Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Avocado Green Goddess of Goodness

I love avocados...
they are gorgeous green yumminess.

Each bite packs healthy heart nutrition and the taste is amazing.

I like to:
mash them on whole grain bread that has been toasted
slice them and add to salads
eat them directly from their skin with a sprinkling of sea salt and a drizzle of Worcherstershire sauce
I've halved them and stuffed fresh shrimp in the cavity with a squeeze of lemon for an appetizing lunch.

Guacamole Dip
recipe makes about 3/4 cup

Cut 1 large avocado in half and discard pit
scoop the ripe avocado flesh from the skin into a mixing bowl
Mash the avocado with the tines of a fork
1 tablespoon finely diced onion
1 tablespoon cilantro
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
1 small fresh red tomato diced
sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Place in the fridge for 1 hour

Recipe can be expanded easily if you have a crowd to feed!

While I am in a Green Space I wanted to share a great website for Green Living....
we can all benefit from the latest scientific research and it's never too late to take action and make small changes to modify what we choose to eat and the skin care products that we use.

I read an article in our local newspaper that stated that lead and arsenic were found in many cosmetics...the researchers stated that they thought these levels were safe enough as they were so low that they would not be hazardous to our health.

Why chance it when there are greener choices?

Skin is our body's biggest organ and it absorbs like a sponge so why would you want it to be absorbing toxic products if you could opt for the cleanest greenest products available?

The Environmental Working Group is an informative site
Skin Deep is the area where they focus on rating skin care products...
it's an eye opener.

Whatever you decide the choice is yours...
please consider making an informed choice.

I am now stepping down from the soapbox!

Goodness gracious!
I just noticed that I have blogged 400 posts.


  1. Aha! One of my favorite foods avocados! Here is California they are easily come by...my daughter has a tree and so do I. What is nice is that they produce at different times of the year. Have you ever tried them as a hair conditioner? I haven't but they are supposed to be excellent. Somehow though I hate to waste all that goodness when as you said I could be eating guacamole!

  2. I am such an avocado fan too......I shall try your guacamole with pleasure....xv

  3. Do you know that I had to give them up for a while as I had too much potassium in my body? The docs traced it to my constant scarfing of avocados, I was beside myself but now I can have one every so often. I LOVE them!

  4. We have them most days for starters for lunch/dinner just halve them and add cider vinegar to the hollows & serve yum.

    A tip given to me was not to waste the skins but to use as face mask,just wipe skins over cleansed face..enjoy the 'green woman' look for 5 mins and remove. I do it about twice weekly my dermatologist recommends it. Ida

  5. I have been consulting the EWG for years...I am glad to see the masses are finally catching on! I have been seeing it tossed about on twitter quite a bit lately too!

    I so wish I could like avocado :O( I have tried it every which way and my taste buds reject it every single time :O(

  6. Avocados are one of my favorite foods, so thank you for this recipe! We'll be making some soon.

  7. Love avocados and I am glad for your 400 posts because I adore your blog. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Hostess,

    I am making shrimp tacos tonight and have some avocados ready to go for some guacamole. I shall try your recipe this evening.

    My favorite way to eat them though is halved with ketchup. I know, I know. My excuse is that I was raised to eat them that way. I thought it was perfectly normal until friends in college pointed out that is was not.

    Good job on 400 posts! I am just over 250 and the idea of writing 150 more to reach your number is daunting!

    I went to the EWG website and they asked for my email. I am wondering how much email you get from them. I don't like getting lots of emails from businesses.

    Happy Wednesday!
    xo, A

  9. I love everything about avocados! Why have I not thought to mash them up and spread it on whole grain toast...especially when they have gone a little dark or soft. I can tell...this is going to be my new thing and I'll be thinking of you every time.

    Congratulations on 400 posts!

  10. I just finished typing my comments to each of your posts and they have vanished.....blogger...what is happening?

    Thank you for the avocado tips...I intend to try them all.
    Now I am sorry that I did not back up my comments.

    Adrienne- I only get the occasional email from the site with news...

  11. Love your green tips for living and your avo recipe! I love them too and they are so good for you - spread on toast with a squeeze of lemon juice for breakfast is one of my favourite ways to enjoy them. x

  12. Oh yum! thanks for the recipe... I have totally been on the avocado train lately too! I think I'll try them mashed on toast too!