Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hermes, books, decor and more....

Do you get inspired by seeing beautiful images of home decor?
Does it make you want to change or rearrange or repurpose some of your current rooms?

I fell upon two great books recently
they were a breath of fresh air.
I sat with my tea and perused each page and pondered.
Is it time for a change?

I might like to redecorate my bedroom and paint it all in shades of white
while keeping the arts and crafts furniture in the dark oak original finish...

It would not be difficult to say goodbye to the floral wallpaper
and the Vintage Redoute Rose prints...
or to ripping up the seafoam wall to wall carpet
and refinishing the wood floors.

It would be hard work and there would be upheaval here for a few weeks...

Sounds ambitious and perhaps a bit daunting...

It might need to be my summer project we could sleep as guests in the room below
and I could action some serious change...
(or maybe not!)

I wanted to share this image from the book with you
an oyster shell encrusted fireplace!

I would never have thought of this would you?
 I can see this shell-y treatment in a beach cottage... 

The second book
Scrapbook for Living 
is a great resource for organizing the home
and it is conveniently divided into chapters focusing on the revamping and refining the home
chock full with lots of lovely images...

like this one
my favourite floral colour combo
white, green, and lime!

(picture taken from the book)

These books are very current comments on contemporary housing and decor
and they show large rooms with ample storage space
which is far from my reality

I am very comfortable and content living in our small Historic Bungalow...
it keeps my tendency for over consumption in check
as there is little space for more than the basics.

I must think carefully and chose wisely what I bring into the home...
(my rule is when something new comes in --- something old must go out)

The Humble Bungalow dates from the early 1900's
so there are tiny rooms
minimal closets

The bedroom closet
which I share with Mr. HB

I should have neatly stacked and folded the sweaters
I've captured the closet as it is...
 black, white and grey 
are the wardrobe workhorses

a punch of colour
is found in a lime Royal Robbins quilted vest (far right)
is a bold interloper
 just the ticket for a drab and dreary rainy day....
 I keep it to wear with this

 My collection of Hermes scarves
not stored in the closet.

scarves are stored in their original boxes in a drawer
and they do not take up much space.
(I have room for more!)

I love Hermes scarves for their

Wardrobe in the Bungalow basement

mostly out of season clothing
and special occasion wear

I am in the process of bringing up my summer clothes
and putting away my winter wear
and I have discovered that I need to go shopping!

What is on your shopping list?


  1. I confess, I never want to redecorate. Odd, I suppose, for a style addict. But sometimes I want to build new areas, or redesign areas for better function.

  2. Interior design is my passion as you know, so naturally I have lots of books and magazines on the subject. I never " copy " anything as such, but surely I get ideas which I might, or might not use some time, somewhere.
    I think that you should follow the bungalow style in the future too. Maybe changing the place of some furniture, maybe stocking something for a while and bringing in just a bit of fresh air would do the trick?
    I see, that you have a great amount of clothes. Are you sure that you really need more? If you wish to go shopping, I´d suggest, that you do some serious decluttering of clothes and accessories first.
    However, I understand the need to go shopping, when the new season´s arrivals reach the stores : )

  3. So funny that Metscan thinks you have a great amount of clothes, and I think your closets look so uncrowded because your wardrobe is so minimal!! Just shows where I'm coming from clothes-wise!!

    I too am in the process of changing out the wardrobe. I'm feeling like I'm stuffed with clothes, it's weighing me down - too many of the same item and things that don't get worn. More items need to go to the consignment store or Goodwill.

    If Metscan things you need to declutter, then I need to do a serious purge!!!

  4. White walls and dark wood - that is such a tranquil combination. Of course, I've got crazily intensely coloured rooms all over - orange, red, yellow, green. So one day, I will go white and it will be the start of a new phase. I have no idea what else that phase will bring but it is definitely part of the master plan. I so agree about the blessings of restricted space - helps keep consumption in check.

  5. LPC- I think it's the mess that we have to contend with before the transformation! It's so much easier to just go out and buy a new garment instead!

    Metscan- I do have quite a few garments and I will be donating some when my seasonal clothes are put away. It's a great time to rethink each item before storing it for the next season.
    I like the idea of putting some decoration away and living with less.

    Northmoon- I don't think your closet looks too cluttered...but I guess that you and I have some work to do!

    L'age moyen- A bedroom should be a tranquil spot...I like to cocoon in mine and take refuge after a hectic day at school.

  6. Hullo Leslie,what beautiful books and designs,and as always love seeing your lovely house,I really hope that Beloved can be persuaded to downsize soon (sigh)

    I adore old oak against white,and F&B have so many chalky whites that suit period homes.

    I am all shopped out since my London/Paris trip,my budget has to recover before Autumn!!

    I live in such an isolated part of the country so that helps as no shops to tempt moi! Ida x

  7. I honestly wear the same 7 things most of the time unless I'm going somewhere, I love clearing out my wardrobe.
    Interiors wise, I have some lovely furniture from the 30's and 40's so it's just a matter if replacing things like sofas, rugs when they get worn and freshening up paint every few years.

  8. ida- F&B does make great paint...I would be looking for a chalky white. I seem to recall that your lovely home has many wood details that stand out...perhaps you'll reveal some more of the period detail in an upcoming post?

    Bourbon and Pearls- If I didn't go out to work I would probably have fewer clothes. I have clothes for work, clothes to action domestics and garden in, Yoga gear, boating wear, after 5 and special occasion wear.

    I have amassed 2 large bags to donate already and have figured out that i need a couple of fresh white tank tops for summer layering.

  9. I love the combo of white walls and dark wood, so you'd have my vote.
    I'm not a big fan of redecorating either, at least not on the kind of scale that requires upheaval -- I prefer tweaking over a longer term, a kind of evolution, I guess, and I guess I value continuity. Or I'm just too lazy and intolerant of change. . . . your home and its decor have such integrity, I can see why you'd tread carefully about re-dos.
    I have similar closet restrictions and I don't mind them at all. Like you, I find them a good prompt to keep life edited.

  10. I am permanently re-arranging after reading books and for my not go there! xv

  11. I completely agree with your motto of when one thing comes in...something old must go out. It's so true. People with a lot of storage have too much stuff. We had a basement for years and instead of actually getting rid of went into the basement. Now, we have very little storage and that's fine with me. It kills me how people actually pay for storage units.

    I do agree...there's ALWAYS room for one more Hermes scarf in its original box. It just makes me happy getting their emails with beautiful sketches.

  12. I'm constantly wanting to change things up. It's sometimes very hard to stick with the overall style that I'm going for. Thanks for the book recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out they look great.

  13. materfamilias- If I could figure out how to redecorate a wee bit at a time in the bedroom I'd do it! I am lazy and intolerant to change...we are in good company! I love your mother of the bride dress...want to see the shoes next!

    vicki archer- You are very creative and the vignettes that you stage are still life masterpieces...I could use your eye here in the Bungalow!

    annie- The Hermes website can keep me entertained for quite awhile...
    I tend to find scarves and then look at them in different colours and view the methods of tying too!

    I think garage sales were started by people with too much stuff. I cannot imagine needing a storage unit!