Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hermes and a vintage find...

Hostess Pearls
a mystery item
in Mother of Pearl

I found this Mother of Pearl piece in a vintage shop
I think it was a belt buckle in it's heyday.

When I spied it I had a light bulb moment...
I knew what it could be used for!

 NOT this
even though 

H H H Hermes 
meet the scarf enhancer!

no tie required

easy peasy

a H H H H Happy pairing

 It works well if you want to you can use it with a small square 
like this silk olive green dotty scarf
(generic silk scarf = thrift shop find)

thread the ends though
pull to the back and secure with a knot.

A found item
which just popped out said "Hi Buy Me"
something new and useful
has been born.

Enjoy your weekend pursuits whatever they may be....

Challenge yourself to look 
at things 
with new eyes
things are not always what they first appear to be...


  1. My goodness what a wonderful find and such a good idea to use it in this looks good with the pearls too. You are very cleaver!

  2. I really need to check my spelling before I post a comment! You are right that it is a belt buckle, but what a great way to use it! My mother has a huge collection of mother-of-pearl buttons and buckles. I may have to raid her stash the next time I visit her.

  3. Check out MaiTai's blog for a million and one things to do with the Chain d'Ancre, which is what that style of scarf ring is called. Great find, btw!

  4. You're going to find that's SUCH a versatile scarf ring! I use mine frequently. That's a great find!

  5. That mother of pearl is so pretty, too.

    That reminds me, I haven't been thrift shopping in a while. I need to go take a look at scarves. And now I know to take a look at the jewelry displays as well, to see if I can find a cool scarf ring.

  6. I especially like the way you used it with the olive green scarf!

  7. You are so creative! I think all the looks are great -and that Hermes scarf is so chic. You can't go wrong with black and white!

  8. Bravo Hostess for your " bulb moment "!

  9. hi leslie,

    you really wear a scarf well. great find. i would not have know what that is.


  10. Fab find Hostess...clever girl!
    Love the black & white scarf.

  11. That is brilliant!! I was looking for a scarf ring a while ago and couldn't find any. Obviously I was looking in the wrong places - I need to start checking the vintage stores for belt buckles.

  12. La Vie Quotidienne- I really cannot take all the credit...Hermes website sells a similar scarf ring!

    Couture Allure Vintage- Oh do let us know what you find in your mother's collection!

    Luxe Bytes- Mai Tai's blog is very luxe and her collection of Hermes scarves and her Hermes handbags is formidable!

    Deja Pseu- I'll need to go back and search your blog for some ways that you use this ring...I must have forgotten that you use this too.

    Mrs. M- Happy never know what you'll find and that is the fun of it.

    Rebecca- Thank you, it shows off the MOP ring better by making it the centre of focus...

    Adrienne- I know it's pretty safe to say that I am a fan of black and white! Hope it is not too boring...

    metscan- Bulb moments can stop one in their tracks! I am sure that we all have them...

    the gardener's cottage- If you have ever seen the Junk Girls in Flea Market Magazine they are the ones who are great at reinventing the old and transforming it to something completely different...

    Anne Marie- Thank you...just a lucky find. The black and white Hermes is the most versatile in my might just be my favourite one, that is if I have to choose just one.

    Northmoon- Happy Hunting must have an antique mall or many thrift shops in the large city that you reside in...exploring the shops should be fun.

  13. Your black-and-white scarf probably knew the scarf enhancer would come its way one day. They match perfectly. Is the scarf 70x70cm? The fabric looks very light and soft. Nice!!

  14. Great find. My neck has gone to pot, if I wear scarves like that I look like crepe paper with a ribbon

  15. Paula- The Hermes measures 25X25 inches or 63X63 is made of soft silk and is categorized as their Vintage can see more on the website.

    Tabitha- Oh it sounds like you are being much too hard on yourself...I read a funny book by Nora Ephron about her neck...I suppose it comes to us all at some time...thank heaven for turtlnecks and masses of pearls!

  16. Oh, Leslie--This is a fabulous post! I love the scarf and all the different ways you can wear it! And yes, I'd love to write a guest blog for you. Do you have any particular topics in mind? Oh, and thank you for the beautiful thank you note. So pretty. So French! xo Jamie

  17. Jamie Cat Callan- Merci Jamie!
    Oh how exciting! I will email you and we can discuss some ideas!

  18. I can't wear those Vintage sized scarves, they are neither here nor there on me. They are brilliant for petite women and those who want lighter-weight silk. (the classic carré is hard to wear in hot climates.) Wish Hermes made long rectangles in silk twill- have only seen in chiffon or twill backed by cashmere.