Monday, January 30, 2012

"Lessons from Madame Chic" a giveaway!

You don't need to speak French to enjoy Jennifer Scott's new book "Lessons from Madame Chic"
I am immersed in all things French...
so learning more about French Style Chic is exciting.

Jennifer lived in Paris with an aristocratic family in the 16th arrondissement for six months. Her keen observations and attention to details are shared as she highlights the top 20 things she learned from her experience.

Jennifer Scott is a very savvy young woman who has produced many You Tube Tutorials and she is the author of the blog The Daily Connoisseur. She very graciously sent me an autographed copy of Madame Chic in the post all the way from California.
In fact, she sent me TWO copies so that I could host a giveaway!

If you have never visited her blog you are going to be delighted when you pop over and meet her.
Jennifer if you are reading this I sent a note in the post and you should get it any day now.
Merci beaucoup!

I am halfway through the book and I don't want it to end.
Mr. HB snapped the photo and I must say I look quite serious
perhaps studious...

 Sitting by the fire reading and keeping cozy
Pepper is asleep on the other chair and Mr. HB is reading a novel.

The house is scented with the aroma of Beef Daube as it cooks in the oven.

I used this French wine in the recipe.

 Herbes de Provence 
c'est marvielleux!

une baguette s'il vous plait

(a must to soak up all the tasty juices)

French Chic soap...
I am saying farewell to that hideous bar that makes me cringe every time I use it.

Jennifer has a chapter in her book that is titled 
"Only use the best things you have"
this made me realize how much negative energy went into that cracked bar of soap
BTW it was French too!

Black and white 
are my kind of colours
this zebra tunic top is going to be top dressing for my black leggings and boots.

If you would like to be entered for the giveaway you must be a follower of my blog
You don't need to advertise my giveaway or tweet about it
I want to keep it simple.

I'd like you to tell me what makes you feel Chic.
Please enter before February 6th, 2012
Mr. HB and I will choose whose description will win the book.
Have fun...

Bon Chance!

Bon appetit!


  1. My husband likes only bar soap, and I can't stand it. I'm on a mission to find a liquid soap that he likes. Bar soap is always gooey, and no matter what soap dish I try, it never dries back out.
    I do follow Jennifer's blog, and have learned a lot from her, but don't enter me in the giveaway please.

  2. Oh I can't stand bar soap unless it's in one of those sisal bags in the a dish, blaaach! I am always horrified when at someone's house I find the only way to wash my hands is with a bar soap. One that they use to wash their hands...and goodness knows what else!

    Liquid soaps have saved my sanity!

  3. That's a great photo of you reading the book, I can just feel the bungalow atmosphere, it's a cosy place to be.
    Bar soap makes me sick too!

  4. Oh no need to enter me, I am tripping over books in this house.

  5. Dear Hostess,

    I enjoyed her book very much and wrote to tell her so. I read it on Kindle which was a very pleasant experience.


  6. I am so excited to visit this blog!!! What makes me feel chic.... hmmmm..... I think I feel most chic when my hair is just cut and colored....
    I can smell your Beef Bourguignon all the way in Rhode Island!!!

  7. What makes me feel chic?? When I pay attention to grooming and feel like i look my best. It doesn't always happen, but when it does!
    I also love your glasses. You inspire me.

  8. Yum...I can smell your delicious beef daube right now! Sadly my husband no longer eats beef, or I would be making it today. The book sounds great and I will check out her blog. For me I feel chic when I stay on top of my exercising routine, which I have really let go recently. I am now trying to get back on track with some regular exercise. That and eating healthy, but of course real and delicious food, as the French do. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hello Hostess, I do not have a "blog", but I do follow yours with keen interest and I am on your email list. There are only a select few blogs that I do follow as I find my time to be taken and all aspects that need my attention. "The daily Connoisseur" and yours I feel are my sweet and gentle reminders of what truly being "chic" is learn that having a state of mind of what embodies the french lifestyle has helped me ie. clothes,reading material,manners, self-care and there is so much more. I'm very grateful for this site and others....thank-you.

  10. I feel most chic when I pay attention to the clothes I put on, the makeup I wear, and how I carry myself. Standing up straight makes me feel chic and in a way, more visible.

    I recently discovered "The Daily Connoisseur" - perhaps through your blog, and enjoy her take on life very much.

    I found it interesting that you wear your boots in the house, even to read.

  11. Thank you Hostess for hosting this giveaway of my book :) I am glad you are enjoying it so far! Bisous Jennifer x

  12. The book and the Beef Daube' look absolutely divine. I need very little to feel chic...a great pair of heels and my pearls. I will be hopping over to check out Jennifer's blog. Bonnie

  13. Yummy; I think I'll invite myself to your home tonight for beef daube. I hope Pepper will play with me.

    Over the last few years, I've made a real effort to only use my best things and rid my life of things that don't feel special. Tea is in my pretty porcelain from Russia, I use olive wood spoons and my one All Clad pot for cooking, and I have pretty Pre de Provence soaps in my bathrooms. Using the best is synonymous with saying "no" to a thousand little things and saying "yes" to that one special items you will use over and over again. It's more economical, too.

  14. I loved Jennifer's book, no need to enter me in the giveaway but wanted to comment. I'm not a fan of bar soap, liquid soap only!

  15. My height and posture make me feel chic. I used to be taller, but at 71, I stand taller. I had a dear mother and a teacher who insisted I stand 'tall', and it makes me feel chic. Don't get me started on people slumping over carts in the shops!
    I also have a head of beautiful white hair - that is chic in my books!
    Love the photo of you with the book, and I would love a copy. Thanks.
    Peg - UI

  16. What makes me feel chic is a crisp white blouse and a Chanel type jacket. I know I will never own a real Chanel jacket, but I try to carry myself as if it is.
    I really like that black and white stripe top. Very chic.

  17. What makes me feel chic:

    Spending time on my multi-step skin regimen so I spend little to no time on makeup.

    Getting my hair cut and treated by a good stylist in a flattering shape that works with my natural texture so I spend little time styling it at home.

    Eating good food that comes from the earth so I don’t waste time counting calories.

    Taking my sartorial cues from timeless outfits worn by real women instead of the ever-changing and consistently ridiculous clothes pushed by fashion magazines.

    Good posture while walking and sitting, proper table manners, and espresso in tiny cups.

    Reading Alexandre Dumas instead of watching the Kardashians.

    Watching Downton Abbey instead of reading Us Weekly.

    Engaging in passionate debate about articles I read in The Economist, and then making up to him with chocolate mousse I make from scratch.

    Wearing a lacy black bra and matching panties every chance I get.

    Wearing perfume in places others don’t.

  18. Sounds interesting!
    I feel tres chic when I wear beautiful black leather pumps. I don't think there's anything smarter (and this from a woman with a serious shoe addiction!)

  19. I would love to win a copy of Jenn's book. To answer your question about what makes me feel chic, I would have to say it is when I'm confident in who I am and the way I look. I think there is nothing quite as chic as being comfortable with one's self and appearance. That is, after all, what makes French women so fashionable. It's not their superb clothing style, but the confidence with which they wear their scarves a million different ways. I feel chic by not wishing that I had the latest bag/accessory/shoes as others may have, but by being quite comfortably dressed in a classic style with a feminine flair (i.e. my spring coat/trench coat has a ruffled collar and pearlized buttons). My favorite style is my little black pants, flats with embellishments, and a sailor top with my diamond stud earrings. I feel quite chic in that type of outfit because it's me; it looks good and I'm not trying to impress anyone with it.

  20. I have noticed, that the French word " chic " is very popular over the blogoshere. As a Finn, I find it quite interesting. In my part of the world, it is seldom used. I have never heard it used in everyday chatting.
    You are so kind with your giveaway, I hope it will find it´s happy owner.
    Please, don´t include me, when you are picking the winner. I´d rather someone else get it : ).

  21. What fun -- a giveaway! Having already been lucky enough to win a gorgeous silk scarf from you, I won't be greedy enough to throw my name in the hat, but will wish all my fellow commenters luck. Enjoy your book. . . a lovely armchair visit to Paris.

  22. What makes me feel Chic is putting lipstick on. Even if my hair's not working out and I'm alone at home, I feel more chic with just a swipe of lipstick. I've heard people say you talk different on the phone when you wear it and I believe it!

  23. Found your blog through your comments on "French Country Home". I'm guilty of leaving too many comments there too! I read a few of your posts and really enjoyed them, so am now a follower and have subscribed to get your posts through email (I find it's the only way to stay on top of the blogs I love to follow).

    What makes me feel chic?......when I wrap a pashmina around myself and head out. Inevitably someone will comment on how lovely it looks.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. hi

    first time visiting. for me what makes me fee chic is correcting my posture & feeling confident.

    thank you

  25. I've been reading Jenn's blog for about a year, and I like how the two of you have such a positive attitude about life, without resorting to commenting about the flaws of others. That, to me, is a key aspect of chic behavior. It's not merely what I wear, or how I comport myself ( years of Pilates and being "vertically challenged" keep my posture in line), or my eating well, using my silver very day. To me, chic comes when I remember that everyone, even that loud person inline or the sweats-wearing schlub, is doing what they can to get through the day, and I have no right to judge them. Judge myself, yes, and keep trying to be more compassionate, less quick with a retort when my teens snap irritably, and more willing to focus on what's really important: be the best person I can be, and not sweat the small stuff. For most of life is the small stuff.

  26. My self-assurance makes me feel chic. I know that I can get through any social situation regardless of how awkward or do any hard work. I am adaptable and chic!

  27. My weekly manicure.

    Good posture.

    One-of-a-kind accessories, antique jewelry,vintage scarves, worn daily.

    Good books, films and music only.

    A fine meal, beautifully set.

    Leslie, thanks for giveaway, but I already have the book, so let someone else have a go!

  28. I feel chic when reading your blog!! You have given me lots of ideas and I love how you take time to always look nice and "put together". Thanks for for writing your blog!

  29. Leaving the house looking my best always makes me feel chic. "Looking my best" can be as simple as wearing a nice pair of pants and a pretty sweater, or my current favorite combo - a black wool pencil skirt and simple white blouse. I add some minimal jewelry - small gold earrings and my watch - flat black shoes, and I feel truly ready to take on the world! I find that I stand taller and am so much more confident when I have put some effort into my appearance. I have started doing this every day and find that, no matter what challenges the day may bring, I feel absolutely prepared to take them on. I have had the wonderful experience of running into old friends, employers, college professors, and various people from my past, and it is just fantastic to know that I look good! For me, this is an aspect of self-respect, but it is also respect for others - the world is amazing and full of surprises, and, to paraphrase Coco Chanel, I want to look pretty in case I meet my destiny!

  30. Chic as serendipity and cozy are my favourite words, funny because my mother tongue it's spanish... nut just trough serendipity I find your blog as a follower to everything that speaks grow up glamour, sense and sensibility, from this colder part of the world ( we are under a siberian cold wave now in Barcelona I can tell you that I feel chic when I dress in black&white, wear my Chanel lipstick read my favourite french and english magazines and look to the blogs of wonderful women "of certain age" aroun the world that inspires me to be grateful for everything thah I have ah and wearing my signature perfume ( Chanel 5, what 'else!!!!) from down to...down