to the tube tonight.

There's a dusting of snow on the ground
 I plan to get outside and enjoy some frosty loveliness
before donning my apron to make a roast beef Sunday Supper...
but first I must get out of my robe and get showered and greet the day.

I spent most of the morning lazing about in bed reading the latest Town and Country
sipping tea!
(and putting together this post!)


  1. It all looks delish!! I am going to try warmed olives! Thanks for the tip. Peg

  2. Wow. I want to come to one of your dinner parties. How nice. Makes me want to give one myself! Nice table setting too:).

  3. Well, someone has had a great weekend and has the perfect evening planned! Love your boots, your home looks beautiful and the menu is perfection! Best wishes for a wonderful week Leslie!

    Jeanne xx

  4. Everything looks so good. I'm going to order the Whitewater cookbook!

  5. What a delicious supper! Tonight's supper is Shepherd's Pie, perfect for the cold and blustery day outside.

    Downton Abbey is on the agenda tonight as well!

  6. Yum, looks lovely! Is it a staub cocotte? I looove Staub, and have been collecting pieces over the last couple of years. Everyone else seems to like le crueset, but I like Staub more.

  7. I am with mummaducka - I am a Staub lover. Your piece is ceramic?

    An apron must be on me at all times while cooking. It bugs me to even see someone cook without one - Rachel Ray, Giada, Ina. How can they not wear aprons? They must ruin lots of clothing.

    Looks like a lovely weekend. I'll be watching DA, too. Can't wait! xoxo

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog!
    I am the messiest cook alive and can't cook without a heavy duty plastic coated apron. My daughter gave me a lovely red and white striped one for Christmas.
    The olive warmer is cute. I must try....


  9. I also have, finally, seen the light Hostess and wear an apron while cooking. Add me to the messy cook brigade!
    Dinner looks absolutely delicious

  10. Yum! I wish I was there to enjoy that delicious food. An apron is a must in the kitchen in this house also. I love olives so will have to give your suggestion of warming them a go. Ange

  11. Mmmm yum delicious food. Lucky guests. And I love an apron. x

  12. Believe it or not, but I have an apron! I, who spends as little time in the kitchen as possible ; ). And messy foods are not even on my menu.
    You really have the skill of pampering your guests in every possible way : ).

  13. I think your new haircut has given you more energy!

  14. What a wonderful meal. I'm going to mark this post because we have close friends who are lactose intolerant and this would be a perfect menu. What lucky guests!

  15. Beautiful menu and I applaud your resourcefulness. I too have lactose-intolerant/gluten free friends- and vegetarian to boot. We mostly meet in restaurants. They realize that their diet is challenging for 'eat anyting' cooks.

  16. This was quite an elegant dinner – your guests must have enjoyed the food and the company for sure.

  17. You have inspired me to have a dinner party. Yours looked so elegant and very delicious!

  18. Warm olives - something I'll try soon. I'll be bookmarking this post as I have a dear colleague who is gluten intolerant and is often left out when treats are brought into the office.

  19. Your party looks wonderful! Note to self...get invited to the bungalow!

    I dont like olives but husband does so I think I will try making them warm for him! I will need to drive to the city and visit the middle eastern bakery/deli to get him the good ones!