Wednesday, January 11, 2012

White speaks to me...

There is something so lovely about white.
I feel an elegance, charm and purity when I am surrounded by this shade and cannot seem to ever get enough of it in my life.
From those ethereal all white bouquets that I compose
to the shabby chic artifacts that keep popping up and into my bungalow
to that classic white shirt
the milky goodness of tapioca
an orchid
or pearls that make a heart sing a song of joy.

White is an instant mood lifter
a beacon of hope
she's a bride
she's a muse
the perfect antidote for the dark days of winter.

Picture white roses, or tulips, or star gazer lilies
draped in swatches
shades of white...

it could be the dishes

of the vintage persuasion

or a combination of both
as they happily marry together
and join us in service

"The White Issue"

My hairstyle research is complete
thank you for your feedback 
I really appreciate your comments...
the appointment is booked
and I'll show you the results.

While you are waiting 
go over and visit Rebekah at Cupcake Caramel
she looks amazing in her new chic cut.
It totally suits her and I think it looks like the penultimate French Chic Style.


  1. Oh how I love white china particularly and that collection looks gorgeous Hostess. Very much looking forward to seeing your hair transformation too. x

  2. The white china is lovely.
    Good luck with the hair cut! Whatever you do, remember that if you love it, you can keep, and if you don't - well, hair grows quickly!

  3. Oh yes, yes, yes I looove white, though I have started infusing some colour with some Staub pieces in the kitchen. I always say let the people's personalities be the colour in the room. White is just so easy to keep clean too, with a bit of bleach or oxywash

  4. Love your white . . . and white tulips are my favorite . . . especially in January . . .
    Lovely message . . . can't wait to see the new you . . .

  5. What a beautiful array of dishes, I love white too, if I lived in a country with more light I think I would have an all white interior.

  6. I agree with you...especially about white dishes ~ I love them. I can't use many white flowers in my garden because the sun is so intense here it wipes them out. If I could though, I would have a white garden ala Sissinghurst.

  7. I love your dishes, very beautiful. I used to do interior and architectural design, and at that time, all white was very "in". Shabby chic, etc. My own home was that way too. I sort of overdosed on it, and although I don't wear color, I do like a fair amount of color in my home.

  8. Me too! I love white dishes. I am always picking up little bowls, plates, etc. at the thrifts. I do have a set of Gordon Ramsey's dishes in white - nice thing about them is that they don't 'curse and swear' when you cut your food on them!
    I know it gets tiring to hear, but white goes with every other coloured dish in the cupboard.
    Have a great day, HB. Looking forward to the new 'clip'.

  9. White is so welcome at this time of year. At the risk of being thrown off the island, I would love to see some snow. I think it really brightens up the landscape.

    Getting a new hair cut is always a mood lifter. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with.

  10. Do you mind divulging what kind of white dishes you have? I am currently researching buying a good set of white china and am trying to find out all my options. I'm leaning towards Wedgwood White bone china as a finer set. I am building a nice collection of french porcelain white china that I pick up from William Sonoma when it goes on sale. I currently have a set of Apilco white dinnerware and several serving bowls and platters. I love white china, white linens, towels.... everything. So I can relate to your love of white, too. Mary

  11. Have always admired your white crockery/vases they look striking
    against the dark panelling.

    I have a pot of white Hyacinths the scent is gorgeous.Ida

  12. Dear Hostess,
    I love the calmness that very often the Scandinavian designers create by using a lot of white in their interiors, then a little bit of beige and natures wood colours. Peaceful. I myself need large areas with nothing - and then a few colourful knick-knacks.

  13. Mary- There are a variety of makers from Meissen to Johnston to Maxwell Williams everyday ware. Some of the antique pieces are unmarked. I have seen a lovely set of Sophie Conran ribbed dishes that are quite pretty at the local shop. Hope that this helps you in your research!

  14. Thanks Hostess. It definitely helps. Buying white china seems simple, but it's not! Mary

  15. Yes, I too love white, especially flowers, china and blouses. I've got plenty of the latter, but even so am just about to succumb to the prettiest scalloped white blouse from the new spring Boden catalogue!

  16. Merci, dear Hostess, for the hair compliments.

    I only have white dishes, except for some bowls I picked up in Kenya. White is a happy color for me, and I'm in the middle of painting my little office white and bringing in white things. Far from boring, white is clean and bright and cheery.