Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fashion, Maye Musk, and our lovely daughter's newest jewels...

Magazines are a great source of ideas and are easy to pick up and put down.
In the spirit of Thrift I have limited myself to two subscriptions...
Town and Country and Fashion magazine.

Country Living UK is purchased monthly at a local booksellers.

Magazines find their way to the table in the staff room at work so I can get my fill of In Style, Vogue and numerous other fashion magazines.

I am very impressed with Fashion Magazine...
"Canada's No. 1 Fashion and Beauty Mag"

I read the articles instead of just skimming through and checking out the pictures.
This was my last issue and I have just renewed for another year...
a great value too.

The classic style is what I aspire to...
here they showcase a few things that I love
a man size watch
white shirt
Hermes scarf
red flats
big sunglasses
a sturdy handbag/tote
striped Tee
a simple dress
and a bold piece of jewelry

isn't Audrey lovely?

There's a spread called "White Noise"
and the white fashions are modeled by stunning
femme d'un certain age
(62 going on 63)

She looks fabulous with her shiny silver hair and glossy red lips...
it's obvious that she takes care of herself
and after perusing her site I can see that she is an amazing gal.

Lovely daughter who celebrated her 32nd this week
spent some time shopping 
and her trained eye
picked out a couple of real bargains
It helps that she has great eyesight
I would have missed what she zeroed in on...

9 carat chain
turquoise and seed pearl pendant

Such a sweet piece
under $10.00

Sterling silver
cultured pearl pin
 14 carat gold stamen tips 

Lovely daughter is very lucky when it comes to finding treasures
her art history background helps
as does her knowledge of jewelry styles.

Years of watching The Antique Roadshow
perusing reference books
a keen eye 
 a desire to acquire
the love of the hunt
all work together
in her favour
she takes great delight 
in wearing her treasured finds.

If you go to thrift or charity shops,  
garage sales
car boot sales
what has been your best find?


  1. Good job lovely daughter! I very much like the mix of turquoise and pearls.

  2. The jewelry, what fabulous finds!! Very good eye she has! I will have to be on the lookout more often!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!

  3. What lovely treasures, your daughter has an excellent eye. I have never seen Fashion magazine but I would welcome one that didn't consist totally of ads and actually had some content. I will look for it here.

  4. Wow, your daughter spotted some real beauties! Love the spread in that magazine, will have to see if available here.

  5. Lovely daughter is quite the aesthete!
    I just don't understand what folk see in Audrey Hepburn, I've never thought much of her looks or style.
    Hope you received my email reply, I keep ending up in spam boxes.

  6. Beautiful necklace. I adore turquoise.
    My mother used to take me to thrift shops as a child. A lot. I think I had my fill of them when I was young because I rarely enter one. I do find things on Etsy that are vintage. I recently found a Ferragamo bag - classic over the shoulder black leather - for $65.

    I've never heard of "Fashion" mag. I generally don't read any magazines except "France" and "Sunset", but if I see this one while I'm out and about, I'll be sure to peruse it.

  7. I would not mind reading your magazine myself.
    I wrote a comment to " Waves ", when I suddenly remembered, at the age of 30+ I too checked our local " antique stores " almost weekly. Somehow, during the years, I have parted with all of it, except the large ceramic flower pot, which has been in many of my posts.
    The pot is my best buy, I paid about a sum of 170€ for it, which, at the time, was a large sum!

  8. hi leslie,

    your daughter has quite the eye and what amazing prices! i could never narrow down my best buys at thrifts. prob my $8 gucci bag that i adore. and i love the model from the magazine, i've never heard of her, what a beautiful woman.


  9. Love that fashion spread featuring Ms. Audrey - what a classic beauty. And those red shoes on the same page are FABULOUS! Love the jewelry your daughter found for a steal. I'd have to say one of the best deals we found were some antique end tables on ebay. I love the look of them and what they add to our living room.

  10. I've been reading Town and Country for years; I love that magazine! I was so sad when Pamela Fiori retired as editor, and I hope the new editor (goodbye, Stephen) will reinstitute the old-money elegance that made T&C so different from other lifestyle fashion magazines.

    My best find at a garage sale were several pieces from Ethan Allen that a woman, who was upgrading to a bigger McMansion, simply didn't want anymore. I bought many items in about 5 minutes after buldozing my way through the other shoppers to make sure I had first dibs on an oil painting, an end table, welcome mats, stone pots, etc. I wrote a check for $125 for about $3,000 worth of items. Such a coup!

  11. That magazine looks interesting, and it's been a while since I treated myself to a fashion mag so I'll be looking for it next time I'm at the drug store. Thanks for the tip!

    As far as deals, I've found lots of useful items over the years at my local thrift. Possibly the best deal was a Bostlund lamp in a thrift store - I paid under $10 for it. I've seen them in the Vintage stores in my neighbourhood for $300 plus. But one of my cats knocked it over so it's gone now ;(

  12. LPC- I rarely see current arrangements of those two stones in contemporary pieces. The colours do compliment each other nicely...they's go with your navy basics Lisa!

    Karena- She is very lucky too...timing is everything isn't it? I'll pop over and check out the giveaway.

    LaVieQuotidienne- It has ads of course, but great content as well.

    Deja Pseu- You might find it online...

    Tabitha- I find Audrey so innocent and fresh...very pretty and she was a great humanitarian. I sent you and email Tabitha, have only had one from you?

    Adrienne- Etsy and Ebay are so convenient and the variety is've been lucky with your bag find!

    metscan-I cannot remember that large pot...please do show it to us again.

  13. the gardener's cottage- $8.00 for a Gucci bag...I want to shop where you shop Janet!
    Maye Musk is quite the inspiration.
    (so are you BTW)

    JMW- One of my friends bought many many vintage quality carpets on ebay at such amazing prices and considering how expensive they were to ship she still got a bargain. Please show us the tables in a future post, love to see them!

    Rebekah- Oh what a great story!
    Pamela was wonderful at the helm of T&C, it is still a worthy read and I get my "jewelry fix "in every issue!

    Northmoon- Oh dear...Pepper is a bit reckless too.
    Let me know what you think if you pick up an issue...
    I think there are a lot of mid century modern bargains to be had if one looks carefully as not every dealer or shop keeper knows what they have is of value.

  14. Those are marvelous finds! (These days I am donating to sales rather than shopping,) My take on Fashion magazine is so different from yours, a quick flip does the job. But I could spend all day browsing stalls of vintage jewelry!

  15. Duchesse- I agree about vintage jewelry browsing taking precedence over magazines!

  16. Your daughter has the best luck and eye when it comes to that stuff. I can never believe what she finds. You have pretty good luck too!

  17. Kate- She is quite lucky and knowing what to look for helps.