Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Day in May

Today was a day for the garden...
I wore comfy faded jeans, a black tee and a pale pink.
Sunscreen and sunglasses
and it was so sunny in the Humble Bungalow Garden.

There is nothing like a warm sunny day to raise spirits
 neighbours were outside pottering about in their gardens
there was music coming through open windows...

some time was spent chatting over the fence
and catching up
let there be many more days like this please!

we have had a few wine and cheeses
over the years
and I think it's high time for another...

weeping pussy willow
with pansies

cheery yellow makes me smile

 delicate anenomes in mauve

such a sweet bloom

 tulips in yellow and orange

not quite fully opened
or I would have taken a picture of the interior with those dark fuzzy stamens

euphorbia fireglow

I spent the better part of the day weeding
trimming the edges until my dull edgers refused to snip another blade of grass
so half of the edges are shaggy
I'll need to buy some new ones or find a shop that sharpens tools.
I like to have the edges neat and tidy.
The cottage garden look is generally rather messy and chaotic 
so order with the edges are my one attempt to tame nature!

I dug up some overgrown twiggy bushes
turned the soil in the back garden.
The raised beds are ready for seeds
which will be planted in a couple of weeks when the danger of frost has passed.

I am weary a wee bit sore but feel a sense of accomplishment.

I had the BEST surprise later this afternoon...
The lovely Miss Isla came over to visit!
Her parents were here too!
My son has just returned from a business trip in Chicago.

I made a cup of tea
put a blanket down on the floor in the living room 
and brought up all the toys
and the Tupperware
and a spoon.

I sat on the floor and played too.

Besides toys, 
she also enjoys playing with my silver bangles.

She is so adorable
her eyes are bright blue
her hair is red
and she has a smile that could melt any heart!

I am in Grammy Heaven right now basking in the after glow!


  1. Gardening and grandchild, sounds like a heavenly day!

    Your garden blooms look lovely.

  2. sounds like an absolutely perfect day! and then isla! how wonderful.


  3. You were a busy girl yesterday! Are you sore today?

    How wonderful to spend your day in nature and with your baby granddaughter!

  4. How on earth is it possible to accomplish so much in one single day? Where do you get all this energy!
    I feel dizzy seeing all the pretty flowers. Your part of the world is really blooming!

  5. Beautiful flowers my tulips that I planted in bowls all died with our cold frosty Winter,snuffle,snuffle!! Also lost some topiary that I had for many years!

    Your G/daughter sounds beautiful red hair & blue eyes sounds like a painting from John Millais they loved red heads! Ida

  6. So beautiful... I love the vibrant colors- bring on Spring! xx

  7. What a nice day...and with such a wonderful surprise at the end. Sleep well.

  8. I spent the weekend weeding too, o boy come Monday I could barely walk, luckily the gardeners coming to mow the lawn today, my lower back is about to snap

  9. Hello:
    It is quite by chance that we have discovered your wonderfully varied and interesting blog. As we do not have a garden ourselves, it has been such fun looking at yours - so much colour, it seems to us, for this time of the year [but also a great deal of work!!].

    We do so agree, days of sunshine make such a difference to our lives.

    We have Followed!

  10. Ah, Grandma time -- such fun!
    We had a few sunny moments in the garden as well, and it's looking a bit tidier. Your Fireglow reminds me of one that I had for a few years which, sadly, simply stopped returning after one tough winter.

  11. Could there be a better day than tending and enjoying the beauty of your human and plant "growing things"?

  12. Oooh, grandchildren and gardening. Wonderful.

  13. Dear Leslie, "time was spent chatting over the fence" - you gave me a sudden feeling of missing home. I loved chatting over the fence to our kind neighbours and admiring their gardens. However, I console myself that I am now looking over your fence, admiring your amazing flowers and chatting with you. How wonderful to finish such a lovely day with Isla. Imagine if we all lived closer - maybe Isla could have playdates with Baby FF. I am loving all the babies on the blogs. Keep happy! Lindaxxx

  14. Deja Pseu- The blooms are behind schedule this year due to all our rain...but on the upside everything is green :)

    the gardener's cottage- It seemed like a perfect combination of work and play! How's that biking adventure going Janet?

    Adrienne- Yes I was sore after and have had to slow down a bit !
    I would have enjoyed a little R&R at your lovely Bodega Bay!

    metscan- I had to take the rest of the week off from the garden as a result of overzealous work. How was your daughters celebration?

    ida- I lost a long time rose too...Sally Holmes which has been a star performer for the past 17 years...your tulips might come back next year...fingers crossed.

    The Daily Connoisseur- Vibrant colours are the gift of spring after the long grey weather here ...they are turning up in the fashion magazines too.

    La Vie Quotidienne- I have slept like a baby! Nothing like fresh air and exercise to induce slumber :)

  15. Tabitha- Oh dear you must have worked long and hard...and do be careful of your back.

    Jane and Lance Hattatt- Welcome to the Humble Bungalow...glad to have you along. I hope you'll enjoy following.

    materfamilias- It's interesting how some hardy plants disappear after a cold snap...I think fireglow is easy to find at the nurseries nowadays if you miss it.

    Duchesse- What a lovely thought Duchesse!

    LPC- I feel so fortunate Lisa...I pinch myself sometimes.

    Linda in Chile- I get the sense that your property is a large one and that neighbours might be farther away than your previous home.

    My cousin's daughter lives in a remote area high in the hills far from Panama and has a spacious home and guest house...they built the guest house so that family and friends would come and visit for extended periods of time...she is raising a young family and longs for neighbours.
    The internet has become her is a wonderful way for us all to keep in touch...and see the babies as they grow!