Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Bouquet...Bistro lunch...Joseph Ribkoff and Cole Haan's

Behold the fabulous flowers!
The Mother's Day bouquet that I  received from my thoughtful son...
I wanted to share these images of yellow and blue...

he chose individual flowers
creating the bouquet himself
aren't they lovely?

the iris were tight buds when he presented them to me 
and after one day they are open and smiling !

I have no idea what these yellow flowers are called
they remind me of alliums

I am the one smiling now,
Thank you S!

I spent a delightful afternoon with my lovely daughter J
who took me to lunch at a new and very hip Bistro not far from the Humble Bungalow
the chef formerly worked at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino.
food is plated as art
and the taste is beyond amazing
fresh, local and succulent.

Thank you 
lovely daughter J!

After lunch we enjoyed an afternoon of shopping
mother daughter style.

I bought a dress
Joseph Ribkoff
and if you can hazard a guess 
the colours are...
well they are none other than...

Black and White!!!

a flirty hem detail


I will wear this to work
to a lunch
a gallery
a play
I will pair this dress with my
Swarovski encrusted kitten heels

just because they are fun to wear with painted toes!

I purchased these to wear at my son's wedding...

yes that does say NIKE !
(Just Do It)
why are all shoes not crafted this way?

to be able to run and dance and comport oneself with poise and dignity
no fear of toppling off or breaking an ankle
I think perhaps one might be able to play a round of golf or action some tennis in these!

I danced all night in these at the wedding
I had the occasion to run a few times during the course of that memorable evening!
(duty called)

Lisa from a midlife of privilege
 was recently at the wedding of her brother, who at 50, tied the knot for the first time
 and I believe that there was dancing involved

I adore weddings...
I cry at every one I attend
and can never get enough ceremonious love pledges

what about you?


  1. Hello:
    Blue and yellow are such a wonderful combination when the right hues are paired, and this is certainly the case with the flowers given to you by your son. Absolutely lovely and we are sure that they will continue to give you pleasure for many days to come.

    You do seem to have been having a very jolly time what with lunches out and shopping sprees. The dress is most attractive, and we can well see how it can be dressed up or down to suit all manner of different occasions. Such fun!

  2. What a thoughtful son - a gorgeous bouquet. And nothing nicer than lunching and shopping with a daughter. You will look lovely in your new dress, Hostess. XX

  3. The blue and yellow are electric together.
    Lovely dress and shoes, frivolous pretties are such a pick me up!

  4. So happy to have come across your blog as we seem to have many things we love/enjoy in common..... Black and white being number one, Chanel, Coco's signature camellias, pearls, relaxing in fabulous flats (I probably have far too many shoes - do you?). I too have a heritage house but unfortunately no cat to share it, although the next door cat often comes to visit and is much encouraged to do so by me.
    Looking forward to your future posts. Oh and btw my most recent purchase is a Joseph Ribkoff dress in black and white with a touch of orange piping around the sleeve.

  5. What a lovely bouquet. I beleive that the yellow flowers are Proteas, they are very long lasting as cut flowers. Your new dress is very pretty and has a similiar pattern to one I am currently making for my trip. Have a great day!

  6. It is always nice to read about happy mothers :).
    Yes, the yellow flowers are Proteas. They are originally from South Africa and the area of Southern California where I live is a major grower now.

  7. Happiest of mother's days, hostess, and your children seem to have taken care of that for you. How wonderful.

  8. What a sweet bouquet from S,and girly times with your D Mmmmmm.
    Love the dress is it silk the hem is delicious.Ida

  9. Jane and Lance Hattatt- It appears that I am on a bit of a whirlwind...things come in fits and starts here!

    Semi Expat- It does our hearts good to spend time with our adult children... where has the time gone Sarah?

    Tabitha- I wonder if ever we will tire of shopping and schlepp around in our bathrobes well into the evening!
    Shades of Grey Gardens...and I'll need to get out that old fur from my great aunt!

    BlackAndWhiteSignatureStyle- Welcome! I was hoping that you had a blog but I do not see a link on Blogger...I am interested in heritage and would love to see a picture of your home...perhaps if you had a moment you might send me a picture in an email. Orange would add such a nice sot of colour on your new dress too!

    LaVieQuotidienne- Thank you for identifying the Protea! Where are you traveling to this time Adrienne?

    J.W- It doesn't take much does it?
    a drawing from kindergarten, a handmade card, breakfast in bed, a hug, a smile...and we are instantly elated!

    LPC- Thank you Lisa, I feel very lucky...they did spoil me.

    ida- The dress is not silk, it is a knit and has weight to it so it flows and skims over the wobbly bits!
    I think a fun hat might be in order for the summer!
    Your garden parties look like the perfect place for a dress like this....
    would it cut the mustard?

  10. Dear Hostess,
    these shoes are just what I am looking for the dance after the Church Wedding in July: utterly beautiful AND wearable - as rare as ... I don't know, but I just told Husband I will start a gentle-complaint-session to shoe-makers (for making shoes that look fine but are unwearable), and to dress-makers: this year they don't want my money - putting the hem near to the waist - I have the legs, but just don't WANT to run around like a 16-year-old). Maybe in your country they have more taste, because your new dress looks beautiful!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my post "Mamma Mia" - that just vanished into air when blogspot tried to repair something or other. But I saw it, thank you!