Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Photos...Memories and A Mighty Leaf

It's been a hectic weekend,
I am feeling weary but very satisfied by what a small and mighty group can accomplish.
We have not completed the job and it will require a few more days on the job but at a less frantic pace.

The most fun I had was going through boxes and boxes of family photographs.
Many were of people that I didn't know and unfortunately there were no names or dates identifying them, so they got recycled.

Mr. HB's Family
in front of their home in the mid 1950's

Mr. HB looks so cute as a toddler!
Look at that daffodil bed, it must be Springtime.

Mr. HB must be about 10 years old here fishing in the BC Gulf Islands 
aboard the family's first boat
an Ed Monk designed wooden classic.

She is anchored in what was to become their favourite anchorage
an inlet near Prevost Island.

It's a lovely spot, 
protected and peaceful
we used to get fresh oysters off the rocks at low tide.

Mr. HB had a speed boat when we met and he was a fabulous skier
this inlet was the perfect place to practice his skills
and impress his girlfriend

We have also spent many lovely days anchored there aboard our Chris Craft Constellation.
Waking up at first light 
a mug of fresh brewed coffee in hand
and a quiet and calm surface
listening to the gulls
waiting for the day to unfold
and then staying up after dark looking up at the stars
they are so much brighter without ambient light from the city.

There's nothing like a box of old photos to stir up the memories!

Mr. HB is snoozing on the sofa
and I have snuck off to my computer
to write a quick post
and have a cup of Tea
before turning in for the night.

I've recently discovered a new and tasty Herbal Tea

Mighty Leaf
White Orchard

 African Nectar is delicious too.

You might like to try some
a sampler pack is available which is a great way to find one that you might enjoy

I feel the need to digest the immense emotions that have surfaced
I am surprised by the intensity of this experience
and thoughts seem to flit in and out
of innocent times 
when one never considered mortality 
or illness 
or sorting out belongings that filled up a lifetime 
until now.

A cup of tea is the perfect drink to sip while pondering life and making plans...
in my Humble opinion I think perhaps tea is the "penultimate drink"
or maybe I am just a tea grammy!

What do you think?


  1. Dear Leslie
    Sorting through mountains of material can be very overwhelming! One works and works and often sees very little progress. The process usually makes more mess before it can all be resolved and put away. As an Australian, a cup of tea is the ultimate restorative. We offer cups of tea to friends when we chat and when we are feeling tired and sad. When I was in Paris with my dearest friend we chanced on a beautiful tea called "Blue of London" from Le Palais des Thés. I get such a feeling of well-being when I drink this because I think of my friend and our happy time together there. Until you asked this question, I forgot that my latest favourite is Twinnings Voyage African Tundra which sounds dreadful ("hints of pineapple, rooibos and roselle") but is actually lovely. I shall go off and buy some today and drink a cup to your good health. Lindaxxx

  2. I went through a box of my granda's photos many amazing photos of great and greatgreat grandparents, WWII, etc. I am going to go brave Wallie's and get them scanned a bunch at a time until they are all on disc.

  3. hi leslie,

    nothing like sifting through old photos to get misty eyed. we recently found some from the 70's when larry and i had just met. you may recall the lovely one i posted of larry balancing a bottle of coors on his head. ahahha. anyway you already know how jealous i am of that boat of yours. hope you had a nice easter sunday.


  4. Tea and nostalgia...yes, good companions. It sounds as if your day was satisfying in many ways. What wonderful memories. Take care.

  5. Soul sisters is what I think Leslie. I have been doing the same. I have started typing up letters written to me by my grandmother in the 70's. I was the same age as my daughters. I have been forwarding them to my aunt and she has returned with letters full of memories and stories. She has been gone 35 years but the more I learn about her...the more I realise how much alike we are.

    Your mention of the Chris Craft brings back another flood of memories...I could relate to your description and feel and smell the salt air around me.

    I hear what you are saying...we are lucky we can write and enjoy it so much. Are we sentimental??

    Best wishes Leslie for a wonderful week...

    Jeanne xx

  6. Those are wonderful photos and appear to be still in very good shape. My sister and enjoyed going through the family photos last year.

    Nostalgia is a lovely, if bittersweet feeling.

  7. When my husband and I have big decisions to make or I need to unload about something, we often do it over tea. It is calming. Perhaps that's why the English are able to be so level-headed and stoic.

    Honestly, I think tea is better than yoga.

  8. I recall stating this before, but somehow I have no interest in going through old family pictures. I have saved the " best " of our family ( daughters and husband ) and intend to keep them.
    However, older pictures raise my anxiety to a level, I find terribly unpleasant.
    Luckily, our firstborn has accepted a load of them for herself, and finds inspecting them interesting. I am satisfied, that they are left in good hands.

  9. Speaking of memories; tea was my first "grown-up" drink. The photo of Mr. HB reminds me of my own childhood summers. I'll always remember being at my favourite aunt's cottage, learning how to drink tea, very weak, with lot's of milk and sugar. Now I drink it strong and clear.

  10. What a beautifully poignant post. Tea is the perfect brew for so many emotions