Thursday, April 28, 2011

Locks and walks...and wedding talk.

Sunny skies are overhead and its a great time for a walk.
I used to walk in athletic shoes or as they call them in the UK
I have opted for a different style of walking shoe.

Josef Siebel
makes a great shoe
excellent support and superior comfort
long wearing and not too dowdy.

These are several years old.

Josef Siebel
recent purchase

Privo by Clarks
shoes today

I've been to the salon and had my locks coloured
no more high and low lights
just my natural colour minus the grey tinsel.

I got the nod of approval from Mr. HB which made my day!

It's a bit of a shock looking in the mirror now
even at the best of times!

I am working hard at acceptance
and not taking every new wrinkle or crease as a personal insult
the sagging and creasing is part of aging
and aging is what we have to accept
and move on...
with grace

Life is too short to be too focused on ones self
it feels so much healthier to look beyond
and seek out opportunities to help others.

Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding?
I am definitely going to tape it
 and watch it later
as it starts here at 2 am
and I do love to get a full nights sleep!

I might be wearing this...

in honour of Princess Diana...
a woman whose life was cut far too short.
Will you be watching and if so, what will you wear?


  1. Oh I thought they were called trainers everywhere!
    Naked Truth is my friend's new Skincare line. He gave me a set if of months ago but I gave it to my best friend and this set is for the giveaway. Oh and my mum has it too, so next time round I'll get my own stash of products.

  2. Oh love the pic of your dark hair against the pearls.

  3. Yep I will be watching, love these events. your garden looks wonderful by the way x

  4. This is funny because I just wrote a post about how I am going to cover my grey later today. You look great with your new coverage.

    I am sure I will end up watching some of the wedding - likely the highlights afterward. But really, I have little interest. We are headed for the beach this weekend in our RV - I can hardly wait to smell the ocean breezes, eat clam chowder and have some champagne.

  5. Wow! A new color. So happy you dared to do it. What I see of your hair, the color is great.
    No plans to watch the wedding. I hope everything goes fine though.

  6. I will probably get up to watch the wedding...and I will be wearing jammies lol!

  7. No wedding for me!

    I love Siebel and Privos walking shoes; they are great for travel. I only wear athletic shoes when participating in athletic events, except for shopping (which is cardio).

  8. It's fun to change hair colour and you will be used to the new you in no time at all.
    Yes I will be kicking back in comfy attire after a busy day to watch the wedding (6pm my time) and I just might haul out my sapphire and diamond ring for the occasion even if it is smaller than Kate/Diana's!
    Your own ring is beautiful Hostess.

  9. Your hair looks lovely Hostess... Have been walking regularly too with my new 'trainers'!! Cannot wait for watching the royal wedding and to see what she wears - we will be wearing our own little mini crowns or tiaras here!! XXX

  10. Your exercise shoes are so elegant compared to my running shoes...I feel very drab in comparison. (-: I am sure that the wedding is going to be fabulous and I will probably tape it and watch the highlights.

  11. What a fabulous ring!! Just perfect for the occasion! Sad that Diana is not here for her boy's special day but I am sure that she will be watching from afar, much like the rest of us!
    I will be taping as well since my little ones have not been trained yet to drive themselves to school(LOL!) and mummy must be well rested and coherent for the school run! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful Friday my friend!

  12. I am so excited too! I just blogged about walking around London yesterday, which you may enjoy :) XOL

  13. Your hair looks beautiful, and I love the knotted pearls.