Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog break...Blogger was broken!

Wow what a shock it was to go online and read the message that Blogger was down!
How could that happen?

The comments on my Wednesday post have disappeared and they were wordy and wonderful...
I suppose that gives "Wordless Wednesday" a whole new meaning!

I had faith in the experts and decided to get on with other things...
what choice did I have?

I savored a cup of tea in a comfy chair and let my mind wander while listening to birdsong.
(this image is from a garden that I visited)

(another view of the garden that I visited)

I missed reading my favourite blogs
and felt a little disconnected
but it passed.

this short break from blogging 
felt like a tea party 
where no one came

A Hostess doesn't like to host a party and have no one attend

that is cause for distress
especially when one plans the menu
prepares the food
arranges the table with the best china 
fluffs the cushions
arranges the flowers
for a chance to honour 
cater to friends
whom she cares deeply about.

No use in biting the hand that feeds you
(that's Pepper sinking her sharp teeth into my glove and she pierced right through it!)

My humblest Thanks
to the Blogger Crew 
for fixing the problem 

We're Back!

Please could you restore the missing Wednesday comments?

I wonder where they have gone?

Hope that your Friday the 13th was a safe and happy one...
(not that I am superstitious)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs from the Hostess


  1. The Glove is so kind to naughty Pepper:).

  2. It was really strange the go through all Friday daytime here, without being able check the blogs. Only later in the evening did I learn why.
    But , all of this inspired me for a topic to be posted on.

  3. Dear Leslie, So glad that Blogger is back - I miss reading the posts and then the comments. I imagine that there were a lot of stressed and busy people at Blogger HQ. What a glorious garden you have! I would love to sit in the wicker chair and watch birds alighting on the birdbath! Naughty Pepper - if it were me, I'd forget all about the teeth marks and find myself with wet hands while doing the washingup and wonder why! I hope you have a lovely weekend before you. Lindaxxx

  4. Your garden is so pretty! A perfect spot to sit and relax. I'm glad Blogger is back too. I finally had time to post but couldn't. Oh well, it's back now :)

  5. Dear Hostess,
    first vanished the post and the comments, then re-appeared the post, but the comments still are way out there in the great Universe (and in my heart). I love your garden photos - and yes: no need to get excited about little imperfections. Nothing is perfect - and that's what is glorius in a way, otherwise we would have no change. (Though I remarked about Friday 13 in my post too :-)

  6. What a wonderful garden Leslie, you must enjoy your teatime out there.
    It reminds me of those two wonderful porch chairs you posted on last year:)
    Thanks for your comment today...nothing I can't handle but felt the need to ponder, as you do. Fingers crossed Blogger stays on the straight and narrow!

    Jeanne xxx

  7. How pretty your garden is. I was one of the people who wrote a comment on your last post...alas, as you said they have all been cast out into the ether. Have a great weekend.

  8. your garden is so lovely leslie. i thought the blogger breakdown was a bit of a respite. i'm on the computer way, way too much. it was an eye opener for me.


  9. Leslie,

    Your garden is so beautiful...I would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out there. I can imagine how beautiful it is by candlelight!

    xo annie