Monday, April 4, 2011

Lunch and other things...

Clothes Shopping is a regular and common practice for's almost a hobby.
Mr. HB takes shopping seriously, it's something more of a chore or a job that must be tackled.
He does a major shop twice a year and buys in bulk...trousers, shirts, ties and jackets.
All are put together in a mix and match fashion which can be worn for the next 6 months (at least).

He has a lot of meetings so he must look pulled together;  he is a partner in the firm and does have to look professional, which of course he does with his creative and arty eye and my love of shopping.

We went shopping this weekend and he did not find much to his liking.
He did buy 2 shirts and some casual another trip for business attire will be coming soon.

After traipsing about many shops he suggested lunch and I jumped at the chance!
One of his favourite foods is pasta and we were fortunate enough to find a table available at our favourite pasta place on the way home.

Mr. HB's Pasta Bolognese
he had a glass of locally brewed beer with this

Hostess's Penne with Peas and Gorgonzola

I indulged in a glass of Bacchus 
from a Cowichan Valley Vineyard

It was a delicious lunch 
when we came home we were both very sleepy!

This casual shirt exudes warm weather and says vacation to me.

Simple blue linen short sleeved shirt
I can see both of these worn aboard the Chris Craft 
or  lunching in a quaint seaside cafe.

Look at this postcard 
it is from the lovely blogger 

While Mr. HB napped with his current novel in hand
I read through recent magazines.

Pepper lay beside me in a patch of sunshine.

A day off to relax is so important
a day to spend
with someone you love
be it a friend

 a day to focus
spend it
helping others
ever mindfull
that we all must pay our dues.


  1. You are the second blog I have read today with T&C mag on it! I need to get myself to a city to get a copy.

    I went clothes shopping recently too and didnt find a thing. Companies only seem to be catering to tweens. Did you hear Tabi has gone out of biz?

  2. Your posts always raise my spirits.
    As you know, I hate shopping, I only happen to shop. My husband not only hates shopping too, he never even happens to shop. I have to force him to buy new clothes, as he wears his old ones to the very end. When he is in a shop, he grabs some clothes, without trying them on. And the new clothes have to marinade in the closet for months until he starts wearing them.
    Last week I bought the British Elle, and now I must say, that I will have to stop buying those magazines, as they consist only of adds. No editorial stuff. Argh ( power word )!
    However, I was happy to read of your nice day : ).

  3. My husband also finds clothes shopping laborious Hostess and tackles this task begrudgingly. He wears a uniform for work and in my mind this has made him lazy as all he needs to do is robotically reach for this ensemble.
    Now I view shopping as an adventure with lunch thrown in of course.
    Mr HB's shirts are very cool.

  4. Oh! You show one of my favourite pastas ever (yours)! And also with ricotta and peas. Most men shop very differerently than women. Department stores often have men's depts on the first and second floors b/c women will go up any number of flights to get to clothes but men will not.

  5. Suburban Princess- I think companies tend to focus on the yoing...and we do not want to look like teens or matrons for that matter! Happy hunting for a shop that fits your style.

    metscan- For someone who dislikes shopping you have a great wardrobe! I'd LOVE to go shopping with you!
    Our husbands are fortunate that we take an interest in their appearance and help them shop for new things!

    Anne Marie- A uniform would certainly be a help getting dressed in the mornings! Let me know how shopping and lunching with your husband goes over!

    Duchesse- Oh you are so right about the location of the mens...always on the level and right in front of their eyes...we are so resourceful when it comes to seeking out clothing and shopping...I wouldn't walk over hot coals but I have gone to some sales where it's been crowded and it felt like work!