Friday, April 19, 2024

Beautiful pops of colour on my radar...


~ Camas ~

My husband and I ventured out to Playfair Park 
to have a peek at the gorgeous Native Plants that are in full bloom.
Fawn lilies, Shooting Stars and Camas
absolutely stunning!

A meadow of blue Camas under the canopy of The Garry Oaks.

My ankle injury is slowly improving...
I think it is what Google says is a grade 2 sprain.
Torn ligaments on the outer side of the ankle.
Estimated Recovery Time 
3-6 weeks

Wearing the compression brace which really helps and not going for long walks.
Having said that...I am slowly increasing the number of steps that I do in a day.
Yesterday it was almost 6,000.

Met with friends for Tea at the Union Club.
We spent a few blissful hours sipping bubbly, tea and treats.
Such a beautiful spot, views over the Inner Harbour...
great food and superb service.

In other news... I have been replacing lipsticks...
nothing like a fresh pop of colour to lift the spirit.

~ Rouge de Germain ~

Red is my go to colour for lipstick...
when I was in Paris the first time in 2015 I stayed in the Saint Germain area.

The chic Parisian women walking in the neighbourhood all wore red lipstick.
Not wasting any time, despite being jet lagged, I high tailed it to
the nearest Monoprix!
There I discovered a fabulous selection of red lipsticks...
 so dear reader I bought one!
Paris holds a very special place in my heart.
I went back again in 2019 and who knows...perhaps I will return :-))

My make-up bag was falling apart so I purchased a new one...
instead of a vinyl one, like my old bag, I chose fabric which I much prefer.

While at the Pharmasave in Oak Bay I bought 2 new lipsticks.

I am test driving a pink shade...
Softsilver Rose

These Revlon lippies are very creamy and go on easily and last!

They were also on sale, which was rather fortunate timing.

I finished knitting The Easy Goes It scarf...
worn here with my old red lipstick...
will be much better with the new rose pink shade.

New fragrance...Honey Tobacco
locally made here in Victoria.

I am enjoying this new scent very much...
body wash, cologne and other honey tobacco are available on their website.

I took a bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and then had a quick browse.
Oh my goodness...I couldn't believe my luck!

I have a Burberry scarf that my husband gave me, maybe 15 years ago. that I love.
It is the traditional beige and wine plaid colourway...
it goes with my quilted Burberry jacket.

The new to me scarf will pair well with my black coats!

New silk skirt from House Of Savoy on Oak Bay Avenue.
Made by San Tropez

This will be a fun skirt for summertime.
Love the texture...
I am thinking of outfits based on the skirt...
 a simple white top, my distressed vintage jean jacket and white sneakers

Dressy black tank top, white shawl and my white bow toed Bueno sandals.
Oh and my BIG pearls!

I love a versatile garment!

Do you like thrift shopping?

What is new with you?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Madame Là-bas said...

Those flowers are so pretty! Your latest rosy knit scarf looks beautiful with your hair. I love to go to the drugstore and try new colours for summer. I bought a lovely coral shade (not too orangey). Whenever I visit France, I love to go to Monoprix. You got some really good buys there. Your skirt with the jean jacket, sneakers and pearls is perfect.

Madame Là-bas said...

I really like that rose colour on you! I’m sure that you will get lots of use from that skirt.

kateR said...

You have a knack for choosing great lip colours! I am quickly befuddled by too many choices at the store… re: House of Savoy: I finally went in about a week ago, and I’m doomed!! Oh my. Bought 3 things and was very strict with myself about not buying more. I love thrift shopping and WIN is my go-to. Transitions on Salt Spring (which you visited recently) has had an infusion of extra good items, too. (I live on SSI)

Jeannine said...

I always love your posts! I'm back to working temporary part-time and even though I'm only doing 3 days a week, 4 - 5 hours a day, I'm finding that it cuts into my home "work" more than I would think! It's only a temp thing and this too shall pass - I do it because I enjoy the work, it's extra money, and there will certainly come a time that they quit asking me to return. Your new lipsticks look great. Thanks for stating brand and color. I used to feel like a darker shade (on me) was too much, but somehow I no longer feel that way. Maybe it gives me a little more "zip" because my coloring is fading. Can't quite figure it out, but I think it's related to that. Do you find that so?

Kaia said...

I love your new pink lipstick and your big pearls! For years I was lucky to live close to an old drive in movie next to an old roller skating rink which hosted a huge indoor and outdoor flea market each weekend. For the past decade we have attended a fancy smancy quarterly sale at a nice retirement home. I love looking for treasures and have found some good buys. We have a nice online weekly auction in our town. I personally want to pay the price not bid but there are some great buys there. I did a big clean out about a decade ago which made me happy to simplify using my smalls to add to my base decor each season. We are having the dreaded yearly yard sale in 2 weeks. Each year the neighbors and I say it is the last but here we are again. Her daughters have kids so there is a lot they need to pass on. I enjoy the social aspect and join in with a medium sized lot to sell of just what I see when I walk around the house and pick up. Yard sales are a lot of work luckily the younger neighbors are doing all the behind the scenes work. Thrifthing never gets old for me but the older I get the more selective I am with what comes in the front door. Have a great weekend and take care.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Madame La-bas ~ The Monoprix was a surprise for me when I first went to Paris...I bought some wine for 3 Euros and cheese, bread and strawberries for my dinner...then I went the next day and found upstairs they had clothes!!! Housewares and accessories...OH MY I was so tempted to buy things but I was travelling with just a carry on...drugstores in Paris are fun too!

Kate R ~ Oh my we are neighbours...I LOVE SSI. That thrift shop Transitions is great. I didn't make it up to Lady Minto Hospital Thrift but will do so next time. House of Savoy is a good consignment but there are so many more...if you are ever interested in popping over and doing a thrift shop adventure I would love to join you and introduce you to my favourites...

Jeannine ~ I think our colouring changes when we get grey and I know our skin thins...lipsticks can be a real boost for women of all ages. Good for you for helping out at work. You have so much experience too which is so valuable...the extra money is a nice bonus. I know how working can interfere with our routines especially once we have retired!! Have fun looking for new lipsticks :-))

Kaia ~ Oh sounds like we are both decluttering and yet we love to thrift! I don't go to many yard sales anymore. There is a neighbourhood one coming up next month and some of our neighbours are participating so I might go and see what they are selling. I AM very selective when I buy now...if something new comes in something old goes out. Have fun at your yard sale...

Kathryn P said...

Hi Leslie. You seem to have the knack in choosing lipsticks. I am nearly at the end of my two favorites. One has been discontinued, unfortunately. The other is a bit pricey - the Pillow Talk hyaluronic lip balm - but it's a no-fail, so I will be replacing it. It wears like a lipstick. It's silly - but I get really stressed choosing a new colour. Your pink scarf suits you. The shape of it drapes nicely. What a find the Burbury scarf is! It is hard to find things like that here these days. The recycle/charity shops are so popular now. All the best for your ankles healing.

Laura J said...

Fun post! That skirt is fabulous…and I admire your style! I can’t possibly carry off lipstick! It just looks silly on me! I’ve tried too…🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Kathryn P ~ I found that if I take my lipstick with me when looking for a replacement it helps a lot. The pharmacy have "testers" but you can only try them on your hand or wrist. Recycling and trifting seems to have a whole new is definitely a "greener" option but one has to look at a lot of things in order to find a gem! My mom was great with her Singer sewing machine and could remake used garments into new and stylish creations...we used to go to the Goodwill when I was young as she liked to make our clothes. Sadly I did not inherit her sewing gene!!

Laura J ~ I cannot imagine lipstick looking "funny" on you. It could be the wrong colour or perhaps it is the texture? I opt for a bit of shine over a matte finish... Maybe lipgloss is more in your comfort zone? I don't wear a lot of make up but I do like to add colour on my lips. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, since you are experimenting with new lip color take a look at at Revlon Iced Amethyst 625. I think it might suit your
skin and hair color. It will go well with your new cooler colors. So enjoy all your posts, thank you!

Ann said...

Love the red lipstick. I have been also trying to wear red more often. Like the other color, too. Yes to thrift shopping....taking a bag to Goodwill tomorrow to donate and will check for any finds while there. Also meeting former librarians for lunch and there is a little thrift shop right near where we are meeting. Like your scarf...never know what you will find ! Glad you are feeling better !

Connie said...

IMO Revlon makes some of the best lipsticks. I live where there is limited in Pearson shopping.
Softsilver Rose and Sofrsilver red are my 2 go-to to colors.

Sheila said...

I have that same lipstick colour, the Softsilver Rose! I love it - it goes with a lot.

Great score on the Burberry scarf, and I love the crinkly skirt (I have a bunch of stuff for sale at House of Savoy right now!).

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Anonymous ~ I will look for that shade when I next go to the pharmacy. Thank you for the suggestion.

Ann ~ I think red lipstick would suit you very much! I read that Victoria BC where we love was voted top
re-sale city in all of Canada! Hope you had good luck at Goodwill.

Connie ~ Did you mean "in person" shopping? I didn't see Soft Silver Red...will look out for it when I go back to the pharmacy. Revlon and L'Oreal are 2 drugstore brands that I like...they are as good or better than the high end make up brands.

Sheila ~ I am very impressed with The House of Savoy these days...great stock! I should have known you would be a client and a supplier :-))

Lorrie said...

Hi Leslie,
Those drifts of blue camas are so beautiful just now. Love the photo you took. Your lipsticks are great shades and suit you well, as does the colour of the scarf you knit. I hope you are enjoying these sunny days as you heal from your injury. 6000 steps is wonderful!

LadyJicky said...

I just love your big pearls !!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Lorrie ~ We had a windy and rainy day here at the cottage yesterday but today the skies are blue and the seas are calm. Lots of boats out on The Salish Sea...are you heading out on your boat anytime soon?

Lady Jicky ~ I quite like the big baroque pearls...they definitely make a bold statement. I have a strand of 8 mm Akoya pearls that I wear frequently but they are much more quiet and classic :-))