Monday, May 16, 2011

Lily whites...

White and waxy
delicate and dainty
these are wee bonnets of bliss

The Humble Bungalow Garden
is bursting with a prolific Lily of the Valley bed

White blooms are perfection...

they radiate beauty

a vintage amethyst vase
in the Bungalow Bathroom 
which is filled with an exotic 
 intoxicating scent...

I have no luck bringing in our lilacs
they wilt within a few days
their scent is divine.

I have tried scorching the stems
and slicing up into the stems
 I fear that they are not happy inside the Bungalow
so I leave them to bloom where they are planted.

Speaking of white...
Winter snowdrop images

these could be 

I watched this show as a young woman...
so for me this is a trip down memory lane.

Flowers and scent are deeply rooted
and they speak to me 
do they speak to you?

Do you love white blossoms?


  1. I love the Lilies of the Valley, but I'm always partial to bell-shaped flowers that hang down. I've seen some growing nearby and am always touched by how dainty and delicate they are, like little fairy ball skirts.

  2. My sister-in-law had lilies of the valley and parrot tulips as her wedding bouquet. The florist told us LOVs are very expensive. Guard yours carefully:).

  3. Such lovely photos. Muguet des Bois was one of my mother's favourite perfumes and therefore a very evocative smell for me.
    I have no success in bringing lilac into the house and yet it is always tempting to do so as there is invariably a generous amount to gather.
    And I absolutely adore white flowers!

  4. The scent is so beautiful,and powerful,and my HB has just started his hayfever allergy relief medication so no cut flowers allowed!!

    We have lots of Lily of the Valley growing in our woodland garden along with many other plants.

    Love your vase with the Lilies delightful touch in the bathroom. Ida

  5. I have some lilies-of-the-valley right now, in a tiny white Coalport vase my mother gave me on my 17th birthday. Every year, I hope I'll have some blooming to keep the tradition up as I age, and they're just coming into their own right now.
    I know what you mean about the lilacs, but I've decided that it's a good way to get ahead of the dead-heading. If I wait 'til after they've bloomed, I often neglect that step, letting too much energy go into seed-making. So even if they wilt inside in a few days, I don't mind too much.

  6. I love white flowers!!! These were beautiful.

  7. Very lovely. We had some lillies-of-the-valley that would sprout up in our backyard every year. I always looked forward to their arrival. Then one year they didn't show up because one of my stepkids thought she would help out in the yard by digging the bulbs up and throwing them out when she was about 9 or 10. I still remember how perturbed I was when I realized what she had done. Now that the kids no longer "help" in the yard, I should plant more of them. They are so delicate and smell wonderful.

  8. I love lilies of the valley.

    When I was in college, I had a bottle of Coty's Muguet des Bois perfume. One of my neighbors in the dorm smelled it, and asked if she could sample some. I said yes.

    She loved it so much that she came by almost every day and sprayed herself with my perfume. By the end of the year, my bottle of Muguet des Bois was almost empty, even though I rarely used it. :P

    It was just as well-- it doesn't smell great on me. But I do love the scent, and the flowers.

  9. I love white flowers, too. Here in the Southern US, Magnolia blooms as large as saucers give off the scent of lemon. Jasmine climbing a fence or twining around a post smell incredible. I'm envious of your wonderful climate for gardening pleasure. We are in very bad drought conditions right now. Remembering Coty Muget des Bois cologne from high school days.

  10. Adore white blossoms and white flowers of all kinds. The lily of the valley looks so pretty in your bathroom. x

  11. White for flowers, is what I like. Nearly all the shrubs we have in our " yard " are white.

  12. Dear Hostess,
    while I read your post, the scent of lilies-of-the-valley fill up the rooms. My friend bought them at the Underground station for me, she could not resist the very old farmer who is selling them out of a little basket. They look so beautiful, too!