Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skincare and some beautiful bloomers!

It's been ages since I have thought of writing a skincare post.
Healthy looking skin is something that I do not take for granted.

Naturally I have wrinkles and some slackness at the jawline but I am embracing aging in a positive way.
I don't want to lament about having a face that has some life and laugh lines.
Personally I would feel odd  if I looked the same  as I did when I was 30, especially now that I am nudging 60!
But don't think for a minute that I have given up!

I use a few tricks...mascara, eye liner, creamy peach blush, bronzer and lipstick.
Bobby Brown's line works for me...her foundation seems to even out my skintone and goes on like silk.
It gives me a bit of a healthy glow which I like.
Make up works a treat but the skin beneath is where one needs to get serious.

I have had some nasty flare ups with rosacea over the years.
Rosacea is exacerbated by certain harsh additives and chemicals, spicy food, stress and wine.
My family ancestors hail from Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland. I am told that it is the genetic background that have given us the tendency to flushing and rosacea.

After avoiding the obvious triggers one needs to find a gentle regime that works with sensitive skin.

I appreciate the custom of French Femmes focusing on skincare.
Young girls learn early how to take care of their skin.

Your face is the first thing most people notice... 
so before investing a fortune on designer clothes and bags
consider taking time to make your skin the best it can be.

Eat healthy nutritious food.

Drink plenty of water...I like to think of it as Nature's Moisturizer.

Get fresh air, exercise and a good night's sleep.
Try to avoid stress...
 Try Yoga or meditation if you do feel anxious.

I am not an expert nor do I represent or receive any money from the L'Occitane company...
I just want to tell you what works for me.
~ ~ ~
Using a light hand and a gentle cleanser pay special attention to removing all your make up.
I use the Immortelle foaming cleanser by L'Occitane and a soft bamboo wash cloth.
When my face is clean I spritz with the Immortelle water and then while it is still damp I apply an emollient cream, L'Occitane Divine Cream...it works and it's an award winner.
A little goes a long way which is good because I think it's rather expensive.
It delivers on all it's promises and my skin seems to stay calm and rosacea has been kept under control
so naturally I have become a loyal customer.

I love a gift with purchase...
especially when it contains items that I already use.
Perfect for travel.

Every couple of days I use a gentle scrub to exfoliate and once a week I apply a clay mask for deep cleaning.
I have not indulged in a spa facial for many months and although I love the pampering I'd much prefer to spend the money on quality products that I can use everyday.

The Humble Bungalow Garden is still very much in bloom.
Our roses are putting on a wonderful flush of floral fabulous~ness.
Their beauty is not lost on me.

Soft pretty petals.
an intoxicating and sweet fragrance.
No wonder they continue to be my favourite flowers.

Did you read Lisa's post where she shares her tips on looking youthful and gorgeous?
She might have influenced this post today.
Thank you Lisa!



  1. It's good to hear you've found products and a routine that are working for you. I change up my routine periodically with the seasons or as I find new products that seem to give my skin a boost. But I always remove makeup at night, and always use sunscreen during the day!

  2. Hi Hostess, I can't remember if I told you, but I decided to go for the Divine Cream, since I had loved the sample so much. I also found a great British beauty blogger from whom I've learned quite a lot about routines etc. Her name is Caroline Hirons - here's a link:
    http://www.carolinehirons.com/ After reading her blog I've changed some of my skin care routines - for example, now I'm using an exfoliating toner (Clarins) a couple of times a week, plus double cleansing at night when I've had make up and/or SPF on. She's quite bossy, but in a funny way!

    1. Thank you Patricia...I'll check out that link. I like Lisa Eldridge's blog too and she is also from the UK. I love how she makes up Kate Blanchett and other famous faces.

  3. Oh, no, Hostess, thank you!

    And I think it's heartening to read many of us, in our 50s, finding regimes or products that we are happy to stick with.

  4. It is important to have a routine. I change mine a bit but I cleanse thoroughly and always use a rich moisturizer and sunscreen. I use a cc cream for colour correction and I also spritz with Immortelle water.The Celtic and Nordic people do have to protect against rosacea.

  5. How wonderful that you still have beautiful roses! I agree that a good investment in skin care pays off. And using sunscreen every day is critical.

  6. How wonderful that you still have beautiful roses! I agree that a good investment in skin care pays off. And using sunscreen every day is critical.

  7. I got my rosacea from my welsh and asian background. It is easily remedied though with a little foundation on the cheeks and chin. I try to use the gentlest products like Cetaphil or Ceravie, both recommended by my dermatologist. The flowers are so beautiful!

  8. OMG your roses are so gorgeous! The skincare tips are great too. My favorite moisturizer is Sisley Emulsion Ecological Compound. It is the best one product does-it-all that I have ever found. I use it around my eyes and all over my face, neck, and chest. Sisley products are very pricey, but this miraculous lotion is the only one that I use.

  9. I use Oil of Olay spf 15 for sensitive skin. All your products look wonderful.

    The roses are beautiful.

  10. I to have sensitive skin from my Scottish, Irish, English background. I just dropped into the L'Occitane store in Sherway Gardens, Toronto for some samples. Looking forward to trying them.


  11. I use Bobbi Brownmake-up too, love them so subtle - and I think of the eyelash curler as the secret weapon. I don't drink nearly as much water as I should and everyone says that is the total key/

  12. Have found Boots' #7 skincare line excellent- I use the "Protect and Perfect" products. I see the need for some specialized products if one has skin problems, but I find many so costly I have to wonder what is worth it.

  13. 'Love your tips! And I really like how you are 'embracing' aging - you are doing a great job because you look fabulous! And by the way, those rose are simply amazing!!!

  14. Last Christmas, my 90 year old mother asked for really good face cream for her gift from me. I did a little looking around and gave her the Divine Cream from L'Occitane that you mention here. I've also used the foaming cleanser, but not the special water. I just noticed a sample of the Divine Cream has come in the mail from the company, so I may be able to try it myself.

    I never get rosacea (my husband does get it), but do get some really rough patches in the winter time. I use a Vitamin K cream on these spots and it does well.

    Any ideas for dark circles under the eyes?

  15. I wish I could advise you on the dark circles...other than to suggest a creamy concealer.
    Try Lisa Eldridge's blog and her You Tube tutorials I am sure that she has some professional advice for you. Good Luck!

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