Thursday, May 26, 2011

Humble Bungalow Garden Images...

A garden stroll with my camera....
we have been spending more time outdoors getting the garden spruced up for the season.
It's very tiring but so rewarding.

For those of you who do not garden think of it as very deep spring cleaning!

Epsom salt soaks in the tub are a great treatment for sore muscles!

several years old
planted in a pot growing on the northern side of our Humble Bungalow.

Solomon's Seal
thrives on the north side
in a moist and shady area.

Dwarf Pacific Iris
a gift years ago from a gardener who travelled to San Francisco 
on a plant expedition.
I have divided and replanted and gifted these to more places and people than I can remember.

 a varigated Bowles Mauve

the bees love these

Many apologies but the name of this plant escapes me at the moment

that seems to be happening more and more.

A colleague of mine says that as we age we get too many bits of data stored in our brains 
and we need to purge some to free up space to allow for more
so nature deletes randomly!

Thankfully most memories are still vivid and intact.

At one point we were going to excavate and put in a pond
it never happened but the frog remains
he is tucked into the foliage
and he sits very still

speaking of waiting...

Our beloved Pepper
lies down on the carpet and shows us her belly when she is hungry
we think she looks so cute
and isn't she clever?

she is so purr-suasive
and we have given into these cute tactics too often
so the vet has instructed us to cut back on the amount that we are feeding her...

So now it's tough love
and it hurts...


  1. The wallflower is beautiful, I'd be happy to be one now that I've seen one for the first time. Oh do Epsom salts make a difference? My back is yelling after gardening this morning.

  2. I have never heard of Lewisia. It's lovely!

    And Pepper is looking so pet-able and frisky as usual.
    xo, A

  3. Your garden has come really beautiful plants Hostess. The dwarf iris are some of my favorites. I confess to hiring some people to come clean everything up for the spring. The rest of the time I do my own yardwork, lawn mowing, weeding, etc. But for the big spring push I find I need some help. Do you all do everything yourself?

  4. Lovely photos, Hostess, and Pepper looks delightful on the carpet. My husband dug a pond as a birthday present for me at our last house - quite a labour of love! As soon as it was filled a frog jumped right in!

  5. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    I wrote such a long reflection on your comment site - and then it vanished! (And not for the first time, I have to say - it happens with your and with IGs blog, and often I don't copy before I send it - and then I am too frustrated to repeat. (At the moment I have a more ennervating problem with blogspot: can't enter my dashboard, though I have the correct password - I tricked about my old Mac, there it still works and I could finish my new post "What you focus on grows" with the video song of my friend Barefoot doctor)
    I loved the wonderful photographs of your garden! And the English word "to spoil" is so fascinating in its double meaning - so: don't spoil Pepper, I am sure she will feel your true love even if you feed her less - she wants to stay fit and slender! And she will thank you for that!
    (And I will make a copy before I try to send my comment)

  6. Your garden is producing some beautiful flowers...I am a bit envious because you can grow some wonderful plants that I long for. Pepper is a cutie. I hope to get a new kitten this summer, I already have a name picked out.

  7. Beautiful photographs of your lovely garden - especially like the wallflower - such a gorgeous colour. And your sweet Pepper - so pretty and cute - very hard not to give in to her !! x

  8. Bourbon and Pearls- I swear by Epsom salts...honest it works a treat!
    Pour a cup under running water and soak for at least 20 minutes...
    (my claw foot has been a godsend) I am no scientist but I like how I feel after I emerge...roses love it sprinkled around the base of their canes too!

    Adrienne- Lewisia has become one of my favourites...after roses of course!
    Maybe a nursery will have some or will order some for you, they come in many shades.

    LPC- I do most of the work and Mr. Hb will assist when I ask. He does the mowing...I have hired a young man to weed my gravel drive and paths this year as we are pesticide free in our community so hand weeding is necessary...and so time consuming!

    Share my garden- That frog must have been sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting!

  9. Britta- Blogger has been very persnickety. My comments vanished too!
    I will try to take your advice and copy my comments before they disappear into cyberspace! Thank you for taking the time to retype your thoughts!

    La Vie Quotidienne- We are in different zones so I suppose it stands to reasin that we are not able to have the same plants.
    I love Brugmansia's and Daturas and they are fleeting here...I could have one if I had a heated green house but I do not...the grass is often greener...:)

    Semi Expat- Thank you for your support I have been feeling rather like a bad pet owner!

  10. I know you're not supposed to overfeed cats, but an plump tummy is fun to rub and tickle! As long as it's the cat's and not mine...

    Your Pepper is very cute!

  11. Rebekah- I agree...yet in Yoga class at my studio we do breathe through and honour our Buddah Bellies!

  12. Rebekah- That should be Buddha Bellies....
    apologies for the spelling mistake.