Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wearing black...channelling light

It's Springtime here in BC...

I am importing some brightness 
by choosing these recently purchased sterling earrings 
my thoughts are light...
I love the way I feel when wearing these dangles
they make me feel feminine
 I have no idea why
 they just do.

The garden is getting a major weeding... sweet peas are planted.

In the back garden of the Humble Bungalow 
planting veggies in the raised beds
is scheduled for last week of May

Red rhodo
in the front garden

Look at the ragged lawn edges 
OK look away now!

They wait to be trimmed with my newly sharpened edgers
Clever Mr. HB installed a vice grip on his workbench and worked a miracle!
using a file
he honed the steel to a fine and sharp edge
they have been tested and work like a dream!

There will be some changes in the front of The Humble Bungalow Garden
I am researching plants and roses...
there may even be some large pots invited to join in the patch.
I am visiting many garden blogs and magazines 
and an imagination 
as well as a superior
artsy visionary
Mr. HB!

For lunch this week at a local bistro I wore:
long knit sweater jacket
black tank top

black knit pants
OPI toes
Houston We Have a Purple
and yes 
there will be shoes...
ballet flats
bangles of sterling
a scarf

and a smile!

I saw this video on You Tube and thought I'd share it.

Hope that your weekend offers up some great joys.


  1. Your earring " set " is nice. Gardening, shopping, housekeeping, preparing food, entertaining, reading, working.. I really feel envious having written this list down. How do you manage with all everything : )?

  2. Love laughing babies...contagious!! I know that feeling when wearing drop earrings...exotic comes to mind for me :) You sound like a very organised woman Leslie with a super efficient hubby!!

    Well done!!

    Jeanne xxx

  3. I find that dangling earrings have a real impact on my sense of self too. I have to save them for special events:).

  4. metscan- I dabble a bit here there and everywhere...I am like a bird flitting from one thing to another! I do not do it all at once and I must have at least 8 hours sleep each night!

    Jeanne- I was hoping that someone else might enjoy this sweet snippet!
    I suppose I am organized...I have also learned to schedule in rest and play and for me that is important!

    LPC- It's funny...I wore pearl studs most of my life until my 10th wedding anniversary when my husband gave me the diamond studs, which I wear everyday.

    I have really been a "sturdy" and sensible foray into dangling drops is a wee bit of a stretch and I am really enjoying the frivolity!

  5. Love the darling laughing baby,think we adults do not laugh enough!!

    Love your ear rings so 'you' & your diamonds. Ida

  6. Love your earrings and this is random, but I love your bathroom floor! xo :)

  7. Dangling earrings alter the ego in an instant. I am still on my quest for the perfect pair: not too heavy, not too long.

  8. I just love a nice garden, even though I kill everything I plant. Come to Austin and make a boxed garden for me! Yours looks so nice. I do miss the blooming rhodies from the Pacific Northwest. And the lilacs - do you have lilacs yet?

  9. ida- I love to hear children laughing they are so spontaneous and as we age I think we lose some of that.

    The Daily Connoisseur- Thank you! I enjoy the floor as does make a great backdrop for photos!

    Paula- Good luck on your search for the perfect pair...

    Rebekah- Austin must be such a different growing zone.
    It would take some time to know what to plant, but it would be fun!

    The lilacs are lovely right now!

  10. I broke out the silver jewelry yesterday too! I wear it all summer and then back to gold for the winter!

  11. I totally agree with the little dangle earrings. I have a pair very similar and wear them all the time.
    I am sure my raggy edged garden is worse than yours! We have had much rain, everything is a stunning green, particularly the weeds. Lovely post.

  12. Suburban Princess- I have gold and silver and would like to mix them together....what do you think?

    Corrine- Welcome to the Humble you live in BC ?
    The grass and weeds are the happy ones here too!

  13. Dear Hostess, Your new drops look lovely. Have you seen the Victorian black jet drop earrings on 'my life in one hundred objects'? The are my absolute favourites.