Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheerio, I'm off for a few days...


I am off for a few days with Mother
and leaving Mr. HB and Pepper in care of the Bungalow.

We will be SHOPPING
south of the border!

the writing is in the sand...

things are looking up...

Any thoughts on where I might be headed?

Mother is so keen that she has been packed and ready all week!

Mr. HB is excited about the Hockey Play Offs

I do not think as excited as
I have been excited about the Royal Wedding...
wasn't it amazing?

There was such a buzz at work about the ceremony
the attention to detail
the crowds of well wishers who camped out days in advance
uplifting feeling that people feel when there is something good in the news.

I cannot help but think of those devastating tornadoes
and Japan will always be in my thoughts...

Go Canucks Go!

Can you imagine dining at Buckingham Palace?
What would you wear and what would you say if you met the Royals?
What would you choose as a wedding gift?

I think I'd send something made by our BC First Nations peoples
Sterling Salad Servers perhaps...
or a pair of Cowichan Valley sweaters....
as seen here at the

More Friday Flowers...
Spring has Sprung!

Bungalow Garden 
Native Lilies

Look at these bracts...
I never planted this plant it just pops up willy nilly all over the garden.

This Euphorbia is in dire need of thinning out
I do love the lime shade of green.

Grasses are drought tolerant and we have water restrictions 
so I have been trying to plant things that are hardy
not so water dependent.
I quite like the colour of this grass.

I LOVE my roses 
and they LOVE water!

View from the Park

A sea of Blue Camas

Apologies for his post
 it is a rather hastily put together and rather a scrambled one.

I will cross the Sea to the South
and see you later...
I hope the sun is shining down on your patch.

Have a delicious weekend!


  1. Have a lovely time in Seattle, Hostess! I hope you are able to check out some Babette pieces.

  2. Have a wonderful time with your mother.
    I have been awake since yesterday; in fact I haven't yet been to sleep. I was so excited to watch "The Wedding"

    It was more achingly beautiful, and enchantingly magical, than I could ever have imagined.
    When the sun came out, as they spoke their vows, I felt it was a blessing on their union, sent by Princess Diana; a personal sign to her son.

    I don't know if you watched the Tudors mini series Leslie?
    I kept seeing fleeting glimpses that were so familiar in Catharine's facial expressions. It was driving me mad, and it suddenly came to me that some of her expressions reminded me of the actress,Natalie Dormer who played Anne Boleyn in the Tudors series.

  3. Have a wonderful time with your Mum Hostess.

    The wedding was absolutely stunning, loved it all!

  4. Have a great weekend and lots of 'finds'

    That tiny photo is my beautiful Peony.Ida

  5. Have a wonderful time with your mother. I bet she is truly happy for this.

  6. Have a wonderful time and safe travels. I thought of you when I noticed some sustained sunbreaks and I hope you are enjoying our beautiful skies right now! (when you're not in the shops, of course)

  7. I'll enjoy hearing about your trip with your mother... an early Mother's Day celebration? I am pretty sure your company will be the best possible gift.

  8. Have a lovely visit in Seattle with your mother -- how lucky you are to enjoy each other's company so much!

  9. Hello, Hostess...

    How's that Peppery girl of yours?

    Hope you have a nice trip "down South"--if you're going to Pike Place Market, you should lunch at Maximilien's and have the moules mariniere! We would eat there with my husband's grandparents...

    My mother was so excited for the wedding she couldn't sleep. It was beautiful, wasn't it? My nieces, who are the same age my sister and I were when Diana married Charles, watched it with her.

    I think the idea of a gift from the First Nations is brilliant. I would send something beautiful from one of the Artisan Shops run by our state (Illinois) -- perhaps some stained glass...

  10. Deja Pseu- I was unable to get around much...we kept close to the Hotel as Mother tired quite quickly...I will be returning in a few months with Mr. HB and will seek out the Babette line.

    theduchessofH- I haven't seen that series but my daughter loves it. The wedding was pure magic...I love weddings!

    Anne Marie- We had a fabulous time...sharing some shopping and great food!

    ida- Your peony is lovely, such a beautiful deep shade of crimson red.

  11. LPC- We had a great time and she was so thrilled to be away.

    I saw Alexis Bittar's amazing jewelry line at Nordstroms and was immediately taken by their stunning beauty and to my surprise I see you have a bangle in your possession! Well done!

    sparrowsandsparkles- The weather was very mild and the sunshine was a bonus...we did notice even though we were in the shops and restaurants all day! You live in a lovely city.

    Duchesse- I'll be writing a post in a day or two...she was so grateful for the change of scenery.

    materfamilias- We do adore each other and for that i will be eternally grateful. Good times and laughter sharing simple things together.

    Staircase witch- I will try that restaurant when Mr. HB and I go next time. Pike Place Market is such a fun place to stroll through.
    I think Pepper missed me...she sprawled on the bed as I unpacked and followed me everywhere in the house...I am going to look at the stained glass link..