Monday, May 9, 2011

What's new pussycat?

What's new Pussycat?
Whenever I hear that phrase I am reminded of Tom Jones...

Mirror mirror on the wall 
whose the fairest of them all?

Pepper is peering into the looking glass...
and I wonder what she is thinking when she spies her reflection

I think it is the magnification mirror 
so she might feel larger than life!

After many months of hesitation
a new skin care tool has made it's way into the Bungalow.
I have been resisting change..;

I am currently test driving this face brush 
and will report back in a few weeks...

Many bloggers love the Clairisonic 
and have raved about the amazing results they see after using it for a short time...
I have sensitive skin 
so tentatively,  and with a modicum of trepidation 
I purchased this less expensive tool to try it out
it has 2 speeds, is battery operated, and replacement heads are readily available

the circular motion gently works with my cleanser to exfoliate 
and the motion stimulates the blood flow 
to the complexion...

my face takes on a pink glow after using it

reacts to all kinds of stimuli
wine, spicy foods, the sun and heat
so I was not alarmed
and the flushing went away within a few minutes

Avalon Organics Vitamin C therapy

I am amping up my regime as my skin has taken on a dullness
increasing my water consumption does not seem to improve this lack lustre look
and my diet is rich in vegetables 
and healthy omegas

Hormones and aging must be the the culprits.

I have heard great things about vitamin C for the face
so I will be testing this as well

I do not expect a miracle but if some radiance is restored by using this product
I'll be very content.

How about you...
Are you happy with your skin care line?
Do you need to change it every once in a while
are you like my grandmother who used the same cream all her life?

She was a Noxema gal...
whenever I smell that scent I am instantly reminded of her,
scent has that power
to take us back in a heartbeat.
I thought of her with love on Mother's Day...
hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. hi leslie,

    be careful with the vit c and your roseaca. vit c and roseaca do not mix well.


  2. Hello:
    Pepper is absolutely lovely. And what a wonderful picture of her in the bathroom. We have always understood that cats are unable to see their reflections in mirrors, but whether this is true or not we are less than certain. Whatever, she is clearly curious!

    We have never tried any other facial beauty treatment apart from good quality soap and water followed up with liberal amounts of Johnson's Baby Lotion! We shall be interested to see how your trials go.

  3. I have been using the Helena Rubinstein creme products for a long time. There might be better ones, but I hesitate to test strange products. Had I the money, I´d probably try the Kanebo Sensai products.
    For a facial scrub, I now use a clean cloth and a face and body liquid soap.

  4. Hostess, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the exfoliator. I LOVE my clarisonic. It's a little miracle worker.

    Pepper is too cute. She's honoring her curious nature.

  5. Dear Leslie, I always love pictures of Pepper. Good luck with your new skin care products. I am in a quandary regarding mine so I await your results with interest. By the way, it would be nice to live on a big property but the reason I can't look into my neighbour's garden is because we live in an apartment bang in the middle of town. Sometimes, when the smog lifts, however, we get a glimpse of the snowcapped Andes so it is not all bad! Lindaxxx

  6. Pepper is such a little cutie.

    I will be interested to hear what you think of the Olay brush thingy.

    Happy belated Mother's Day, by the way. xo, A

  7. I would love to get my hands on any rotating face brush. They are not available in Austria. :-(

    Pepper, larger than life - thank you for this laugh!

  8. I love Pepper!

    I have mild rosacea and use a Clarisonic. I love this tool, and I do not find that it irritates my skin. I have the Mia version, which is smaller, goes in the shower, and is the travel size. I wish I had this device a long, long time ago.

  9. Count me in as another who will be interested to hear your review Hostess.
    I've tried many skincare products with varying degrees of success. La Mer has to be my absolute favourite but unfortunately it costs a bomb down here. Presently I use a natural organic range which is inexpensive and perfect for my sensitive skin. Likewise I need to be careful of rosacea flare ups.
    Olay regenerist thermal skin polisher is a lovely treatment I use weekly and this leaves my face silky smooth.

    Pepper must be a bundle of joy and delight.

  10. I used the Avalon eye cream for a while, and I loved it. I actually saw a difference in dark circles, which I've never seen with any other eye cream. I stopped using it when I started using a retinol face cream, because I wasn't sure how they would mix. But I would buy it again. Currently, I'm using a different brand of Vitamin C serum at night. The main result I've seen is a smoothing and shrinking of pores.

    I did splurge on the Clarisonic. The deciding factor for me was the difference I had previously experienced when I had switched from an Oral B Spin brush to a Sonicare toothbrush. I really do think there is something about the sonic wave technology. I think it has some special effect on the health of the skin below the surface. It's not just about the exfoliation.

  11. I'm always pink faced, it's the curse of the Celts.
    I tend to focus on sunblock and retin A and that's it.

  12. I'm like your grandmother, except I use Dove or Neutrogena. The more "designer" creams seem to offer no advantage that I can see. Doesn't Noxzema have the most recognizable fragrance? It always reminds me of sunburn, because my other used to rub it on my shoulders.

  13. I am surprised reading that there are many of us who have rosacea...
    and we all seem to have a variety of products in use...that work for our individual skin types.

    I was told by the dermatologist that rosacea was my Scandinavian background coming through...
    Grandfather has a long line of Danish blood which has been traced back to royalty in the 400's, my mother is a mix of Swedish and Norwegian and my grandmother Irish....

    I am currently working on a skin care update and will post soon!