Friday, May 27, 2011

Phalaenopsis Orchid....A Perfect "Hostess" Gift

Orchids make great hostess gifts.
They last for months before the flowers drop and can be cared for easily with a weekly watering
and will re-bloom in 6 months on a windowsill with bright indirect light.
I like to opt for white as they fit into any decor.

The Phalaenopsis are a very easy care variety of orchid and are readily available at most florists and supermarkets.
Prices vary widely and the more blooming stems the plant has usually affects the price.
They are more expensive than the single stemmed orchids.

There have been a few sales of orchids lately and I have been tempted but resisted.
Today I could not walk away from this one as the price was unbelievable!

White Orchid
Weller arts and crafts jardinere

North exposure
bright light from the dining room window.

Pepper was extremely curious when I unwrapped this orchid
she has a distinct "taste" for greenery 
I put it up high 
well out of harms way!

This orchid is actually for the Bungalow...

For my Hostess
I purchased a brightly dyed scarf for my hostess
with her colours in mind
and I will be bringing wine...

Plans for the weekend include a visit to an Aveda Spa
destination shopping 
I am going to be a guest for the weekend on a Gulf Island 
in a waterfront home of a dear friend
so I'll catch up with you early next week...

there will be laughter
and a comfortable familiarity
that allows us to share
without judgement
confident and safe
and just be
in the moment

I'll be watching the shoreline
listening to the sound of the waves...
what will you be doing?

Hope that you all have a great weekend!
Hugs from The Hostess


  1. I have always loved to look at these in the stores, but I was intimidated by them! They look so fancy! ( :
    Thank you for sharing how to care for them!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead!

    I love orchids - they are so delicate. But I've never bought one because I am afraid I'd kill it. You make it sound easy! Maybe if I find one at the great price you did, I'll bring one home.

  3. I always have them at home but I always bin them, i don't have the patience to wait 6 months, hmm, ok I must rectify this, do you need to cut them down? And how often do they need watered when they're are in their 'coming back' period?

  4. At one point there were 70 orchids in my house. Gone now. Quite a relief, really.

  5. White flowers are just so chic; too bad I can't keep an orchid alive, either.

    Our plans for the weekend include more house hunting. Ugh. And keeping sane from the 100 degree heat.

  6. Always have white orchids in the house as you say they last so long,mine cost £8 from the supermarket more in the nurseries.
    Have a lovely weekend,we are off to Hay on Wye for the festival,full of glorious books shops,and listen to Joanna Trollope and many other authors talk on a variety of subjects Ida

  7. Have a lovely weekend -- sounds like it will be great fun!

  8. My best wishes are coming a bit late too, but you still have Sunday ahead of you.
    I used to have an orchid ( always bought a new one, when the flowers dropped ) on one special table for years. But, as I have written, orchids are just too exotic for my present lifestyle. If I lived in the city, I´d feel different.
    Nevertheless, orchids are cute!

  9. I love sister just sent me one for our birthday. Yours looks gorgeous in that jardinere. Your weekend travel plans sound wonderful....especially if you are starting out at an Aveda spa. Enjoy!


  10. I had no idea that Orchids were challenging...
    so here goes....

    Buy a Phalaenopsis and put on a windowsill....water once a week while blooming....when flowers die...cut off the spike from which the flowers emerged ,,,.water once a week...wait a few months and voila!
    Blooms! Enjoy