Monday, April 11, 2011

Wardrobe basics Hostess Style and a close encounter with Chanel!

Embracing thrift through the CPW ( cost-per-wearing ) factor makes sense.

Take for example the $100 pair of ponte knit black pants that I purchased in the fall of 2010.
I wear these pants at least 3 times each and every week.
They are so versatile and more to my liking they are comfortable, machine washable, hang to dry, retain their shape and so far, retain their crisp black hue.
(Proportion Petite by Conrad C)

All I need to do is to choose a variety of different tops to change up the look and keep it fresh.

Silky rayon cotton blend tunic top

I do not feel that I need to have a huge fact too many choices stress me out.
I find it difficult to decide what to wear when there are too many garments hanging in my closet.
My closet here in the Humble Bungalow is very tiny so it is best that I don't overstock.

Style and Co.
tunic top
which fits small so I had to go up 2 sizes...ugh!

grey and black striped waterfall sweater 
grossgrain ribbon bow in back
 black V neck long tee 

grey knit tunic 
I've worn this top at least once a week since I purchased it
rayon scarf

charcoal ruffle front top

Ballet flats
black and Platinum
Mee Too NY

Bold unusual ethnic
"Statement Jewelry" 
is being showcased 
 as a Spring fashion 

while I do not ascribe to trends per say
I do admire and collect different pieces that speak to me.
Holidays are a great time to source out interesting and fun pieces. 
They are not too usually too bulky to pop into a suitcase or better yet wear them home!

I bought this necklace at a local Cancer fundraising silent auction many months ago.

Guy Vidal Canadian Designer
circa 1970

same piece reversed 

Decor here these days reflects the black and white theme....
House Dressing Hostess style!

Bungalow kitchen bench seat cushions

distressed country style bench 
with gingham cushion

Hostess Mitts

Hogweed tea towel
from the UK 

Coco Chanel's influence 
affects me here today
in the Humble Bungalow.

I had the opportunity to try on a Chanel tweed jacket in local high end consignment store.
It would have been a perfect partner for my black pants or jeans
I was completely gob smacked by the quality of construction and the luxe fabric
details, details it's all in the detail
subtle Chanel buttons
ragged tweedy bits jutting out at the cuffs
 embossed with  "Chanel" on the champagne toned silk lining 
wearing it made me feel posh
Posh in a good way, not in a snobby way
the smile of knowing one has such a garment 
without screaming crass
just class

I did not get the jacket
it was too snug
pout pout...

Time to shop my closet...

as interpreted and designed 
Simon Chang

The CPW is higher
currently at around $10 
 it will be around for many years to come
so the CPW will decrease.

Marcel Boucher vintage brooch
which currently resides on the Simon Chang jacket.


  1. Stay on the hunt, hostess, for a vintage Chanel. Stay on the hunt. Mine has provided some of the best happiness per cost of any clothing I ever owned...

  2. hi leslie,

    i love all your clothing. and i wish i could get my hands on that chanel jacket.


  3. Love your black and white pieces. I love the purity of black-and-white dressing. With some grey thrown in for variety.

    Chanel jackets really are amazing. I probably shouldn't say this as it will further tempt you, but they are often made with extra seam allowance so they can be let out....

  4. You have a great wardrobe, Hostess. I admire your editing and restraing. I on the other hand need to declutter and resist buying lots of cheapish things that I don't wear often.

    I will remember Cost Per Wear the next time I shop.

    I love your Chanel-esque jacket. It's great unarthing gorgeous pieces from your own wardrobe.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. My Chanel jacket us far too small for me so you made the right call there

    I limit my numbers of hangers as too much choice stresses me out too.

  6. What a great post - and what attractive pieces in your wardrobe! Inspiring. I share your philosophy.

  7. Wonderful post. How nice that you can see the bright side of having tiny, old-fashioned closets. Because I do, too, and it makes me a little mental.

  8. What a fun post and has made me think that I really need to do some editing in my closet. I really like your fashion philosophy ~ you put together so many wonderful outfits. I would love a pair of those pants...JC Penneys, you said...

  9. Love all these items especially the Chanel inspired jacket...I think all the items will go very well together and are very flexible and versatile. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Google Atelier Mayer in London, they have a stunning vintage Nina Ricci black and White scarf- I always think of you when I stare wantingly at it.

  11. Deja Pseu is right about the Chanel jackets being able to let out by up to 2/3 sizes.I had mine made larger some years ago and resized smaller 2yrs ago,they are very obliging jackets.The fine chain in the silk lining gives it weight to hang perfectly.
    Mine has over payed for itself....maybe a new one is called for !!
    Love the fun way you put your clothes together very chic.Ida

  12. Lisa- I will keep looking!

    Janet it would fit you!

    Deja Pseu- Oh well...I am sure it has been snapped up by now.

    SSG- I see what you post and your wardrobe looks very lovely.

    Poppy- I am making the best of the situation. It keeps my spending in line too!

    La Vie Quotidienne- I'll email you...

    Welcome feather factor...your blog interviews are tres chic!

    Tabitha- I am Google

    Rebecca- Editing together...across the miles!

    ida- What size is your old one? Maybe we should talk!