Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Time is full to bursting with precious memories...
of Mother.

My mother's life is far from perfect.
She has met many challenges and juggled many responsibilities.

I admire the way that she has handled adversity and the way that she sacrificed and put on hold her personal needs in order to spend time ministering to the needs of my ailing father before he died.

Flowers are how I like to celebrate this special day...

I am fortunate to live close to my Mother we see each other often, and spend time together doing things we enjoy.

Here she is on one of our walks along the Esplanade
wearing the Maui Jim sunglasses that we bought for her to wear in her convertible!
Did I ever mention that she drives a BMW?
It's her dream car...
she's way ahead of me!

Cheers to all you Moms out there...

whether you are taking care of your baby,
raising young children,
or remembering your own Mother.

Enjoy and savour your day...

I am celebrating here with a cup of freshly brewed tea...
and looking back in the vast vault of memories from my childhood.

Thanks MOM


  1. Happy Mother's Day Hostess,what a lovely looking Mum you have,can just see her driving her car with the wind blowing in her hair & sunspecs on.
    Enjoy,enjoy and have fun you 2 gals. Ida xx

  2. Hello:
    Sadly, both of our mothers are now dead and we do not have children, but this is a most joyful post in praise of mothers everywhere and your own mother in particular.

    We love the fact that she drives a BMW, a car we used to have for years. So stylish and wonderful to let the roof down in the WINTER!!

    Twinings tea is so quintessentially English and Lady Grey is a favourite. So delicate in flavour.

    As we may well have commented on your previous post, we are much enjoying your blog. Happy Weekend!

  3. Have a lovely weekend.
    My mum is old school; she has never worked, never driven a car and never worn trousers.
    Wow, I think that might be a post sometime, it seems so archaic!

  4. hi leslie,

    your mom sounds great, and we share the same car. i hope you both enjoy your day.


  5. Happy mum/daughter relationships are treasure. We are both blessed. Your mum looks like she'd get on a treat with mine!!

  6. Leslie, you mother rocks! Mine will receive a small gift tomorrow, Aveda Blue Malva conditioner (she got the 1l shampoo bottle for christmas). When I told her I was not sure, if she uses a conditioner, because many people don't want the fuzz with rinsing and conditioning an rinsing ... she protested and said "of course I condition! I love conditioner". So I am happy I got her the small surprise and most of all I am very happy we all get to celebrate the day, outside a hospital. :-)
    Yesterday evening, talking to my best friend, I realized what an effect the worries had on me, I still feel exhausted! Worrying about close relatives is something I haven't experienced before. But let me finish with a pleasant note: you both do rock!
    Last week I visited an exhibition on "Der blaue Reiter", Kandinsky-paintings were on dispay and I am not lying when I tell you: one of his paintings (flowers, oil on canvas) reminded me of your flower-paintings and I tjust hought how right you are, painting, no matter how, no matter what, just doing it and enjoying the colours.

  7. Happy Mothers' Day to you too, Hostess! Your mom looks like a very stylish lady, just like her daughter.

  8. Wow your Mum is one stylish lady, a BMW convertible and Maui Jim's. I own a pair of Maui Jim's too but alas not the BMW!
    Hostess I can tell you are a wonderful daughter.
    Hope you enjoyed the day being spoilt.

  9. For starters, I am a bit confused.. Seems like Mother´s Day is celebrated on different dates in different places??
    In Finland, it is always on the second Sunday of the month of May. Father´s Day is in the fall, closer towards the winter months.
    Your mother is very active, and it is great to hear that you two get along so well. You have a fine situation with all of your closest ones living so near, if I have understood you correctly.
    Have a wonderful Mother´s Day!

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you, your mother, and your daughter-in-law -- It's easy to see where you got your start in stylishness!

  11. I hope you had a great mother's day!