Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chill chasing soup...

BRRR..... it feels cold here in the Bungalow
it's been raining all day
grey skies
gutters gurgling
raindrops on the window panes.

I am longing for sunshine and heat!

A lot of domestics were accomplished inside the Bungalow...
no sitting around pouting or thinking of saddness...
picking up a duster and sweeping away the cobwebs
the Garden will have to wait for better weather...
it'll wait!

Mother and I went out shopping and errands and I came home chilled to the bone...
the damp is rising...

After a pot of tea I was still chilly so I put on my green cashmere Club Monaco scarf
and cranked up the heat. Whatever did people do before central heating?

What is needed is a bowl of some chill chasing soup.

The trusty Soup book
which I use as a guideline

Lucky for me that I had this huge cauliflower on hand.

Herbs de Provence 

Salt and Pepper

loosely measure
taste later and add more if needed

cook the cauliflower in the broth until soft
20 minutes

Braun Master
purees the soup while in the pot
no need for the food processor when this guy is on the job!

When I tasted the soup it was bland-ish
so I added some curry powder
about 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons was enough.
(heat on the inside)

Simmer for another 30 minutes
I served this with some grilled cheese sandwiches
(comfort food)

A hot bath in Epsom Salts
 a warm bed cozy under the duvet
 a good book 
are also excellent chill chasers.

Outfit of the day

Ballet Flats Me Too
Ponte knit black leggings Cleo
Cashmere Tunic top in dark grey BCBG
(warm and cozy)

Vintage pin
Baroque pearl
black onyx
(a gift from lovely daughter)

Hair half up
full face forward to greet the day

close up 
a little sparkle to chase the chill

All strategies to illuminate the day 
and to be warm and cozy when nature is sending us winds and rain.

Sending you warm thoughts and wishes
from the Hostess


  1. I love the hair half way up. Together with the flats and the broche and leggings the whole appearance is tres Parisienne!

    I also like how the posting heats up til the end. It must be nice, sitting on a stool in your kitchen, watching you preparing the soup.

  2. I love your hair like that and the brooch too. Such an evocative pic of the deck glistening in the rain.

  3. Hi Hostess,

    Your soup sounds very comforting for such a gray day.

    What a lovely brooch from your thoughtful daughter.

    I hope the sun comes out soon!

  4. Perfect post for today as it is rainy and chill here as well and we have had soup. Yesterday at lunch, tonight for dinner.

  5. leslie you are just so darn classy!

    love the brooch and the headshot!


  6. Hostess the weather here is the same,have just lit the log burner have a stack of books to catch up on so some serious reading on the cards for tonight!
    Love the hair 'up do' what a fabulous photo you take not a line in sight...H said I could always put a bag over my head with slits for the eyes!!!Ida

  7. How cosy. Love the brooch. Is turning cooler here too xxx

  8. Love the title of this post - 'Chill Chasing Soup' - perfect. Your recipe looks scrummy too... Hope the rain stops soon but you do sound so lovely and cosy! XX

  9. Hostess you are longing for heat and we are gearing up for winter. Soup is the best for making one feel warm and cosy and it's very theraputic to prepare. The simmering and aromatic aromas wafting from the stove fill me with delight. Do you find soup always tastes better a day or two later?
    I'll second Janet's comment, you are classy and your posts are so calming. After reading this I want to take a hot bath and go back to bed (morning here).
    Love the brooch and your hair is fabulous.

  10. Hello Hostess!

    I love today's outfit and also the sound of gutters gurgling.

    It is soup season all round at the moment. I live by my Braun stick blender too.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  11. My goodness you managed to incorporate so many things in you day...excellent cooking, wonderful fashion, accessories, a warm soak and a good read. Amazing!

  12. Paula- I would love to have you join me here in the Bungalow kitchen...it is usually just Pepper and me...

    Tabitha- Oh gosh Tabitha the rain is still pouring down and the deck is a slickfest...I daren't go out or I would certainly sustain an injury...even in flats...swoosh!

    Adirenne- Please send me some Sonoma sunshine...lovely daughter knows my taste so well...I am grateful.

    Mardel- We could have a rainy day picnic...what kind of soup did you make?

    the gardener's cottage- Janet you make me smile...thank you, I bow to you...I am your biggest fan!

    Ida- Who is H?
    The bag over the head ... not on my watch!
    Books and warm fires yes!

    Faux Fuchsia- Cooler for you and fingers crossed warmer here...we had a meet the babies event in our Library at work and I got my huggles in...give that adorable Baby FF a big squeeze for me...you are one lucky mommy...wish I lived closer!

    Semi Expat- I think I need to go to Byron Bay and get some sun!
    Cozy here but all bundled up in cashmere :)

    Anne Marie- Soup is calming, and the prep too...reminds me of the unrolling of the Yoga mat before an hour of focusing inward...stretching the muscles and forgetting thyself.

    SSG- Those Braun blenders are great...what ever did we do before they were available? I seem to recall Osterizers....now only used for Margueritas...but only in the heat of the summer!
    Keep warm in your wool cardi's :)

  13. La Vie Quotidienne- I guess that I was all over the map yesterday...jumping about to keep warm and action some satisfaction!

  14. Hostess, Leslie ( if I may ): You look absolutely charming your hair pulled back. Very much to my liking, having mine bundled up as well!!!!

  15. metscan- Happy to oblige...a bit risky for me baring it all. Glad that you are joining me!