Saturday, April 9, 2011

Humble Bungalow Domestics...France, Friends and Tea Time

A house guest will be arriving soon
so I have been busy prepping
and tidying the Humble Bungalow.

The warrior glove
 friend of the Hostess.

I put hand lotion on before donning these gloves 
and my hands and cuticles get a moisture treatment 
which is activated by the cleaning action.

At rest

Oranges were on special at the Market 
I bought a mesh bag full
seedless and sweet 
and they look so cheerful in the bowl

I like to have some tea bread or a loaf on hand for tea time
I am looking forward to some friendly chats 
while taking tea 
with my guest.

The internet is such a handy resource 
It is especially great for recipes

I typed in 
and found this recipe

baking in the oven 
scenting the kitchen with orange

the dishes are air drying

 recent books and DVD's that I have been reading and watching

Priceless was a cute film
Audrey Tatou is charming

A French movie with subtitles
in one scene there is a song playing 
in English 
and the lyrics are printed in English as subtitles!

Vicki Archer's book is a feast for the eyes
she has a fabulous blog 
full of lush images.
I gave her newest book French Essence as a Christmas gift this year to a dear friend.
I snuck a peek before I wrapped it up and the images are so beautiful
Vicki has a great artistic eye for details.

French Toast by Harriet Welty Rochefort
is a peek inside life from an American woman's perspective as she marries into a French family.
Her website offers a lot of great tips and information.

Words in a French Life by Kristin Espinasse
was inspired by the blog

Lunch in Paris 
by Elizabeth Bard
is entertaining and funny 
 French recipes are included with each chapter of the book
and they look delicious!

Orange Raisin Loaf

I am brewing a pot of my favourite tea
I use a variety of loose and herbal teas
this one tops my list for flavour

Ceylon and Chinese black teas, 
bergamot essence, vanilla beans and essence.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you do
maybe like me you'll be enjoying a friendly conversation with a friend
and sharing a cup of Tea!


  1. Job well done, Warrior Glove! I hope the Hostess shares some of her delicious baking with you:).

  2. My paper gauntlet is so jealous of your warrior glove

  3. Do you hear me sighing Hostess.
    This soothing blog is my drug of choice at the moment!

  4. What a nice tea party you are creating. I think that I have read and enjoyed all of the books you mentioned...I am a devotee of all books about France or french culture;I find it fascinating. Have a good time with your friend.

  5. Oh Hostess, you really are on your own territory again; cleaning and pleasing. My turn to walk in the hall of shame!

  6. Vicki Archer's books are such a visual feast! I'll have to look at some of the others. Your bread looks yummy, I can almost smell it from here.

  7. Hi Leslie,

    I almost made that delicious looking bread yesterday, but never got to it. Before I attempt it this week, I want to ask you how it turned out.


  8. What a lovely post...makes me want to make some tea, tidy up my house and invite a friend to join me.

  9. It's all busy-ness here...
    I am in hostess mode.
    My guest is tucked into bed and I am catching up on my blog reading.

    Dinner was BBQ steak, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, baked potatoes and New Zealand Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

    The tea bread is very tasty...Mr. HB spread some butter on his..we gals had ours plain... I served fresh strawberries on the side.

    Sweet dreams,