Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday flowers...roses and royal wedding images....

a very quick post wedding post.

Have a Fabulous Friday...
everythings coming up roses

Love is in the air...
I can still hear
the sound of church bells ringing and
images of the Royal Wedding will stay with me for a long time...

I thought Kate looked amazing, her dress was stunning.
Looking lovely

The hats are spectacular, love the pomp and the magnificance of it all.
Swooning from here.

I must be a romantic because I wept when I saw them exchanging their vows.



  1. hi leslie,

    your flowers are gorgeous. i may be the only person alive who did not watch. i have seen pics of her dress on all the blogs and she looked lovely.

    happy weekend to you too.

  2. I wish them every happiness. They do seem to have married for love.

  3. I must be a bad girl because I just couldn't get that into it. I do think that they are a lovely couple and her dress was wonderfully simple and elegant. I hope that all goes well for them.

  4. It has been a great day for the Brits,cheered us up in the middle of a great economic downturn.
    The dress was so Catherine, and to see Diana's son marry the girl he loves was the bonus for us.

    Hostess I too had a few tears to shed reminded me of my own wedding many,many years ago.

    I wish them every happiness in the years ahead.

    Love your beautiful flowers,my first Paeony was in full bloom today in celebration so I took a photo.Ida

  5. The gardener's cottage- She did look enchanting in that fabulous gown.
    I wonder where they are off to for a Honeymoon?

    Deja Pseu- I think they must be in love...they have been together for a long time. I wish them a long and happy marriage...

    LaVieQuotidienne--We are very much steeped in British custom here and many people around are from the UK ...Our reigning monarch in British Columbia is The Queen.

    ida- I wondered how it would be received in light of the economic situation...and am happy to hear that it has been so well received.
    It must make you very in British Columbia far far away I must say I am delighted by it all!

    Ida I am looking forward to seeing you bloom...mine are ages away from blooming.

  6. I just might buy myself a fascinator, after seeing so many wonderful examples worn by the wedding guests.

    My own engagement has bittersweet memories. My DH asked for my hand the day of Diana's accident. I went from being on top of the world to feeling like the world should stop turning.
    We carried on with our plans and appointment at Tiffany's in New York to choose a ring.
    Our appointment was Saturday September 6th 1997. I had stayed up all night watching the preliminaries to Princess Diana's funeral.
    By the time we got to Tiffany's, my eyes were puffy and red, and I could barely muster up an ounce of enthusiasm to chose a ring.

  7. theduchessofH- Donna...that is a bittersweet story.
    I saw on the internet a video of how to make your own fascinator in 45 looks easy and you are so might be able to make your own!