Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A not-so-white Wednesday!

I knew it would come to this at some point...
I just never thought it would be so soon!

Colour is creeping into White Wednesday
and the other days of the week for that matter.

Mother and I are planning to go to Seattle for some cross border shopping soon.
We stay at our Home Away From Home 
lovely suites
friendly staff
 award winning martini bar Oliver's
room service for a superb breakfast
and a great restaurant for dinner

I felt the need for a cross body bag
one that allows easy access 
and is hands free.
It is customary that I take Mother's arm
we link arms so she can walk unencumbered by a walking stick 
and I help her negotiate uneven pavement.

Red roses on a black leather background
made in Italy by Maurizio Taiuti
my friend L suggested this rose bag to add that "fun factor"
she knows me well
and accepts my conservative style
she who has a flair for fashion
 embraces arty bold and creative styles

 Be brave 
and buy the bag
after all she says 
it's only money!

I can be Brave
and I do like Fun!

Purchased at Winners 
for under $100
many sections = user friendly
hands free
Win WIn Win

Friend and house guest L 
I went for a pedicure 
at a local esthetic school
it was a no frills experience
 seriously professional 

OPI  Texas
"Houston we have a purple"
was chosen by both of us!

we enjoyed a complimentary hand wax
this treatment was very moisturizing
and warm

The young woman who gave me my pedicure was so sweet
she couldn't have been a day over 19 and she has already secured a job in a Spa in her hometown.

The cost of this experience was 1/3 of what I usually pay...
the atmosphere is very plain, it's a school 
there are no soft cozy terry cloth robes 
 mineral pools or saunas
 fresh bowls of fruit
 water or herbal teas
Bento Box lunches

 the treatment is the same...
and the students are closely supervised
I might go back!

Houseguest L has now departed
the Bungalow is quite quiet

it's amazing how much two friends can talk about when they get together!

I find that spending time with friends who have a certain style
influences me
 I see myself in a clearer light
while appreciating the uniqueness that makes them who they are.

I cherish the time that I spend with my family and friends.

Wishing you a Rose-y Fun Filled White Wednesday!



  1. Hostess, I think that those of us who are shy about color have to pick and choose carefully, both hues and patterns. Maybe your signature color adventures will be rosy all around, pinks, reds, and florals. I have found that mine, in retirement, are blues and a sort of closely figured half-organic, half-geometric pattern. My comfort zone is consistent. I wonder if you will find the same thing. I am very interested to hear.

  2. Dear Hostess, all colours are beautiful some are better for us and some not. What makes you happy


  3. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    that bag is absolutely stunning! Your friend was very right to advise you to buy it - to look at it makes one smile - that's worth it!

  4. Very lovely bag. Cross body bags are so great for traveling. I bought a small one for our trip to Europe last fall. It's currently in Italy as we speak as I lent it to a girlfriend to use on her trip.
    Have a fun shopping excursion in Seattle!

  5. LPC- I do love red shoes and roses so these might be my comfort zone colours...with my basic black white and greys in my wardrobe red seems like a "safe" choice...I'll keep you posted!

    Anonymous/ Paula - Colours do affect us and a punch of bright is a cheap and cheerful mood lifter.

    Britta-I agree...sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to encourage us!

    Adrienne- I see that you have a new bag too! This cross body bag is larger than a lot I have seen so I feel like it will be more useful.
    I may use it often when I power walk to the shops!

  6. What an appealing print bag! Having a dear friend as a guest is such a pleasure. I love it when my friends suggest "stretches" for me, especially recombining things in my closet. Lucky you!

  7. This bag will be the perfect acessory to your wardrobe...very pretty! Enjoy

  8. Duchesse- I am grateful for her opinions and her style savvy...the past few days felt like a homecoming of sorts...not unlike my days at camp!

    La Vie Quotidienne- I hope that when I carry it I do not feel like a neon sign!