Monday, January 9, 2012

Mall therapy...

After spending a few days in bed staring at the same four walls and reading books I decided an outing was in order.
Gosh it feels good to be back in action!

I went to the mall and checked out the post Christmas sales. It was really busy so I am guessing that there were a lot of other shoppers who had the same idea.

I tried on dozens of jeans until I found just the right fit.
I got some cheap skinny denim jeans to wear with boots.
I really like a bargain and I am not a brand snob
these are by Jules and James.

a.k.a. "the fashion police"
 is on the job!
Paws down she gave them her approval.

I love a crisp white shirt with jeans
and I'll roll up the cuffs when I wear ballet flats.

Pearls and sterling bangles and I am good to go...

Hermes scarf casual with a simple loop
or tied tight at the neck
the tips asymmetrically hanging loose.

I found some new boots to wear with the skinny jeans!
Hush Puppies

who knew the Hush Puppies Company was still around?
Not me
I was really surprised.
They are super comfy and they are not too tall for my short legs
and they are supple leather...
can you say "giddy up?"

I found this timepiece at a consignment shop
it's sparkly crystals and blue leather strap
won me over
 I am happily checking out the time
and often!

Downton Abbey is back!
I will be recording the new season
watching and re-watching.

Julian Fellowes is such a clever writer
and the cast is far and away one of the best
the sets and the costumes are enchanting

I have read his books
"Snobs" and "Past Imperfect"
I highly recommend them if you are looking for a good read 
they are about the upper crust British Society
filled with tidbits and insights into how the upper class lives...

Please let me know what you think.

Hope that your week is off to a great start.


  1. Soon as I saw your post knew you were back to your sweet self.

    Have read JF 'Snobs' a good laugh I thought.JW calls 'Downton Abby' a period soap opera.Having never watched it cannot comment.

    I see he has 'Titanic' coming to the TV in the Spring. Ida

  2. Yes, a little mall therapy is sometimes the best cure! Seeing your outfit with the jeans and white shirt has made it easy for me to know what to wear today - and I will put on the pearls too!
    Just found Downton Abbey and we record it too. Wonderful fashions and we love the old cars!
    Glad you are feeling better. Peg - Up Island

  3. Wow, what a quick recovery, no chocolates needed; ).
    As you probably know, there is always a psychological factor in every illness. Maybe the loss of your friend made you feel worse. Then you wrote about your feelings, which helped.
    Focusing on something you like, e.g. shopping, made you feel better : ).

  4. Where did you get your boots? I have the hardest time...they are always too tall on me or or I cant fit my fat calved in them!

  5. Love your boots...I just saw Hush Puppies at Nordstrom, but no boots. I need to check out Downtown Abbey...this is the second blog that mentioned it...

  6. I am happy to read that you are feeling better!
    Love your outfit ideas for your new jeans, especially that Hermes scarf!
    And that watch: I love it, what a good find.

    I've purchased season one of Downton Abbey and I can't wait to watch it all, I haven't had the chance to see any of it yet.

  7. I've read Snobs by Julian Fellowes, and I adored his appearances on Monarch of the Glen. He is a talented and humble man. And I love your choices with your new jeans. Thank goodness Pepper approves.

  8. Suburban Princess- I purchased the boots at Soft Moc, I just looked on the receipt and they have a website
    I hope that helps. Happy Shopping!

  9. That watch is a stunner, a nice accent for your classic style. I haven't read "Past Imperfect" yet, thanks for the reminder and am adding to my Kindle list. "Snobs" was divine. What did you think of DA? Do you think Matthew will marry the airhead before Mary can re-woo him??

  10. Very pretty outfit. The scarf and pearls make it outstanding.

  11. Watched Season 1 - all 7 episodes over the weekend, so I could be ready for last night's premiere episode. Happily addicted. Love the watch, is it vintage?

  12. I love your finds, great jeans that fit! The boots and the accessories you are putting together, perfect!

    I loved Downton Abbey last night and am adding Past Imperfect to my ever growing reading list!


    Art by Karena

  13. I love Downton Abbey (last night's episode was FAB!!) and I must read Julian Fellowes' books!

  14. I saw the name of your blog on Pondside and came over. I loved your watch, it is quite elegant. I watched Downton Abbey last night for the first time. I liked it but it was a bit hard to understand their English – I forgot British English and also hard to follow all the characters, but I’ll keep watching. I have placed Past Imperfect on my list of books for future reading.

  15. Dear Hostess,
    as you I like Julian Fellows, and I bought Downton Abbey (2 series) and am fascinated by the lovingly done episodes. It is just a question of time (I see the complete old P.D. James series with Dalgliesh also now, and the new film with Martin Shaw is waiting..)
    Hush Puppies are sold in Germany too.
    We have a strange warm winter this year - no need for big boots - one can wear ankle boots all the time.

  16. deja pseu- Mary will woo him, I feel that she must!

  17. Hush Puppies are popular down here Hostess although we do lack many of the nice brands you often post about. I really love the way you combine outfit essentials..classy.

  18. There is nothing like a little retail therapy to liven one’s spirits and muster up enough strength to get out of bed! Glad you are feeling better, Hostess! Really nice purchases and with Pepper approval no less! Your watch was a nice find – it is a total statement piece. I would be not only be checking the time often, but offering to. “Does anyone need the time? Let me check my Rochas for you.” :-)

  19. Great boots!
    I'm PVR'ing Downton Abby so that I can do as you're doing - watch it more than once!
    I'm glad to read that you're feeling let's work on the sun!

  20. Happy New Year! Please excuse my absence....rocky road around the
    Holidays with Mother's health issues,, but all well for the moment.
    So glad you are feeling better and you will get lots of use from your
    therapy the outfit you have put together.
    My goal for January is to watch Season One of Downton!

  21. As I'm ready for Series 3 of DA after an interesting Christmas special in the UK I will keep quiet and smile secretly until you catch up.
    Loving the mall purchases and will look for the Hush Puppies as I have a problem with long boots having wide calves. I blame my maternal grandmother!!

  22. Kathy Peck- I don't think it's old enough to be truly a vintage watch. I don't know much about the brand, I just liked the look of it.

  23. Great buys, you are back with your customary spirit!

  24. Perhaps all that detoxing did something to your chemical balance and threw you into your bed..Just a thought..Hope you feel better!♥

  25. Those boots are perfect, and they look comfortable. As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes a little mall therapy is just the thing we need to perk us up. Your Pepper is quite photogenic, much like my cat Igby, who seems to be present in about half of my pictures. The weekend is fast approaching-- may yours be a good one.