Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shall we Dansk to a Symphony in Blue?

I found this vintage Dansk Paella pan in a local shop.

The shape and form were so attractive that even though I have never made Paella I decided that I could use it for a baking and serving dish.

I can visualize it filled with pasta and sauce, wine steamed clams, a hearty stew or a curry.

The shape is smooth 
and the enamel is in perfect condition.

In 1974 Avocado Green and Harvest Gold were the popular colors 
for appliances and kitchen decor.

Our wedding gifts were in Avocado Green
none of them exist today 
almost 37 years later!

We had a Blue themed kitchen for many years
with a whistling Copco kettle and baking dishes
Wedgewood Midwinter Stonehenge crockery in Blue.

I showcased the current white Maxwell Williams 
white goes with everything!

Some Blue is creeping back into 
The Humble Bungalow
"what comes around goes around"

Grape Hyacinths

Seattle Music Experience
Frank Gehry designed structure
a symphony in blue

(too big for the Bungalow!)

Salt from Guernsey
hand scooped by salters

French sea salt is a Humble Bungalow staple

Blue sealer jars

this display is for you!


Thank you
lovely blues...sent from across the sea

Harumi Ota 
a very talented porcelain artist created two bowls that caught my fancy a few years ago which I purchased and admire

While I am embracing blues...

I cannot conceive of reintroducing Avocado Greens
except in the form of tasty and heathy avocados!

Does anyone have a Paella recipe that I must try?

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. That's a lovely colour and you certainly can cook many things in it! Question for you regarding the Fleur de Sel. How do you use it? It's quite course, isn't it? I have heard that it should be used as a finishing salt and not in cooking because the flavour is so subtle. - Susan

  2. Beautiful blues in your post. I love the Dansk dish. When we bought the house we are now in 11 years ago, our kitchen was Harvest Gold and we had a white fridge. About five years later, we remodeled with all stainless steel and I love it! The color scheme is green and terra cotta with touches of orange, yellow, red and purple. So blue does not work at all....too bad, but you can't have it all! I do lots of blue tones in our bedroom, though.

    I wish I had a paella recipe, but I have never made it before. I hope someone gives you one you like. If so, please share it with us!

  3. Oh I love fleur de sel on foccacia or just about anything really, I have abnormally low blood pressure so I'm allowed to go through a tub a day!
    Such a great post. I love paella, that and jambalaya are favourites of mine.

  4. Susan...I use Fleur de sel sparingly on my roast chicken and roasted veggies...and my homemade foccacia bread like Tabitha does.

    Adrienne- I have seen your kitchen and it is reflects the sunny Sonoma climate with those cheerful colours.

    Tabitha- My lovely daughter has low blood pressure and our family doctor told her that she can use a lot of salt too!

  5. I love that shade of blue.

    I think Barefoot Contessa has a sort-of paella dish. I love paella! I bet Vanessa at Decadence for Divas has a recipe since she lives in Spain.

  6. Would love a recipe for that homemade foccacia. I want to learn how to bake bread and figured that would be a good bread to start with.

  7. I just love blue~ what does that say about us? Thank you for a soothing post.

  8. Rebekah- I'll look in her book and see if I can find it. Thank you!

    Anonymous- Here is the link to my recipe...

    Cheryl- I think blues are coming back into favour! I don't know why they ever went out but I suppose it is like the fashion and trends. Thanks for popping by Cheryl.

  9. Thank you for the link to that recipe! It will be my first foray into breadmaking!

  10. Such a glowing, living colour for enamel! I can see why you were captivated. Yes, blues are always pleasing, deeply restorative.

  11. Duchesse- Do you have blue things in your home? I suppose they are getting wrapped and boxed in ready for the move. Hope that you are not working too hard.

  12. I also love pops of blue. My home is painted in warm colors - gold, russet - to counteract the gray weather... but I love a little bit of cool blue and white here and there. My mother-in-law recently gave me some Danish plates which I have hung over the pantry door and I love them against the warm gold-yellow paint. I have other pieces of Royal Copenhagen and think it would be fun to collect (having a Danish husband and all :) )

    Our guest bath is in a shade that might suggest avocado green. I remember my mother questioning that choice -- as our house when I was little had all the avocado green appliances, green carpet, green tile... Her kitchen is now WHITE with no avocado anywhere... but I must remember it fondly :)


  13. Great find Hostess and I love the vibrant blue colour.
    I remember that avocado green was very popular in Aust also. Every second home possessed a avocado green toilet seat!

  14. Dear Hostess,
    what a beautiful shade of blue has the paella pan! Of course you will find a way to use it! My friend in Hildesheim has her dining room all in blue - lovely to mahagonny - and in this room she even has only books with blue covers!

  15. Hope you get a paella recipe Hostess... and the dish is such a gorgeous colour. Lovely blue and white photographs too. xx

  16. Sparrows and Sparkles- Your mother and I must be of a similar age! I have some Danish in my lineage as well...on my grandfather's side. There are some lovely Royal Copenhagen patterns, they make very fine porcelain and set against a gold background their colours would really stand out.

    Anne Marie- Oh I do remember those fixtures...I never had one but the Bungalow had salmon pink! It was the first thing to be remodeled!

    Britta- Your friend sounds like a designer...or a purist at the very least. Mahogany is so warm so the blue must be a great companion.

    Semi Expat-Thank you, I am seeking out Paella's always fun to find something new. Are you enjoying your table? I remember when you installed it in your home.

  17. I love your "blue" post and the paella pan is fantastic. We actually had a dinner party over the holidays and served Lobster paella, the recipe from Ina Garten. It was delicious and very easy.

    xo annie

  18. Annie- Thank you Annie. I love lobster and if it is easy it could become a staple for entertaining.