Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out and About...OOTD

Today the sun shone and I felt a lightness in my step.
The ground was still wet and muddy from all the precipitation but that seemed like a minor inconvenience when there was such a clear blue sky overhead. The weather was perfect for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Walking feels very like a form of meditation
my thoughts flow and I let them percolate at their own rate
they bubble up and ebb
I see things in nature that give me cause to pause
details that are visible only because I am not rushing
I am open to what might cross my path
and I pay particular attention to what I see
looking clearly at what is before me
what is now
what is here
in this very moment in time
which will be changed a few minutes from now

it might be something as subtle as they way the light falls
or the breeze as it has rearranged the clouds
or leaves as they swirl about

walking gives me perspective
often gives me inspiration
it brings me solutions to problems
and answers to questions

I read an article recently that said 30 minutes of walking a day was a prescription for wellness...
I'd have to agree.

I looked up and studied the trees
their form
the branches
glorious in their beauty.

  a few blocks from The Humble Bungalow
Garry Oaks in a meadow

towering overhead

rocky outcroppings
carpeted with moss

Charcoal tights ~ Secret
tan tunic top ~ Alfred Sung
boots ~ Hush Puppies
down puffer coat ~ Land's End
grey cashmere scarf ~ Club Monaco

Hostess hiding/lurking in the shadows...

I met my "besties" for coffee at the local coffee shop
we celebrated because BFF has had a birthday!
Happy Happy BFF!

girly time
grand baby pictures
book talk
kid talk
sibling talk
mom talk
talk talk talk

there is not often a lull....
did I mention that I am getting my hair cut?

My girlfriends all look so amazing and young
and I am feeling rather old and somewhat tatty
I think it is because of my current hairstyle 
too long and lanky
no bounce
it needs a major tweak...

I would love to try something chic and French...
any thoughts?

What will I do...
any thoughts before I get snipped?

Here's a snippet of snaps...
I have a few ideas and fear not I am the boss of my own hair!
Just thought I 'd get some feedback by posing the question.


  1. Must ask what OOTD is - I see it on blogs, but haven't figured out the acronym yet. Will comment later.

  2. What a beautiful tunic. I am resolved to take a walk tomorrow...you write about it so beautifully.

  3. Yes, what is OOTD, other odd things to do?, heh!
    About your hair.
    I think that for starters, you would need to know what you, yourself want.
    I liked it better before the coloring, shorter, curlier.
    But the most important thing is to have Your hair done Your way.
    I don´t think, that I could walk to a salon without a clue. Nor could/would I follow an advice given by anyone else. My hair, I rule.

  4. Kathy Peck- outfit of the day.

    Terri- I feel passionate about walking....would love to walk with you.

    metscan- OOTD It's the outfit of the day...
    It is interesting that you like my hair shorter, curlier, before color
    I will think on this....

  5. Regarding getting your hair cut: Mr A. asks why? Says he should have complemented you more on your long hair! You've got great hair any way you wear it, though I did think it was sassy and fun in a short style!

  6. Good luck with the new do- is so hot here it is strange to see coats!! xx

  7. I enjoyed your thoughts on walking . . . my walk each day is my "my time.". I find myself introspective and reflecting on all sorts of things at the same time cognizant of weather, people, homes, structure, birds, animals, little creatures flitting here and there. Walking each day really gives me such a "perk" for my day. Granted, sometimes I am walking my dog and she enjoys me talking to her about some of the things I see. Smiling . . .

    I liked metscan's thoughts on hair . . . It has to be Your hair, for You. I am in the hair change mode too . . .

    I have been following you for a few weeks and like your style and "look.". I am a white blouse fan and would love to know the brand you choose. Nice crisp
    white blouse, pants, scarf, I think speaks "my style." Your pearls too!

    I enjoy you "humble hostess . . ."

  8. Thanks for taking me along on your walk. Do you notice when you walk that you are so much more in tune with the feeling of the air on your skin?
    Hair cuts - as they say, "It will always grow back". I am a very short hair cut type of gal, swimming three times a week with short hair is a good way to keep my hair healthy.
    Look forward to seeing you after the snip and hope you are pleased!

  9. Can you post a photo of how your hair was when it was shorter, curlier, and pre-color, and a photo of it now. (Not cropped, like you blog photo) - otherwise I wouldn't know what to advise you.
    But, I agree with Mette - that you should "own" your hair. I also, never let any hairdresser talk me into anything.

  10. Like the tan top my kind of colour.
    Am with Metscan on the hair advice..trying to think if I have seen you with short hair?

    Would like some help/advice with finding a good hairdresser (sat having a coffee watching women coming out of a local shop MMMMMM not too impressed) that is the trouble with moving house!!

    Think I will go for a walk and mull it over.

    Can't beat a chat with girl friends.Thank you for the photos'. Please let us know what you decide about the haircut. Ida

  11. You've beautifully expressed how I feel, see, think and...know... on my daily walks. My time, my meditations, without "trying". A side benefit is that one's metabolism is regulated without dieting!

    Hair is hard after a certain age. Mine is silvering, short, as many French women wear their hair, straight in winter and slightly wavy in summer. I guess it's okay, kind of classic to suit my style, kind of gamine to suit my face. I can smooth it back for a more formal look. Hair is hard.

  12. There's nothing better than time with girlfriends...and nothing like a walk, especially in the winter to collect our thoughts while getting some exercise. I need a haircut too...I agree with Swissy...hair is hard.

  13. Lynne- My current white shirt is a polished cotton from Talbots. I had a beautiful Ralph Lauren shirt that was past it's best before date! I wore it out! I am always on the lookout for crisp white shirts. I have bought some in the men's departments too! I am happy that you enjoy visiting my blog :)

  14. I also let me hair grow longer like you did and about a month ago I cut it short again and I'm so happy I did. You look great with both longer and short hair, but sometimes change is good and perhaps a new cut will be just the thing!

  15. Love your thoughts about walking. It always makes me happy.
    Ugh, the topic of hair! The maintenance makes me crazy. Well, I think you look great both ways. Recently I went longer because it seems to be more youthful on me, though there are days I would love to cut it short and make my life easier! Have a wonderful day!

  16. Get the cut, then show us! I find it always gives me a lift. I concentrate my walking into an hour every other day, that fits my time better, but the main thing is to do it!

  17. I love your walking outfit!! I may have to put those hush puppy boots on my list, as well as the gray tights. I love gray tights...

    A walk always clears my head. As humans, we're meant to move. I don't get into speed walking; I just like being outside for an hour, observing nature or people, and letting my thoughts run around in my head and organize themselves.

    My husband proposed to me on a walk; much better than dinner. :-)

    As for your hair, the first chic thing to do is to work with your natural texture. If it's curly, get a cut that works with curly hair! Mine is dead straight, and each time I get a cut thinking it will be the one to allow me to give it some curl and bounce I am disappointed. The next is to work with your face shape. Google this topic and you'll find styles that work with your shape.

    Looking forward to seeing the new "do"!

  18. My little 9 year old boy was just asking me why I was looking at boats and I explained that you own that boat(on the side) and are on the other side of the world, His eyes widened. I said you were asking for advice about a new haircut and he has given his hair opinion. He said yes just a couple of inches up and try to dry it straight!!! I think I have to agree with a short bob, you could have it straight or curly!

  19. Lovely photographs and you are so right about the 30 mins a day walk equally wellness. Nice to do some thinking too. Let us know what you do with the hair. Know exactly what you mean about hair lacking bounce. I grew mine and then it just did nothing - just hung there. Now have a shorter bob. (longer sides and shorter at the back) XX

  20. Hi, thank you for the award! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to it. I had a holiday job at Bloomingdale's in NYC and it ended on Jan. 2 and I'm just now starting to get my act together. I have looked through many of your posts here and I am DYING over that Rochas watch. How did you find that beauty? Also I love the Hermes scarf you showed. I am a fairly new Hermes convert and love their silk scarves and fragrances. Happy 2012 to you and I'm adding you to my blog roll! XO, Jill

  21. Thanks for posting the photos. I like your hair the way it is now. The third photo with the natural wave is my favorite. I think it's more youthful on you then the short hair, but that's my opinion? Like Sunday, I've let mine grow longer too. Your hair has a lot of bounce!

  22. I've noticed a few photos lately in which you have much more natural wave/curl in your hair than I'd noticed before. I like that look, slightly tousled. . .

  23. With your natural curl, a bob on you would look different from any other bob. It might be fun - a little longer at the front than the back.