Monday, May 2, 2011

Seattle Weekend: a Mother Daughter Trip

Seattle was our destination of choice for many reasons.
It is relatively easy to get to from here and is a friendly city.

The Mayflower Park Hotel is perfectly located near to our favourite shops and has elegant and comfortable accommodations. We feel safe and secure within the hotel and all the staff are cheery and obviously love working there as they take such pride in their work.

Oliver's is the bar in the hotel and is a fun spot to stop for a light lunch or dinner and they mix a mean martini.
Mother doesn't eat very much and I shouldn't eat so much,
so we shared a salad and an entree each evening for dinner....
ditto for lunch.

Mother seated outside Oliver's

We dined there several times after we had walked and shopped for hours.
Our parcels were deposited safely in our room and we had the opportunity to freshen up and spend some quiet time before taking the elevator down to dinner.

Fresh Flowers 
are throughout the Hotel
Enormous displays adorn the Lobby.

Our room was on the 4th floor
view to the west.
The Westin Towers are beyond the building next door.

The Seattle Mariners headquarters 
are housed in this building next door.

The Mayflower Park 
is reflected in the glass.

The weather was warm and the wind was calm.
A few showers fell early but were gone by the time our room service trays were taken away.

Breakfast in our room is something that Mother enjoys.
She likes to greet the day feeling relaxed and fresh 
and she takes longer to get herself ready these days.

I quite liked the luxury of reading the paper and sipping hot coffee
wearing the white robe supplied by the Hotel.
The breakfast trays are beautifully arranged
with white linen cloths
lacy doilies
and a single orchid bloom.
The food was fresh and nourishing and wonderfully plated.

I regret that I forgot to capture an image...
a picture is worth a thousand words.

Shopping in a small radius of the Hotel was not a problem!

Macy's, Nordstrom's, Westlake Center, and Pacific Place Mall
are all a stones throw away!
Mother wore her serious walking shoes...
an ancient pair of Ecco's
apologizing several times for their appearance
(reserving her patent leather, velvet bowed Cole Haan flats for the Hotel)

Mother accompanied me to The Nordstrom Rack 
walking arms linked 
a couple of smiling and carefree gals
going about their business
1 1/2 blocks away 
on a Sunny Sunday morning

She found several things that she is delighted with...
one of which is the elusive leather wallet that she has been searching for for ages
(Thank you Kenneth Cole)

I naturally found shoes!
I am very lucky finding shoes at the Rack.

Now you might be thinking...
I've seen these before.
I love this pattern...
so there are 3 pairs of Mee Too NY Snaffle flats in the Hostess's closet,
a Trio.

I do know what I like 
and I keep buying the same or similar styles often!

For example...

Elie Tahari 
Jersey top in Black
goes with all my clothing
so I could not pass it by
and it was half price.
(I have two now with a slight different neck detailing)

Mother and I spent a few hours Saturday in Nordstrom's.
It was a busy place!
No signs of an economic downturn here.

The shoe department was like a mob scene...
there was a fellow on a microphone 
calling out numbers!
 clerks were darting this way and that way
and shoe boxes were stacked 6 high
women were putting their painted toes into every kind of shoe imaginable
Smiles were plentiful...

Mother disapproved of this garish display
she said as much to me
in a quiet tone of course certain that no one would hear
At almost 84, I suppose you can pretty much say whatever you want...
certainly by this age, you have had time to amass a lot of opinions

I saw a fab pair of plastic Valentino flip flops with a big Red Bow
which reminded me of those shoes from the past that we called jellies
for $495

The Chanel shoes were divine in style but even more so in their construction.
I confess there was some sticker shock that registered with both Mother and myself.

We cruised through the jewelry section
where Mother made some purchases.
The varied gems and arty designers works on display were of the highest quality.
 pieces were edgy and many were of a tribal or bohemian nature.
I was introduced to the work of Alexis Bittar
and just today over at 
she shows us her lovely bangle.

I found these Sterling Silver drops
simple and understated
quite bland when compared with what filled up the cases
but very "me"

All this shopping and browsing made us both thirsty 
and Mother weary.
I was very conscious of placing sitting and sipping breaks into our days.
We had a delcious tea break in the Nordstrom Grill
a quiet respite from the crowds.

I was served a lemon wedge with my black tea
I honestly was very impressed.

Home Sweet Home
all is safe and sound.

Pepper must have missed me
as she was lounging on the bed as I unpacked my case.

I missed her too.

Look at her fat belly!

I gave her some treats and you can see just how keen she is waiting for the tasty tidbits!
She has not left my side since my arrival.

Summer sandals
by Bandolino
from Macy's

Offered as a "special buy"
for $39.98
oh so comfy.

The only thing black you'll see here is the label

Mother insisted I add some colour 
to my wardrobe
and I willingly did.
I just needed a gentle maternal nudge.

Mother was a nurse before she was a homemaker 
and then when my sister and I left home
she went back to work as the manager of a small boutique.
She has always loved fashion and she has always loved shopping.
I know she is much more confident putting herself together than I am.

Behold the Blue
Eileen Fisher sweater jacket in a light Italian knit.
I think it must have been winter stock

 An Echo scarf helps with the transition of
wearing a white or black top
with black pants
I felt it 
needed "something more" to accent the jacket.

Last but not least
I forgot my sunglasses
so I bought a new pair
and I quite like the larger frames.

I read an article that emphasized the need to wear polarized lenses 
to maintain eye health from the damaging UV rays
there is evidence that macular degeneration 
and cataracts 
may result if protective eye wear is not worn.
So I am making a pledge to wear mine when ever I am out in the sun or driving the car.

The Humble Bungalow is very quiet
 now that the washer and dryer have come to a full stop.

Pepper is snoozing on a pillow in the dappled sun that is streaming through the window.

Dinner tonight is going to be a simple meal
consisting of oven baked chicken pieces 
smothered in chicken chili and faux soy sauce (Braggs)
steamed and buttered green beans 
and twiced baked stuffed potatoes

I am keen to sit and have a pre dinner cocktail with my sweety 
share the details
from the past 3 days
and catch up on his news.

Mother told me she'd be putting her feet up 
and napping in her chair 
while listening to symphonic sounds...
I'll be betting that she'll sleep like a baby!

What a weekend for the memory books....
I am ever so grateful


  1. Hostess this post is fabulous.
    I absorbed every delicious word and I'm happy you girls enjoyed this time away together.
    Eating, sipping tea and shopping..bliss.
    I smiled upon reading of Mother's ancient ecco's. I also own a well used pair that the podiatrist recommended and must say I don't especially like the style but gee they're super comfortable when travelling.
    Love your every purchase. Wish I could tag along on a shopping trip with you!
    Pepper is so cute.

  2. So great to do this with/for your mom. She looks lovely. And I see a real pattern in your purchases, a definitive style. The earrings in particular are very graceful. Thank you for mentioning me.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend with your Mom. Those earrings are so "you." Nordstrom in Seattle, that's the Mothership!

  4. Anne Marie- Wish we could shop..'s never too late!
    If ever you are near...... am here!

    LPC- It might be the last time for Mother and I to shop seriously. What a trooper she is, I need to regroup and recoup. I was hoping that you would enter a comment....hugs

    Deja Pseu- I'll be wearing them for awhile....they move me...and feel very girly!

  5. I'm glad you had a great time down here in Seattle. Hope you enjoyed Sunday's weather! I like everything you bought.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful trip. Your mother also sounds wonderful. I like your new Macy's sandals.

  7. Hello daughter! :-)
    First I thought you would be the mother on this trip. I like it how you write 'all the staff are cheery and obviously love working there as they take such pride in their work.' It's a nice picture, imagining you standing there in the hotel, noticing them.

    Today I called my mum, I organized a new cleaning lady for my parents and guess what: she was on her way in the underground! I was so happy to hear she is going to town. (my parents live in the outskirts). I said "Yay, Mum is on the road again!"

    Speaking of Lisa, the bangle is the best I have seen in a while. Must go over and comment. :-)

  8. Your mum is a gal after my own heart,hate,hate being rushed in the mornings like the lady of leisure approach.
    Like your blue top and echo scarf,pays to forget the sun specs!! I did the same and bought Chanel,my husband asked why not take an empty case next time and fill it up at the destination (silly man will take him up on it next trip to Paris hee,hee.)

    Great mum and daughter trip,Leslie your thoughtful way to make sure mum had enough tea/coffee breaks.Ida x

  9. I guess I have said this before, but you surely must have had a happy childhood. Spending time with your mother, both of you enjoying, it is the best proof of it. I can feel some bitter envy.
    But my past is dealt with, and thrown away.
    Btw. What about the Babettes, the ones Deja Pseu posted on, were they available in Seattle?

  10. I am guessing you have had comments about your resemblance all your life?
    Such a sweet trip; you are so considerate of her pace and preferences. Reminds me of someone's words I read once, "The old need so little, but they need that little so much."

  11. PS: it might be misinterpreted - the "Hello aughter" in the comment referred to you being A daughter, not MY daughter *gg*

  12. What a lovely weekend. It sounds as if you both had a wonderful, wonderful and very productive trip. Very nice!

  13. sounds great -- and it reminded me of something you might also remember from the old Woodward's (I'm thinking of New Westminster, but they probably did the same in Vancouver and Victoria). They used to announce "Pick a number for service in the shoe department" -- and I find myself repeating the phrase to myself whenever I'm somewhere that gets terribly busy.

  14. How lovely. And such pretty stuff. I love the earrings, the sandals, and the cat.

  15. I read this post last night but couldn't comment until I got to my lappy.
    What a wonderful time the two of you had. I have to say, that it made me a bit sad to hear about your trip because I selfishly miss my MIL. She was someone I would have done things like this with.

    I think my friend from college worked the front desk at that hotel in the 90's. I remember visiting her there one day. Seattle is such an exuberant and lively city - filled with fabulous food, great shopping and beautiful neighborhoods. There was a time I thought of moving there myself.

    Thank you for sharing your special trip with us.

    xo, A

  16. Sounds like a lovely trip.
    I don't know what I'd do without my mum
    She's really slowing down now but I hope I CSM do half as much as she does at her age.

  17. Leslie,

    it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and spoiled your mom with lots of attention! There's nothing like a little shopping trip, a stay at a luxury hotel and room service breakfast. What more could a girl ask for?

    xo annie

  18. Sitting at my table- Welcome! I enjoyed the sunshine and there were so many lovely planters full of colourful flowers and greenery in downtown Seattle. You must enjoy living there!

    Victoria-Ozarks Crescent Mural- She's remarkable for her age... I need some warmer weather so I can actually wear those shoes!

    Paula- Sounds like you are very involved with your family too...Lisa's bangle is so artful in it's design...I think she has great taste.

    ida-Oh I think your husbands comment is witty!

    metscan- I didn't get to the shop that sells the Babettes...I will go in June when Mr. HB and I return.

  19. Duchesse- People do comment about our resemblance.
    That 's a wonderful quote! and so true!

    La Vie Quotidienne- Looking out at the sunshine today I can imagine you pottering about happily in your beautiful garden...maybe sitting on your bench listening to birdsong.

    materfamilias- They used to do that at our village bakery and the pharmacy! I do remember that Woodwards certainly stops people from budging in line!

    Argentée (Oh Jolie Laide)- If Pepper could read I am sure that she would be pleased by your comment!

    Adrienne- I hope that you are taking things easy and pampering yourself.
    I wonder if I was ever at the Hotel when your friend worked there...we have been going there for years.

    Tabitha- Slowing down seems natural as we age.
    I wonder if I'll have the spunk and energy that Mother does at 84.
    I guess we'll have to wait and see!
    Do you have siblings Tabitha?

    Annie- I will not ask for much more for a long while...she does deserve spoiling after all the years that she cared for me as a child.

  20. What a wonderful weekend! A friend just came back from a weekend in Seattle and absolutely loved it. It's always a pleasure to find a city that devotes itself to making tourists feel welcome. I think many American cities do this quite well.

    Your tea at Nordstrom's sounds divine.

    Most of all, I love love love your snakeskin ballet flats. I'd have 3 pairs too if I could.

  21. I enjoyed reading about your visit to Seattle. I have only been there once myself, and could have spent a fortune on glass art alone.

    Happy Mother's Day!


  22. L'age moyan- I love visiting the US as the service is so amazing, people are friendly and many of the stores are different than those in Canada.

    theduchessofH- Oh you must have seen some of Dale Chihuly's work!

    There's a restaurant called ICON which is full of arty blown glass everywhere you's over the top!
    Happy Mother's Day Donna!

  23. So, so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your mother. And she's so lucky to have you.

    And, on a lighter note, love the Eileen Fisher.

  24. This was such a delightful trip down memory lane for me; I moved to Austin, TX from Seattle several months ago, and I vividly recall each picture and experience you posted.

    Next time you are in Seattle, check out Alexandra's - it is a designer consignment store and is very well run. They have many pieces from St. John and Eileen Fisher, and their purse and shoe inventory is very good. I purchased a Prada bag from there three years ago.

    My favorite memory of Nordstrom Rack is pawing through the shoe section. I wear a 10 1/2 - 11, and the only other customers in that section besides me are the trasvestites. Their makeup is much better applied than mine is.

  25. Oh, and Nordstrom Grill makes the best Asian chicken salad I've ever had, as well as a yummy crab bisque, sourdough bread, lemon drops and vodka martinis. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle - besides Tutta Bella -- and is also one of the most inexpensively priced! I miss it soooo much.

  26. Rebekah- Oh thank you for those suggestions I will be returning in June with my husband...your Nordstrom Rack shoe experiences are certainly colourful ones!
    I have never been to Austin, TX but I can imagine why you miss Seattle...all those familiar spots and sevret spots that only insiders the gum wall!
    You'll soon discover more of what Austin has to offer and it will be fun seeking out the new and different areas....have fun on your adventure.

  27. frugal scholar- Thank you I have worn the EF several times to work and find the weight is perfect for a layering piece.
    You might find this funny...
    we went to Chico's and they scared my mother with their agresssive sales approach! I had to quickly steer her away from the over zealous clerks and make a hasty exit!